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The Great Reset, Stage III

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1The Great Reset, Stage III Empty The Great Reset, Stage III Mon Mar 27, 2023 8:59 am



John Ward  March 27, 2023  
The Great Reset, Stage III

The Great Reset, Stage III Woodtrees

No matter how big a secret is, you can hide anything if the independence of the media is taken out of the equation. No matter how many woeful crimes of mass slaughter and human experiment Man has inflicted upon his own species, most First World citizens cling to the belief that doctor knows best and Good will prevail. No matter how ruthless and dictatorial health bureaucrats, senior bankers, billionaires, the military and globalist business show themselves to be, wide-eyed investors fall for the spiel every time. What are we all – twelve years old?
The global harem-scareum has clearly joined the third stage with the now obvious beginnings of banking collapse. For those of the 7in8 who call conspiracies “theory”, I will lay out one more time – ‘just one more heave’ – the events that prove “theory” is a misnomer: the 1in8 may cheerfully skip this opener if they feel so inclined.
Stage 1 was Deadly Pandemic Plague, the encouragement of mob attacks on anyone who called SarsCov2 out on the grounds of it never becoming a pandemic, killing almost nobody under 70 without other pathogens, the beginnings of positioning President Trump as the Satanic leader of all those expressing empiricist doubts about social distancing, mask efficacy, pointless lockdowns and draconian travel control, and the splurge of State spending up to unaffordable (and mostly unnecessary) expenditures.
Stage 2 saw the distraction of the Ukraine conflict, frantic attempts by the Pentagon to shred the contents of their bioweaponary infrastructure evident in 11 locations from Kyiv to Odessa via Khakiv, and media-lockstep attempts to demonise Russian leader Putin as a madman out to rule the World. In turn, the hype was upped on global warming and overpopulation, both of which remain near-impossible to substantiate via the use of empirical data.
Importantly, the greatest controller of access to physical needs and global means of 24/7 surveillance in history – the dubiously named Smartphone – zoomed ahead, thanks to an easily traceable supplier policy of near cost pricing and crazy-loose credit. From Guatemala via Gambia to Goose Creek and Gaillac, the People now have an opiate with a devastatingly addictive nature of altering minds and guaranteeing dependence on the New Morlocks.
Equally, the invention of global food shortages as a result of a sporadic war taking place on 1.35% of the land surface of Earth (with a grain crop market share of just under 2% of world production, most of which is exported to Kazakhstan); the appearance of rising inflation blamed on expensive Covid19 preparations (it began two years earlier under Jerome Powell at the US Fed); the enormous rise in the cost of energy (blamed on Putin, but a direct result of braindead EUNATO “sanctions” against Russia); and of course, the “development” of a miraculous cure in the shape of a “vaccine” that fails to provide immunity, doesn’t stop Covid spreading, and according to the CDC itself ‘excess deaths increased by more than 40% among Americans 18 to 49 years old during a 12-month period ending in October of 2021, and that COVID itself caused only about 42% of those deaths‘.
[To break off for a minute on that last stat, you have to trawl through over 100 pages of completely bent ‘factcheck’ BS data on Google, Bing, Duck-Duck and Firefox before you get to that admission (on Brave), and given the timescales applying to post-Vaccine launch, clearly what they’re trying to obfuscate is that 58% of all unexpected deaths happened during the vaccine rollout, the highest in history. The group represents almost exactly 120 million Americans, so the early death syndrome applied to a sample size of around 28 million. In short, it’s not a blip or a quirk, and the only new factor beyond SarsCov2 was, um, the vaccine supposedly saving lives.]
Stage 3 is therefore of crucial importance when, on top of that reality, one goes to Worldometer and reads the WHO stats on Covid19 as of now. These tell us that last week on Planet Earth, just one (1) person died of this scourge of humanity and all up, to date just 867 people per million succumbed – of whom over 75% were either weakened by other pathogens and/or over 80 years old. In short, the mortal threat to human beings was under 1 in a 1,000.
This latest digging has persuaded me to be more specific about what the future holds. The end of Stage 2 saw Dr Fauci changing his story for the fourth time about the origins of Covid19, and then resigning in order to spend more time with his lawyers. In turn, the media presstitutes have allowed some quarters to leak a broadcast from 2014 which shows him categorically insisting that it takes up to ten years for a drug to gain acceptance and be launched – a reality he and his fellow conspirators (see unredacted emails) not only ignored, but also suppressed data on very poor test results for Pfizer’s product.
This was as clear a demonstration as you’re ever going to get of poisonous bait being thrown to undiscerning wolves. The Covid narrative is now effectively dead and buried. I find its inclusion in the Third Stage of this global heist to be an impossibility even the mad folks wouldn’t try on.
What hearalded the dawning of Stage 3 was what one might call a new naked theft era. French President Macron forced the loss of State pension rights through a reluctant National Assembly earlier this week by the pernicious use of Brussels-style legal instruments – a foolhardy act that rebounded almost immediately and led to massive national and violent demonstrations against his dictatorial approach (See below left).

