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The Depth of the Mystery of Life Dark Goddess Returns by Mike Kay

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The Depth of the Mystery of Life Dark Goddess Returns by Mike Kay


The fabric of life in the west unravels. The truth concerning agendas of destruction works its way into slowly dawning awareness, leaving in its wake a corroded paralysis. Normal avenues for work and routine disappear. Smoke from the fire that destroys the last recognizable icons of western society obscures the view. The west now mocks itself.
Extinction protocols are in place across what once was a civilization able, however briefly, to break its own fixation on self defeat. Those who still find some point to western society search for solutions, finding nothing to build upon. Perversion, corruption, dissolution are the three states championed by the corporate complex, its government servant, and its banking controllers.
The void now stands open and howling. Fixated stares try in vain to see something, anything besides the reflection of their own painful inevitable demise. Staring, gibbering into the endless depths, the vertigo and terror have brought out the insanity and depravity always lurking behind the scenes. The just are hated. The innocent are devoured. Like demented miners searching for the last vein, the west gouges away at all the pillars that support the stopes, daring the Gods to bring the roof down upon them. This is the time of the Dark Goddess, when life itself plummets into the endless night.

Previously we have discussed this divine principle in the piece, Lady of Light. Therein, we worked with extant sensibilities to bring forth a cogent understanding of how the fountain of the Divine reestablishes itself in the human psyche. From this establishment we now move to agency, for it is the Divine Darkness, the Dark Feminine which is the source for that which existed before the Gods.
The Dark Goddess was well known in ancient Europe. She was a feature of the oldest of knowledge, brought from the ancient Arctic across the distant tarmac. Her memory is preserved in the mystery of Nott, of the forgotten creation cycle of the sun and the Moon. She is remembered in Joerth, whose darkness was darkness upon darkness, impenetrable, relentless, unknown.
Her presence was closest at the caves and the springs, vast wetlands that once spread across the European landscape; still waters, first mirror, the keeper of souls, creatrix of Grendel, Avalon rested within her sacred space. In keeping with their war on the sacred, the west has long rejected her, abandoned her in favor of Desert Gods. Her echoe continues with Lilith, as the puzzled question of the black Madonnas continues to remind us today.
The Dark Goddess is more than a mere psychological fixture, more than an inexplicable remnant of folklore. She is the mystery that can be participated with, yet never unraveled. She is the essence of manifestation, the very forge upon which the beings of creation are made, flourish, and wane. She is the immoveable reality that everything made must follow its arc to perish. She is not female in any incarnate sense, certainly no woman born embodies her. Rather, she is female in the ultimate sense of what the female is; separator, definer, generative and multivalent all at the same time.
All that exists finds itself in the rule of three. The primary attributes are triple; Cause, Balance, and Limit. The first geometric shape built with point, line, and angle is the triangle. Three embraces the essential heavenly spheres, Sun, Moon and Earth. The earliest Swastikas featured three arms. This is the why of the triple goddess. Yet the Dark Goddess partakes of a more pre-experiential understanding, a kind of a-priori knowing that is not limited to manifestation. She is the power and presence behind the flow of the very cosmos. She will always be the shadow of the Lady of Light, yet it is the Light which accompanies Her as she is behind every thought, every feeling, like a cool evening breeze.
Thus it was that the consecration of Russia awoke the peace of the depths. From this awakening, a quickening, and from the quickening stepped the Dark Goddess, in all her forbidden glory, to center stage.
Perhaps here it should be stated that the conditions taken for granted that define manifest life are anything but ultimate. All such definitions, assumptions, ideas, and ostensible proofs largely belong to this existence alone. A greater power that enters this scene, one not beholden to the conditions of this life, thus becomes a catalyst and a nexus for catastrophic change.
The tendency here is to refer to such force as evil, yet evil seeks to obscure, subvert, and artificially replace the genuine causation, balance, and limit inherent in the cosmos. Evil destroys merely to destroy. Working structure is attacked and broken to cause harm, and to assert brutal power over others. The Dark Goddess has no such affiliations. Any such stance is provided by the corruption, terror, and ignorance of those who peer into her depths, not by Her Herself.
Thus the upside down wave sweeping across the west, which includes illogical logic, proof that isn’t, lies and demand for perversion to take the lead, hatred of history, abrogation of cognitive capacities, and totalitarian intolerance to name a few does not derive directly from the presence of the Dark Goddess. She is the depth, which reveals to the onlooker what stuff they are truly made of.
The rite of passage of mankind continues, entering the next, uncompromising stage, where the actual fate of mankind is currently being decided. The Dark Goddess is absolutely central to this process, and so it was neither by mistake or misfortune that she walks amongst us today. She is here because now is the time, yet in a very real sense she is here because she was evoked by western society.
