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 Wednesday, April 27, 2022  

Guest Post: YOUR TELEVISION! Messenger of death by John Kaminski

YOUR TELEVISION! Messenger of death  AVvXsEjKLn0AKVPps9qJm1U2mKwdgVjs5Y4KK6n2h68e46lvQ1d0AELPi5z__74eXJgBapd80X3UQoji1wH2_y_BNTOKk_0Ab8eargHo7sMFrhkiS0-ws_0lvYGDKvEfRtwtvtQWTt-rQ8Pu_IV6YfnqOOfDQNyPkQeNsYrrD2wLvr07PT2p2lng9_qinXQQ=w360-h640


[size=64]of death[/size]

TV misleads ugly Americans
to the wrong side of every issue

By John Kaminski

The people who steered clear of the poison jab have been telling you deluded TV watchers the same thing for a long time. 

You’ve been brainwashed into taking a shot you knew nothing about that will likely kill you, or at least diminish your life in some profoundly damaging way. All those suddenly dead athletes and spontaneously aborted babies tell the tale. The disease was always far less dangerous than the jab and the effective early treatment suppressed by criminal doctors and politicians likely would have prevented you from getting very sick at all.

But you remember now the doctors told you to wait until you got really sick and then go to the hospital. The better to kill you, my dear. Following false medical instructions received on TV has caused many thousands of needless deaths these past two years and likely will cause millions more in the years to come.

You have queered your own fate because you insisted on watching TV and believing the press releases your braindead local newspapers continues to publish, as your unreliable local doctors were strongarmed by their corporate masters into abandoning their Hippocratic oath to ‘First! Do no harm!’, which they willingly converted into “First, Lose no money!”

Sorry, doc, you’ve been busted and should lose not only your license and quite possibly your freedom, but maybe even your life, since that’s the statutory penalty for premeditated murder, which since you recommended your patients wear a mask, get vaccinated, and get put on a ventilator after being given Remdesivir, you have definitely committed. 

Let the savory phrase of your hypocritical oath roll off your forked tongue — premeditated murder, a capital offense.RM

TV is deliberately wrong

But that’s just the medical side of the TV betrayal of all Americans.

The situation is virtually the same deal on the political side.

You should have figured it out by now. Joe Biden was hired to destroy America and he’s doing a terrific job. The media have gone to extraordinarily sickening lengths to cover up this obvious fact.

All these clever and insincere TV freaks we’ve had to listen to all our lives who told us to stay upbeat and look on the bright side have been dead wrong. It’s time to realize that our future can now be measured in days, not months or years. Our country has regressed to the point of blowing up the food production plants in preparation for starving us all to death, merely to fulfill Klaus Schwab’s twisted vision of restarting civilization with an ages-old Jewish mass murder plan.

And you want me to sign a petition?!

Do you need to be bashed over the head by a 2x4 to understand what the secret rulers of America and the world are doing to you? Like opening the borders to millions of hungry predators who are going to steal your stuff whether they have to kill you or not. Like emptying your supermarkets and destroying your jobs so that you can lose your home and starve to death in a country demolished by greedy billionaires.

Remember when his handlers told Biden he didn’t have to do a thing during the presidential campaign, he only had to worry about performing AFTER he was elected? 

Remember that? How do you supposed they knew? Did you ever hear the clip of Joe Biden saying he was backed by the greatest vote fixing team of all time? Did you think it was a misstatement? Or that he was telling a joke? 

Remember all the reports that his pervert son Hunter was collecting bribes from anywhere while raping little girls and smoking crack — and not being hassled by law enforcement because he was the president’s son — the same law enforcement apparatus that harassed President Trump for his entire term that has now been exposed as a fraudulent effort planned and supervised by the blood drinking sore loser Hillary Clinton.

Get it through your thick head! Whether you trust him or not, Trump was harassed for three years for something he didn’t do while Biden actually did all these things without drawing so much as a furtive glance from America’s corrupt law enforcement vigilantes.

This is kind of the same sorry scene from recent history when Lyndon Johnson surreptitiously plotted and executed the murder of his predecessor John F. Kennedy so he wouldn’t get dropped from the ticket in the 1964 election.

As you sow, so shall you reap!

This is a rule the American people sorely need to learn. 

Any country that will murder contrived foreign enemies over lies they have created will murder its own citizens to maintain the results of those same lies. That is what has happened to America, and it should be too obvious to all Americans that this is what is happening now.

Except the brain dead third grade retard citizens continue to watch TV and watch their own continuing destruction without ever once realizing what they see happening. It’s all just another episode of a suicidal sitcom in which they themselves are the totally dense principal characters, and not very sympathetic ones, either.

