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The Folks Who Gave US Jeffrey Epstein

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The Folks Who Gave US Jeffrey Epstein

Posted on January 15, 2023

The Folks Who Gave US Jeffrey Epstein Th?id=OIP

One Nation Under Blackmail: The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Organized Crime that Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein
By Whitney Webb
TrineDay (2022
Book Review

Volume 2 of One Nation Under Blackmail focuses on Jeffrey Epstein himself, both his life history and the key relationships that facilitated his brilliant career of financial fraud, money laundering, arms trafficking, child sex trafficking and sexual blackmail.
Born in 1953, Epstein grew up in Brooklyn. Finishing high school at 16, he attended three years of college but never graduation. Despite his lack of teaching credentials, his first job in 1974 as teaching math and physics at the private Dalton School in Manhattan. Dismissed in 1976 for poor performance (ie engaging in inappropriate behavior with underage students), he went to work at Bear Stearns as a financial trader. He was also dismissed from that job in 1981, following an insider trading scandal.
After leaving Bear Stearns, he started his own financial consulting firm, specializing in helping wealthy clients evade taxes and helping governments recover looted funds from offshore tax havens. During the 1980s, he became involved with the late Adnan Khashoggi, a notorious Saudi arms trafficker and money launderer, with ties to Saudi, US, UK and Israeli intelligence.
Between 1981-88 (during the Iran-Iraq War), China was Iran’s biggest weapons supplier, and Epstein, Khashoggi and Robert Maxwell (Ghislaine Maxwell’s father) worked with the CIA to provide Chinese rocket systems to the CIA-backed Mujihadeen in Afghanistan and the CIA-backed Contras in Nicaragua.
It’s believed former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barack and Robert Maxwell introduced Epstein to Israeli intelligence, which along with Khashoggi, introduced him to art of sexual blackmail. Khashoggi had a history of using his luxury yacht and flirtatious women to video and blackmail high profile businessmen and politicians. Likewise by the mid-eighties, both British and Israeli intelligence were heavily involved in sexual blackmail operations against US leaders. Former Israeli intelligence operative Ari Ben-Menashe claims Epstein’s and Ghislane Maxwell’s sexual blackmail operation was created (in 1991)  at Israel’s behest to blackmail Clinton, who they feared (like Carter) would pressure them to make peace with the Palestinians. The Mossad claims to have 30 hours of phone sex tapes between Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.
In 1987, Epstein was hired as a financial consultant for Towers Financial Corporation, where he launched the largest Ponzi scheme in US history. After leaving Towers, he became a property developer, meeting fellow property developer Donald Trump the same year. Epstein became known for selling the same property repeatedly for a minuscule amount (eg $1), and he Trump, and Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner have all been accused of using property sales to help various mobsters launder illicit funds.
Epstein also became financial advisor to the late Leslie Wexner, a Ohio billionaire with strong organized crime connections. By 1991, Wexner had granted him full power of attorney over all his affairs, and by 1995 Wexner had appointed him to the board of the Wexner Foundation. The foundation’s main work involved “molding” young Jewish leaders, both in the US and Israel and lobbying (and blackmailing?) US politicians to support pro-Israeli policies.
Epstein was a member of both the Council of Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission (1995-2009).
Trump – although Trump flew on Epstein’s plane in 1997 and and he and Epstein were videoed and photographed at parties together, they had a falling out in 2004 (allegedly over rivalry to purchase the same Palm Beach property). In 2009, Trump provided evidence to lawyers for Epstein’s victims.
Bill Clinton – starting in 1993  Epstein visited the Clinton White House repeatedly, where he seems to have been involved in questionable fundraising activities, including Chinagate*, and lax trade policy regarding exports of sensitive military technology to China. When the Iran-Iraq war ended, China (with the nominal approval of the Clinton administration) flooded American streets with their surplus semi-automatic AK-47s and knock-off high end handguns. Webb reveals evidence that Israeli intelligence was also funneling US weapons technology secrets to China during Clinton’s tenure, and that his Commerce Secretary Ron Brown (who died in a suspicious plane crash) oversaw unauthorized missile transfers to China. When Clinton left office, Epstein helped him set up the Clinton Foundation/slush fund in 2001.
Bill Gates – Webb presents extensive evidence that Gates was lying when he claimed he didn’t meet Epstein in 2011. In 2001-2002, for example, he spoke of Epstein guiding him on specific Gates Foundation donations.
Prince Andrew – Webb presents evidence that Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell deliberately entrapped King Charles’ younger brother into compromising situations with under age girls. The presumed goal was to coerce him into promoting specific arms deals (owing to his official role as British trade ambassador).
One of the best chapters in the book explores the sordid background behind Vince Foster’s** alleged suicide, involving involving his and Hillary Clinton’s role in passing military secrets to Israeli intelligence, to be passed on to China. The evidence Webb lays out establishes pretty clearly that Foster was murdered.
I also really liked the final chapter, entitled “The Future of Blackmail.” In it, Webb explores the sordid role of Palantir** and the Israeli start-up Carbyne 911 in vacuuming up the private data (which increasingly includes health data) of all Americans. She asserts the security state’s enhanced electronic eavesdropping capability makes the sexual blackmail operations perfected by Epstein and Ghislane Maxwell obsolete. She speculates this is why the shadow government chose to dispense with their services in 2019.

*The Chinagate scandal concerned illegal campaign donations (federal law bans campaign contributions from foreign nationals) Clinton’s 1996 campaign received from Chinese politicians and business people – presumably in return for illegal weapons technology transfers.
**Foster served as Deputy White House Counsel for six months prior to his death in July 1993.
***Palintir is the privatized Total Information Awareness project Congress forced DARPA to cancel in 2004. It funded by the CIA venture capital department arm In-Q-Tel.

THANKS TO: https://stuartbramhall.wordpress.com/2023/01/15/the-folks-who-gave-us-jeffrey-epstein/

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