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Battling the Hydra of Gender Ideology

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1Battling the Hydra of Gender Ideology Empty Battling the Hydra of Gender Ideology Fri Apr 21, 2023 9:44 am



Battling the Hydra of Gender Ideology Https%3A%2F%2Fsubstack-post-media.s3.amazonaws.com%2Fpublic%2Fimages%2F92ad99eb-5e26-4a7f-89dd-b24a1a44bd05_1920x1080

Battling the Hydra of Gender Ideology
by Jennifer Bilek, The 11th Hour
originally published April 9, 2023
Many people have complicated feelings about being human in sexed human bodies. These feelings do not collapse the reality of the sex binary. There are only males and females.
As a species, we are part of, and in relationship with, a complex biological system that is a continuous process of death and regeneration via sexual reproduction. We don’t live in isolated bubbles in space where we can individually opt out of this reality but inside an entire biological community. Our sex is our tether to this natural world. This is true even if we are not having sex. It is true even if some individuals don’t or can’t reproduce. It is true even if some people’s sex characteristics are not biologically ordered as usual for our species. We are still, as a species, sexually dimorphic mammals and are rooted in the material world by this fact. We must hold fast to this root when battling the hydra of gender ideology.
Gender ideology was corporately constructed to break this bond, to introduce us to new ways of reproducing our species. The ideology was seeded everywhere before it was dropped on our societies, promoting a human rights movement. It is deeply entrenched in all our institutions, corporations, media, and the market. More problematic is its solidification in our minds. Even those attempting to resist this anti-human agenda want to hold fast to the concept of beings outside our species’ boundaries.
We are moving out of the digital age and into new realms of technology and biotechnology. Experts in these fields have been reimagining our species’ boundaries toward a complete fusion with AI. This is not something that has been hidden from us. More and more articles, videos, conferences, courses, laws, & politics are focused on this vision, one of transhumanism. Still, this is not generally discussed regarding gender ideology, one crucial area where we are being groomed to accept this fusion and a fundamental impossibility.
When we discuss gender ideology and the myriad ways it plays out in our lives and societies, most of us attempt to argue within the premise of a human rights frame, which has been established for us and is constantly repeated. We must divorce ourselves from this premise because it is wrong. The fundamental premise is not rights but reality vs. anti-reality. I could say virtual reality instead of anti-reality, but “virtual reality” does nothing to reveal the rupture of our social cohesion and sense of ourselves this vision is causing humanity. It does not even hint at the chaos being sowed in society.
Gender ideology is homophobic and misogynistic because it is anti-human. It seeks to take us beyond our human borders, creating a bridge to a technological vision of our species’ formation and existence that goes beyond the boundary of our sex. It does so with deep, fervent, and tyrannical religiosity, as some people are rapidly becoming aware of. The frame of human rights obscures all this and has us boxing ghosts because we argue our case within this framework: Women’s “rights” vs. “tran$” rights; children have a “right” to be free from medical attacks on their sex, but adults have a “right” to choose what they want; everyone has the “right” to express themselves. The deconstruction of sex is not a human right. It is deeply anti-human.
Adapting our societies to this rupture of reality in the material world means solidifying the virtual reality being constructed for us and overlaid on the real world. This is what the gender industry does. This is its objective, above and beyond anything else it does, beyond the fallout from its mission. This is where our arguments must be framed and reframed.
Reality versus anti-reality.
Society is organized around our species’ sex binary because it abides by the order of the physical world where we live. When some adults choose to obscure the sex binary via medical-tech adjustments and demand the rest of the world validate this anti-reality performance, calling for legal rights to maintain this lie, we must return to boundaries. The integrity of our sex binds us to the rest of the natural world. It keeps us whole and tethered to the earth. Without it, we would be lost in space. We are being groomed away from biological reality in favor of virtual reality. This process has been well underway for some time. With the advent of the internet and cell phones, and more recently, lockdown, the process has been accelerated. The kids growing up on tech and being the most removed from the real world are the most susceptible to the prolific indoctrination on their platforms.
If this sounds like tin-foil-hat territory, ask yourself what “men can be women if they say they are” sounds like and why you see so many politicians terrified to say that women are adult human females when the inquiry is made. This terror matters. The financial, political, and institutional pressure to conform to this virtual reality where we can choose our sex is intense.
Gender ideology demands that we order our societies to conform to a lie, and governments worldwide are ceding this ground. What could be more important to address and resist when this lie attempts to sever us from reality?
This is also not the only boundary being deconstructed for profit and human engineering. The boundary between public and private is also being eroded simultaneously. We are being thrust, as adults, into a realm of publicly paraded and corporately sanctioned fetishism promoted as healthy. Children are being inundated with lies about the reality of sex and forced sexual intrusions in the name of their health and sexual education. Teaching children that there is nothing wrong with nakedness is a far cry from dismantling the private sphere and compelling them into private adult human experiences. We can’t opt out of this if we want to participate in society because it is now everywhere. It is traumatizing and is grooming us into further violations of our boundaries. We have no way to evaluate and assess our world and relationships when everything is in public, there is no private realm, and we are forced to adapt. It is like living in a mass sexual psychodrama, a panopticon from which there is no escape.
Discussions of biological boundaries are the way forward in confronting the hydra of gender ideology and the lies it is attempting to solidify in society and our minds. We must hone our message. We can’t get lost in the quagmire of “rights” discussion. This is not an issue of rights for the marginalized versus others’ rights. This is an issue of reality versus anti-reality. We don’t rearrange societies, laws, language & reality to accommodate other people’s subjective identities. Feeling like a cat – whatever that would mean to someone who isn’t a cat – doesn’t dictate that litter boxes are installed in public toilets. We arrange laws & society based on material reality because it respects the integrity of life & people’s boundaries based on real life.

THANKS TO: https://truthcomestolight.com/battling-the-hydra-of-gender-ideology/?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email

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