In fact, any impartial outside observers — if there are any — would have to conclude Americans are getting exactly what they deserve for their many decades of intractable idiocy.

Since the phony campaign of mandating the poison inoculation of the American population didn’t achieve sufficient results — too many recipients are still alive! — the destroying of the both the supply lines and the food supply of the American people for the purpose of starving them and reaching Bill Gates’ recommended population reduction goals had to be implemented, which is being done now, especially with the recent bombings of all the food processing plants. How subtle, eh?

And still the American people don’t get it, trapped as they are in mass media fantasies that assure them that all is well if we just start bombing defenseless foreign countries. Gotta keep those weapons production plans working to support America’s extremely gross domestic product, with obscene profits which never quite reach the pockets of the American people. Instead, all the blood-drenched lucre gets totally siphoned off by fast-talking Jewish middlemen who eventually hide in Israel so they can’t be extradited by Jewish judges posing as Americans.

Should the starvation plan fail, all-encompassing nuclear war is ready to be deployed in any one of several locations, as trigger happy American button pushers are perched eagerly on the borders of the extremely huge and vulnerable Russian and Chinese targets. And in the interim Europe will freeze to death as its supply of Russian oil has been vindictively shut off by the American plan to manufacture bioweapons in Ukraine.

In the meantime the continuing torture robbery rape murder of American citizens will continue when the banks shut down, the power goes off, and the politicians keep babbling that this is all about the suppression of blacks who deserve to be absolved of all their self destructive criminal behavior, just as The New York Times and CNN regularly advocate.

Here is your future schedule

Should you still expect to survive this onslaught of treacherous tyranny, I suggest you call your insurance agent, who will tell you that you are no longer covered because you willingly took an experimental vaccine (sorry, not covered), and therefore are ineligible for any benefits. (But one positive note: it used to be if you’ve had the jab you couldn’t donate blood, but now you because the blood supply has become so polluted with poisons, they’ll take anybody’s blood, which is something you should think about if you ever need a transfusion, because you are likely to get a free dose of spike proteins in the process.)

Then you should contact your elected representative, who of course will not be available because he has jetted off to Grand Cayman island with Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham and other putrescent American politicians to check his tax-free bank accounts and issue statements of confidence in America’s financial future.

At that point, your only remaining recourse will be to consult your local clergyman, who of course will be unavoidably distracted by reinforcing the rituals recommended by the fanatical folks at Disney World teaching the joys of homosexuality to pre teen children so they will never be able to think clearly about anything again except consuming the blood of other terrified children to extend their own meaningless lives toward an endless oblivion of murder and mayhem that has become the new American way, which most TV watchers feverishly believe is highly recommended by the trusted fact checkers at CNN and The New York Times.

Sane people know what must be done. All governments must resign and be prosecuted, found guilty and be executed for their crimes. The alternative is that all governments will execute the people to conceal the crimes they have committed. Thus the outcome depends on the actions of the people. Can you guess which alternative will prevail?

Think you can get all the information you need from television? Just remember, you precocious progressives, that Tucker Carlson’s best friend is Hunter Biden. [size=16]https://www.businessinsider.com/hunter-biden-tucker-carlsons-close-friendship-revealed-in-email-expose-2021-12 [/size]

Check your TV listings

Freedom in America (and the world) has been sabotaged by those who own the money which allow them to control the media worldwide. The manipulation started with the movies, moved onto radio reached its nefarious climax with total control and television shaping all the brains in civilizations with contemptuous crap that shrinks everyone’s thought processes into masochistic malignant narcissism.

You will never hear about the real heroes of our time, such as Gonzalo Lira, Simone Gold or Germar Rudolf (just to name three) on mainstream TV. Unfortunately, the mainstream TV disease has spread to the major Internet platforms — Google, Facebook (now Meta), and Twitter so you have to dig a little deeper to unearth authentic uncensored perspectives, starting with Bitchute, Gab and Rumble.

Do not be deflected by the squadrons of web wonders who lure you in with only a portion of the truth only to betray you in the end by failing to pinpoint the true predators, who just happen to own mainstream TV as well as all the governments of the Western world.

Mainstream TV is the messenger of death. If you want to stay alive, intelligently sifting through the info on the Internet — especially about the COVID hoax — gives you a much better chance of survival. But as long as most people don’t wake up, even that is no guarantee that you will avoid the lethal tactics and lying tyrants whose aim it is to kill you in the name of health.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

Thanks to: https://jackheart2014.blogspot.com

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