Science, politics, economics, religion, entertainment, have all resolutely taken society to the edge of the void for decades. The supports, ideological, spiritual, and psychological that provide meaning and structure have been attacked with a savage campaign of destruction. Everything from the natural world that is devastated to release its capital, to the delicate sensibilities of infants that require a healthy environment in which to flourish, has been hacked to pieces in the name of greater profit, greater control, greater centralization.
Ultimately, the point of this walk into oblivion was to provide avenues of control for those who do the manipulating. It was to enshrine those who firmly believe that the world should follow their lead, and it was to provide fodder for the decrepitly bored experimentation demanded by those who see themselves as the next gods of man. It is thus, eminently ironic that their play paved the way for the real divine power to enter this sphere. To be clear, such was never their intent. The self described players never had the slightest motivation to sunset the desert gods, or to step aside for actual power. There was no intent to surrender agency, it has simply occurred that the players are only now beginning to comprehend their status as pawns.
Fatima, the consecration of Russia was, simply put, yet another cynical political trick of domination. It was set up as nothing more than another political power grab in a long line of political power grabs. The chuckles in the back room were all about the revamping of dominion, a way to get the barbarians to pay homage, a new/old script with the post text that all roads lead to Rome.
Yet it is the ultimate truth that all boundaries, all ambitions, and all desires dissolve in the scintillating depths of eternal darkness.
Fatima has given Russia a different choice than the west, even as the firmament for both the realm of action in the west, and in the east, is eerily similar. It is this deep similarity that reveals the instigation for action to derive from the same force, even if it might not be easily perceived. Russia’s decision was to act as its’ own immune system, or disappear under waves of attacks which would have been branded as “progressive” change. Their choice, to stand in defiance of the planned genocides, gmo poisoning, and NATO takeover opens new paths of action in the 21st century.
Russia still faces significant obstacles, not the least of which involves its’ own legacy of imperialism and gulag state dynamics, both of which continue display deep scars. It may well be that Russia’s run from totalitarianism simply leads them back into it. Certainly, the legacy of any brutal war is damage, and if that damage is not carefully healed, the resultant trauma leads to long term and persistent re-injury.
The west, on the other hand, is already calcified into persistent oligarchic edifices that do not adapt to new circumstances or conditions, unless the result of more of the same can be believed to be adaptation. For example, it’s been all of 400 years that corporate power has become a functional arm of western power. In that time, western society has embraced and enacted policies that range from slavery, usury, profiteering, and ownership towards the result of democide and planetary devastation.
Currently, corporations are inventing their own law, creating public opinion via campaigns of lies and censorship, and invading the most intimate areas of human existence, all with the explicit approval of western governments. Nothing happens in the west without corporations standing in the middle of it, be they contractors, banks, or broadcast media. Lest someone believe that somehow all this a recent phenomenon, consider the fact that the corporate government empire is a slavery empire.
America was most certainly built on slavery. Indentured servitude was the primary means behind which labor in the colonies was secured, yet as times matured; middlemen such as Aaron Lopez used his Jewish connections to develop the labor of Africa, a feature the nascent American state could not be without. Today slavery is widely redefined by the corporations that employ it, and the governments that sanction it. Hordes of undocumented immigrants work for poverty level wages. Inventions are routinely stolen without acknowledgment or compensation, to be awarded to corporate cronies. Contracts that are binding to the death, and crushing debt add two more favourite approaches by the modern slavery state, but certainly there are many others.
The real success of the corporate government slave state, has been the glee with which the population fully embraces its’ existence. Westerners are actually eager to join the corporate multitudes. The opportunity to become yet another pasty faced suit wearing cog is unquenchable. Slogans and rallying cries designed to support and make excuses for the corporate structure are the order of the day. Summarily supported by such hive mind mentality, the corporate structure is the visible means by which the extinction protocols are emplaced.
Everywhere, the concept of true time is lost. Now, there are only blank stares when those who support this age are asked about the flow of the cosmos. Self interest is the only principle worth remembering, and self preservation is the only methodology of life in the corporate government slavery state. Like Russia, the west is facing real and concentrated questions regarding its survival. Yet, unlike Russia, the primary form such challenges take in the west are from the west itself.  This is exactly the kind of condition the Dark Goddess brings, an uncompromising, merciless take on existence, removed from romance and fake ideologies.