The Great Reset, Stage III Riotsfrance

Prior to that, however, the long predicted banking collapse began with a bonkers Silicon valley institution whose business model appears to been based on ‘specialist tech-cos with negative income streams. Two or three others rapidly followed, after which Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank were both put under the microscope.
Janet Yellen kicked off the response by paying full restitution to anyone who asked for it, but then didn’t give any reassurance at all that her Lady Bountiful approach would apply to other banks along the road. In fact, she remarked illogically that she had approved the “banks getting special treatment”, because they were not “systemically important”. So whatever you do people, pour your money into banking minnows: you have been warned.
The reaction was pretty swift and kneejerk: nervous banks immediately took up $300 billion of high-cost short term loans from the US bank stability scheme. Make hay during a brief period of sunshine, and all that.
Today marks the start of my Defcon 1 approach to banked money. First off is a more systematic spread-bet on sovereign currency accounts, to be followed rapidly by huge daily withdrawals of cash and going off piste to seek out safe havens. Because there aren’t that many, I’ve reversed my decision to stick with renting in Gambia in favour of actively viewing properties and getting large deposits out to pay for the purchase. What you do is your own concern, but right now it seems to me like common sense. State largesse once this theft gathers speed should be wiped from every sensible mind.
Defcon 1 is not an overreaction, in my view: Deutsche’s shares fell 13% last Friday, and of course UBS came close to light speed in a hastily Swiss-State organised takeover of Credit Suisse last weekend (20th March).
The big difference between 2008 and 2023 was that fifteen years ago, a bust was the last thing globalist neoliberalism wanted, as it blew an enormous hole in the pie in the sky ‘new paradigm’ nonsense. But since then, digitalisation and AI have moved on apace, and the senior Davos-orientated banksters have without question brought on the current crisis quite deliberately as the rationale for digital banking.
Up until two weeks ago, élite ducks were not exactly in a row. When Rishi Sunak was forced onto the UK political class by Bailey of the Big Bank last October, his silly speech laying an emphasis on electronic money went over the heads of most, but a bank run most certainly provides the perfect cover-story for digitalisation whereby, under its new rules of above-the-law customer harassment, the electronic money can be valued at a low level – and given out or refused to the People depending on how citizens “behave” – or whether bad bank investments dictate the need.
Two last great rights – to spend your money as you see fit, and be free of corporacratic top-down dictation – are as I write perilously close to the last rites. Uber-optimists see the coming months as a golden age for Bitcoin. That might well be true; but the State bullies who killed pirate radio, Cypriot money havens and Greek resistance will squash the renegade cash alternatives ruthlessly once they feel strong enough.
Away from the surveillance and theft, there remains of course the mopping up operation involving the invisible massacre of 95+% of the human race….and both the control and mandating of them in terms of drug treatment and travel such that we don’t present too much of a moving target. Bill Gates is perhaps expendable, but now the US military, the CIA and EUNATO have established a real silk road from Africa via the US to Ukraine and all other points of the compass for the distribution and use of manipulated biolab diseases, their creature the WHO will be overruling any nation State that doesn’t like the way the cookie is crumbling.
None of this will happen if we don’t comply. But who are the “we” going to be? And can they face the challenge of brutal repression?
On verra, que sera sera, whatevva and so on.

The Great Reset, Stage III Fatfingers
Dix Lexic adds the following as hot news update comment:
“Did you dismember to put your socks forward last weekend? Such thongs are virally upmordant, because socks raving the sling day can be mist unfooting in your shorts, pause the tome to be behind the climes….and fried knees to foam in the futile.

THANKS TO: https://therealslog.com/2023/03/27/the-great-reset-stage-iii/

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