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  • Rh Negative Facts

February 19, 2023

It has been years since I even mentioned Rhogam on this blog.
There are several reasons for that:

1) This blog is science-oriented and speculations are great to stay away from. Though I allow many in the commenting section, I do my best to keep everything based on what has been factually proven.
2) Having said such, many studies come and go, meaning: many are being retracted, deleted etc. (see below for one example).
3) I have been very disappointed with Rh negative entertainment. I am not disappointed that there are people fabricate stuff. That will always happen. What disappoints me is the mass amount of Rh negatives mindlessly believing whatever they are being presented.
4) The lack of support in terms of providing me with research led me to believe most Rh negatives are only limited interested in serious subjects. That means I prefer to discuss serious subjects with the few people I have in my life who share such interests.

Let’s get started:

Systematic Assessment of Research on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Mercury Reveals Conflicts of Interest and the Need for Transparency in Autism Research
is an article from 2017 which has been retracted since. The article can be found here:
The abstract reads:
“Historically, entities with a vested interest in a product that critics have suggested is harmful have consistently used research to back their claims that the product is safe. Prominent examples are: tobacco, lead, bisphenol A, and atrazine. Research literature indicates that about 80–90% of studies with industry affiliation found no harm from the product, while only about 10–20% of studies without industry affiliation found no harm. In parallel to other historical debates, recent studies examining a possible relationship between mercury (Hg) exposure and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) show a similar dichotomy. Studies sponsored and supported by industry or entities with an apparent conflict of interest have most often shown no evidence of harm or no “consistent” evidence of harm, while studies without such affiliations report positive evidence of a Hg/autism association. The potentially causal relationship between Hg exposure and ASD differs from other toxic products since there is a broad coalition of entities for whom a conflict of interest arises. These include influential governmental public health entities, the pharmaceutical industry, and even the coal burning industry. This review includes a systematic literature search of original studies on the potential relationship between Hg and ASD from 1999 to August 2015, finding that of the studies with public health and/or industry affiliation, 86% reported no relationship between Hg and ASD. However, among studies without public health and/or industry affiliation, only 21% find no relationship between Hg and ASD. The discrepancy in these results suggests a bias indicative of a conflict of interest.”

As previously hinted, I report and repost what I find interesting. It doesn’t necessarily mean I agree with it, but for the purpose of fact-finding, I put things out there also in hope that YOU, the reader, are going to do some of the work and point out flaws, contradicting studies etc.
So here is the link to the article explaining the retraction:

RETRACTED ARTICLE: Systematic Assessment of Research on Autism Spectrum Disorder and Mercury Reveals Conflicts of Interest and the Need for Transparency in Autism Research
It reads:
“Based on an assessment by the Editors, the Conflict of Interest statement of this article is inadequate because it fails to disclose conflicts of interest in addition to the declaration that “the authors have been involved in vaccine/biologic litigation.” In particular, Janet Kern is a board member of CONEM (Council for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine) and Geir Bjorklund is that organization’s founder and President. Mark Geier and David Geier do work under the auspices of the non-profit Institute for Chronic Illnesses, Inc. Lisa Sykes, Mark Geier and David Geier are officers of the Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs (CoMeD, Inc). Richard Deth is on the scientific advisory board of the National Autism Association. Brian Hooker is on the board of Focus for Health. James Love has been involved in amalgam litigation. Boyd Haley is involved in the development of a mercury-chelating agent. Some of the authors have a personal as well as a professional interest in autism. In addition, some authors are or have been involved in litigation related to vaccines and autism. Furthermore, the article itself contains a number of errors, and mistakes of various types that raise concerns about the validity of the conclusion. As a result, this article is being retracted by the editors without the agreement of the authors. The online version of this article contains the full text of the retracted article as electronic supplementary material.”

Mark Geier, according to Google is:
“Mark R. Geier is an American former physician and controversial professional witness who testified in more than 90 cases regarding allegations of injury or illness caused by vaccines.”
You can also find him on Wikipedia:

Here is an example of the above hinted:
RhoGAM Autism Suit Dismissed after Judge Bars Testimony of Dr. Mark Geier
“A federal court judge has dismissed a lawsuit by a couple who claimed that RhoGAM shots the mother received during pregnancy and shortly after delivery had caused their child to become autistic. (RhoGAM is used to prevent destruction of the newborn’s red blood cells due to an Rh-factor incompatibility between mother and child.) The couple charged that the mercury preservative (thimerosal) in the shots was responsible. There is no scientific evidence that mercury is a causative factor, but the parents hoped to establish a connection through testimony by Mark R. Gieier, M.D., Ph.D., who has testified in about 100 cases of alleged vaccine injury that that thimerosal in vaccines caused autism. However, the judge concluded:

When subjected to extensive cross-examination, Geier could not point to a single study that conclusively determined that any amount of mercury could cause the specific neurological disorder of autism.
Geier’s conclusion that the peer-reviewed literature he has relied upon supports his theory that autism can be caused by thimerosal is flatly contradicted by all of the epidemiological studies available at this time.
Geier’s testimony was excluded or accorded little or no weight in more than ten of the vaccine cases. In one case, the special master who presided over the case referred to him as “intellectually dishonest.” In another case, the special master referred to him as “a professional witness in areas for which he has no training, expertise, and experience.”
The judge then ruled (below) that since the parents could not establish causation, the RhoGAM case could not proceed.”

That was back in 2006.
Many have asked me about Rhogam, but few return to share what they find on their own.
I hope that this will change.
If you have question, use the time you save not reading articles about aliens and share some data.

The title for this post comes from:
“RhoGAM® is a medication used to counter the effects of Rh-incompatibility between mother and fetus. Prior to April of 2001, RhoGAM® contained thimerosal, a preservative composed, in part, of ethylmercury. Although no conclusive links have been found, some experts speculate that ethylmercury exposure may be a cause of certain health conditions such as autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and sensory integration disorder (SID), leading many patients to file claims in the RhoGAM® lawsuit. The FDA has therefore required that RhoGAM® be produced without thimerosal.”

What have you found on your own?
Please be factual.
Feel free to share some speculation, but also please try to back up your claims.
I know it has become acceptable in other places to spend hours speculating about Rh negative blood, but this is not the place.

Thank you in advance for the information that you are about to provide.

– Mike Dammann

THANKS TO MIKE AT: https://www.rhesusnegative.net/staynegative/the-rhogam-lawsuit/

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