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How to Refuse The CBDC Reset

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1How to Refuse The CBDC Reset Empty How to Refuse The CBDC Reset Wed Jan 18, 2023 9:31 am



How to Refuse The CBDC Reset 9rAq9h4sW8

How to Refuse The CBDC Reset | Michael Rectenwald
January 12, 2023

Dr Michael Rectenwald, author of ‘Springtime for Snowflakes’ and ‘The Google Archipelago’ joins Dunagun Kaiser at Liberty and Finance to talk about his latest book, ‘The Great Reset and the Struggle for Liberty’.
The former New York University professor and former lifelong Communist has joked that he used to be “to the Left of the Bolsheviks” before he ran afoul of his wokester peers in academe.
When he came out against the social justice inanity at NYU, not only the faculty but the top administration of the university came down on him like a ton of bricks. It was then that he recognized he’d touched a third rail and when he understood that wokeness is the ideology of the elite.

And I guess, that’s when he stopped being a Leftist.
Rectenwald’s bestselling book, ‘The Google Archipelago: The Digital Gulag and the Simulation of Freedom’ is about how Big Tech, influenced by Marxist and Postmodernist thought has increasingly enabled a toxic mix of censorship, surveillance, social engineering and “social justice” policies that, in effect create a digital equivalent of the Soviet gulag.
This is the climate that enabled the unprecedented collaboration between Big Tech, with the mass media and the intelligence agencies to saturate the infosphere with their chosen narrative and to ban all others.

As the Twitterfiles have confirmed, we’re being surveilled upon, our opinions are being monitored and dissidents are being disappeared, just as they were during the Soviet Union, in that people (like me) are being digitally erased and de-platformed.
He tells Dunagan Kaiser that his latest book outlines:
“A nine-point plan that’s part of a Grand Refusal which I think is the overall attitude we should assume, which is one of just refusing the policies and the prescriptions that the Globalists have in store for us and that includes, for example rejecting – I think this is a primary one – is we have to refuse or reject the Central Bank Digital Currency. We have to skirt that. We cannot subscribe to it.
“And that means having currency in other places, having a means of exchange that is not controlled solely by the Fed and this means, effectively having alternative parallel economic structures in place.
“So, I suppose, for your viewers, they already know this means gold and silver and this means hard goods that they can exchange and to bring their talents to what remains of the free market and to exchange, with like-minded individuals in that network that they have to construct.”
Michael says of the Central Bank Digital Currency that, “It represents the greatest infringement of individual rights imaginable. It’ll give the Fed surveillance and control over all spending, savings and debt and they could transmute your bank account into a Central Bank Digital Currency virtually overnight. So you have to be prepared for that and that means reducing your digital economic dependence. That means getting out of making sure you have assets and currency, that is available for exchange outside of the digital footprint.”
Dunagun asks Michael, “When we talk about refusing to adopt the Central Bank Digital Currency that may get imposed by edict, do you see paper cash as part of that refusal or do you think that that’s that’s not as not what you’re talking about, you’re only talking about barterable Goods that have intrinsic value?”
Michael replies, “I think cash – the object is to outmode it, you know? So, I think cash will not be king. It’s likely that cash could be largely outmoded and it won’t be necessarily legislated out of existence but what will happen is it’ll be refused by numerous vendors. This will become a trend and you know, this whole Great Reset really depends on what they’re calling ‘Public-Private Partnerships’ and so, these Public-Private Partnerships mean that corporations are party to the Great Reset’s execution. So, they’re going to refuse cash, for the most part…
“I don’t think cash is the solution. It’s not going to do this solution, so I mean, I think this means also, stockpiling needed goods; even parts for your car. I mean, even elements that you wouldn’t think of having duplicates of, so that you don’t have emergencies, where you can’t get, like a car repair, because, simply they won’t accept anything but CBDCs or digital currency of one form or another.
“The Biden Administration has made it clear that they’re really pushing forth and pushing forward for this CBDC and the Fed has been studying it and it could happen very quickly, so we have to be ready for it.”
Dunagun says, “So, that was point one of your plan; is refuse and resist the Central Bank Digital currency participation. What’s next?”
“Part Two is rejecting the Internet of Bodies Technologies; the installation of devices in your body; the Metaverse and transhumanist technologies. And that means refusing wearables that are reputedly meant for health reasons; now, that means any wearables that are reporting data to central databases, because this will be used against you as a means of control, as a way to exclude you from things, such as even health insurance; and the refusal of personal carbon footprint tracking technologies, including those embedded in credit cards and refusing other installations or medical procedures that could compromise your health and even compromise your genetic integrity. I’ll leave it at that. I think we’re safe there.
“Reject all these enhancements. They’re going to sell transhumanism as ‘enhancements’ but it’s a bait-and-switch. They suggest that these technologies will enhance you – for example, connect your brain directly to the Cloud – but this will mean effectively giving over control to these transhumanist groups or organizations, like Neuralink, for example – we talked about Elon Musk, last time – basically, this is in the future but you still need to look forward to this and the various means by which they may make this possible.
“And the other thing is rejecting the Metaverse. I know that a lot of people are already subscribing to this. The Metaverse is merely a faux reality that they’re using to basically supplant and compensate for the detriments of the Great Reset’s world; you know, real world, Meat World, physical world – deficits.
“Then, of course, I think I mentioned this; to say it again: reject these Brain-Cloud Interfaces. Some of this is future-oriented but some of this also means present, very-near, near-future prospects.
“I think so some of the other things are, of course, they’re now proposing to institute medical procedures that you might refuse for yourself on livestock, such that livestock will be transmitters of particular medical interventions that you may refuse, personally. And some of these procedures might be self-spreading, so that you might refuse a medical procedure but that won’t stop it from being transmitted to you, vis-à-vis another person who is compliant.So, these are just some of the things that we need to keep our eyes on.”


THANKS TO: https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/how-to-refuse-the-cbdc-reset-michael-rectenwald/

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