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January 23, 2023 Decker 

Shipping Company Prohibits EV Cars on Ferries After Ship Sinks from Fire Caused by EV Batteries – via healthimpactnews.com
Did you hear that one, Tom?

We’ve been led to believe that Mother Earth, being in the desperate straits they tell us it is in because you, the ordinary citizen are reluctant to burn your ass off in summer or freeze limbs and appendages off in winter – choosing instead to use your gas-guzzling, carbon emitting vehicles to go cross-town to see family, to the market, the airport, the hospital, your job – when you could be riding a bicycle or walking your polluting self to accomplish such tasks; it is YOU who are the problem, and these shysters always have the solution to the problem they have either created or completely blown out of proportion.
Never mind these same dickheads fly on their private jets, live in their beach-front homes, have a fleet of limos to drive them anywhere and everywhere – that should not concern your arse.  For they are the self-appointed climate saviors of Mother Earth, and though they will most probably be future stink-holes in Gehenna, their task now is to make your life as miserable as possible, with as much control over you as possible, and shaking out every dime they can from you.
It was announced earlier this week that the Norwegian shipping company Havila has become the first company to prohibit EV cars on their ferries, following the sinking of the ferry “Felicity Ace” last year, which resulted from a fire of EV car batteries.
The listed Norwegian shipping company Havila has prohibited electric, hybrid and hydrogen cars from entering their ferries. After a risk analysis, it was concluded that the risk to the safety of the ship fleet was too great. If a car starts to burn, the fire can no longer be extinguished.
The risks for ships from the transportation of Electric cars have been discussed since the “Felicity Ace” went down in the Azores last February. Electric vehicles on board had caught fire. The fire could not be extinguished. Eventually, the huge ship sank with thousands of electric cars and Porsche or Bentley vehicles.
Havila shipping company chief Bent Martini said a report from the shipping intelligence service TradeWinds according to the risk analysis, the fire of an electric car requires a particularly complex rescue operation. The crew on board could not afford this. Passengers would also be at risk. It is different with vehicles with internal combustion engines. (Full article here.)
The Felicity Ace had 3,828 cars on board when it burned and sank, many of them high-end luxury vehicles.
[Last year], there was a cargo ship that caught fire and eventually sunk in the Atlantic Ocean. Called the Felicity Ace, the vessel was reported to have carried thousands of vehicles, including European luxury cars like Porsches, Lamborghinis, and Bentleys.
But apparently, there were also some rare and irreplaceable vehicles that were onboard the ship when it sank off the coast of Portugal. The ship’s manifest was available on the ImportInfo website, and we were able to confirm all the lost makes and models. Going through all of them might be too much of a hassle, so we narrowed it down to mentioning the most notable ones. Are your tissues ready?
Let’s start with the Lamborghinis. There were 50 units of the all-new Urus SUV and 20 Huracan sports cars. But perhaps the worst loss from the Sant’agata stable was the 15 “Ultimae” Aventadors, which were supposed to be the final edition examples of the V12 supercar.
Lamborghini had already closed down the Aventador production line prior to the tragic incident, but now they’ve restarted the factory to remake the lost cars.
While the Italian sports car maker lost 85 cars, its Volkswagen Group siblings lost a total of 3,024 cars. Audi and Porsche lost 1,194 and 1,117 cars respectively, and those include over 100 Audi e-Trons and a variety of Porsche Cayennes, Panameras, and Macans. Volkswagen lost 523 vehicles, while Bentley wrote off 190 units.
Though it’s not the most expensive one on the list, the loss of a 1996 Prelude would certainly make a Honda enthusiast sad. The 90s sport compact, according to its apparent owner, was reportedly the 65th ever produced. And worse, the two-door Honda coupe was uninsured.
The staggering loss of cars was reported to be worth around $400 million, and the tragic incident just added to the woes of car manufacturers that are already facing delays due to the global parts and chip shortage. (Source.)
This is another restriction to EV vehicles that surfaced during 2022, as some states, such as California, have mandated that more EV vehicles must be produced to allegedly fight climate change. (full article)
Ahhh…that’s a shame!  But it appears the gods are sparing thousands the joys of EV ownership, like this:
EV Owner Needs Replacement Battery, Told She’ll Have to Wait Four Years to Get It – By Warner Todd Huston, Western Journal January 13, 2023 at 12:56pm
The following is either the shysters laughing at you because you bought their latest load shitfuckery, or it’s YOU laughing at THEM because you told them all to get bent.

But wait!  Shouldn’t we check in with the goddess… the expert on all things regarding climate change?  Surely, she will set us straight….right?
Let’s check in…

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Ezra Levant 



Our Pfizer video has 8.2 million views in two days. Our Greta video has 3.1 million in less than 24 hours. There’s enormous global interest in the schemes of the World Economic Forum. But the regime media who normally cover their meeting act as stenographers, not real reporters.

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Ezra Levant 
Maybe @elonmusk is on to something after all: 1. Citizen journalism 2. Long-form videos published directly to Twitter 3. Holding the WEF oligarchs to account because the regime media won’t. We’ve been doing it all week at http://WEFReports.com!

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5:17 AM · Jan 21, 2023 from Zurich, Switzerland

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THANKS TO: https://dispatchesfromtheasylum.com/2023/01/23/smoldering-hype/

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