The Divine Feminine is the penultimate shelter of souls. Thus is the Dark Goddess terrible, yet creative. Deep within the impenetrable, devouring silent undifferentiation of the void lies the mystery of life, the origin of flow of the cosmos, the very root of time. This apparent duality of terror and nurturance exists due to preset mental and emotional conditioning, rather than any true apprehension of the mystery. Thus, those who defame and mock creation are most influential in these times. To the ignorant, they seem to possess the keys to reality, yet all they manage to do is to misuse and misunderstand the teaching of the black void.
The west, lost before the vertigo inducing heights, thus idiotically attaches onto the sick and the depraved, as if somehow these shambling fixations are capable of leading anyone, or anything anywhere. This is the activity of the dark power unrealized. Left undiscovered and unrecognized, this force becomes massively destructive, bringing with it catastrophic change.
The key to mitigating such force is in the journey of self awareness, for as Hermes Trismegistus said, as above, so below. The human is a microcosm, and thus the activity of becoming aware of the forces operating within, brings with it an understanding that improves conditions without. In ancient European history, such journeys of self understanding were regularly undertaken, and were seen as indispensible in balancing the forces society had to contend with.
The continuing existence of the west literally depends upon some form of personal awareness taking root. Without this effort there is no direction to focus back beyond manifestation. The raw female forces of distinction, separation, rend the autonomy, the integrity of the essential individual apart. Thus scattered, the individual has the extreme challenge of collecting themselves again, only this time without the guidance of a God like Dionysus back to wholeness.
This becomes the field where only disparate bits and pieces can find each other. Without divine principle, the individual lacks the strength to resist further destructive force. These are now the ones enshrined by western society. Today’s social pundits gush that such examples of extreme wounding are central to their world of “liberal values”. The recipe then, is to shatter more people, especially when very young. The broken condition is now forced upon all, to instill an unalterable dysfunction, a virulent destructive anti-logic, an upside down rejection of everything healthy and normal. Thus, the leaders of the west believe they hold all the strings to make their puppets dance.
The west, which prides itself on high society, surely has noticed, in the last decades that their hold on the creative and upon mastery has been left behind. Whether we are talking about the Fabian Society, which discovered the genius sleeping in the lowest classes, and thence slammed the door, to Bertrand Russell who failed utterly in dooming mankind to dead axiomatic mathematics, or even the great modern mystics of India, the power to uplift, to renew, and recharge all comes from humble places, not from the halls of societal power.
The renewal, the refreshing, the recharging, is now conspicuously absent from the movers and lever pullers. Try as they might to rekindle a sense of their authority, their own fascination with corruption and depravity continues to get in the way. The Dark Goddess has her say where the souls of the wise, the gifted, are born. The next masters will not arise from the structures of the west, but from the chattel, the serfs, the cannon fodder, the betrayed. A very real irony is at work here, and as previously stated, the presence of the Dark Goddess does turn everything upside down.
Obviously, what this means in western society is that true power no longer rests with the elite. Thus it is that the political, social, economic realities of degeneration and decay are all the halls of power can bring. Such a condition, for those in charge, is known colloquially as “borrowed time”.
The cosmos is in no way any sort of vast mechanical creation of indifferent dead laws. Neither is mankind merely a series of electrical impulses, responding to stimuli in a simulation of consciousness. The divine is as real as the light, as present as thought, and as fundamental to this cosmos as breath. The Gods and goddesses are thus super real, existing to form unity and maintenance for this structure modernism calls the universe.
The west invented its cherished nihilism, imagining it to be advancement, perfecting it over the centuries. Nihilism is at the very center of the current genocide on Ukrainians, the current financial warfare on the populace by bankers, the biological weapons poisoning and killing millions by fake medical gurus. Nihilism features sickness on the level of “spirit cooking”, as it always seeks to expand its grip through persistent public repression campaigns.
It is far too late for such a society, now millennia in the making, to make any turn towards redemption, and thus self-preservation. For those who are born in the western world, the onus is now on the individual to become aware of the forces at work within and without. This time too will pass, and after the devastation, and the smoking ruin, the mirror of the void will call to those whose belief in the power of creation is strong. Yet for now, the time offers unprecedented opportunity to expand awareness. This is the true message of the Dark Goddess.

Thanks to: https://jackheart2014.blogspot.com

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