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The ‘Cisnormative’ Gender Scam

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1The ‘Cisnormative’ Gender Scam  Empty The ‘Cisnormative’ Gender Scam Mon May 22, 2023 10:01 am



The ‘Cisnormative’ Gender Scam

May 21, 2023 Russ Winter

The ‘Cisnormative’ Gender Scam  Gender-pronouns

IMAGE: Youtube

The gender-neutrality movement has advanced to such a degree that Canada actually implemented a disturbing law that requires those employed by government-funded institutions to use newly manufactured gender-neutral words, such as “ze.”
To gain some basis to understand this term, I went to the horse’s mouth, “The Queer Dictionary“(QD).
This shadow language starts with a term called cisgender. The QD says this is an adjective used to describe someone whose gender identity matches their body and the gender assigned to them at birth. It’s extended to include all who view human beings through the prism of one of either sex, male or female. For the discordian neo-Marxists, that would include just about everyone. They give as an example, “I’m am cisgender: although I’m a tomboy, I’ve been identified as a girl my whole life and I have always considered myself to be a woman.”
Even in the LGBT community, the vast majority of homosexuals and bisexuals self-identify as cisgender. Transgenders — if this statistic is to be believed — make up 0.3% of the U.S. population. How many among this 0.3% insist on being addressed as “ze” is undetermined.
So after establishing that about everyone is cisgender, the QD defines cisnormativity as 1, implying, creating or prescribing a norm or standard and 2. expressing value judgments or prescriptions as contrasted with stating facts. The prevailing standard is the male or female view.
So what are the facts in this case? Transgenders are not in the norm, in fact they are a very small fraction of the population. Even by their own admission, the QD states that “although transgender-identified people comprise a tiny percentage of the human population, many trans* people and allies consider it to be offensive to presume that everyone is cisgender.
Winter Watch takeaway: notice the use of the word, “allies.” The QD goes on to say, “Although cisnormativity is rarely deliberate, it is almost always perceived as hurtful and offensive to the trans* community.” So here we are asked to believe that a tiny group is almost always offended if someone fails to proper pick up on their “gender”. Is that even true, and if so to what degree? Practically speaking one would not only have to be highly sensitive but also a mind reader to navigate this.
This extremely low-bar definition is equivalent to tripping on an uneven sidewalk crack. Unless you run in trans circles, there’s no reason to be concerned about offending a trans because you use language or reactions gleaned from thousands of years of evolution and custom.
I have knowingly interacted with only one transgender person in my entire life. He (or ze) was midway through some kind of gender change. He (or she) was a mess, and I felt sorry for ze more than hostile. This was an uncomfortable social interaction for sure. Regardless this person showed no offense to me stumbling around with the gender to address whatever he or she, or ze was. But that was 25 years ago.
In hindsight, the pronoun “ze” might have been useful, but how the hell was I supposed to broach the subject of what ze wanted to be called? Ze’s apparent goal was to be a her. Although I interacted in good faith, I admit being cisgendered clueless about that whole scene. Is that really my problem? Regardless, legislating this whole issue with sanctions is like tripping people on sidewalk cracks. It is also like utilizing a dishonest translator.

On Being ‘Offended’

I have a female friend who once in a while calls me “old man.” She uses it as a term of teasing endearment. Do I like this term? Not especially, but it’s very low on my list for rattling cages or having tizzy fits.
Do I see signs of ageism as I get older? Yes, some- but it is not overt hostility. Except there are some now rooting for “baby boomers” to die off, that is rather offensive. When we see a more severe economic downturn this one may gain traction as a disturbing scapegoat subversion for what in actuality is Crime Syndicate looting. It seems they are positioning this as patriarchal, as if “old white men have wrecked society” and it will “be better when they are gone, etc.”
Is there age stereotyping: yes, but in general this allows society to function more efficiently relative to old men. In fact not only is it not practical, it would be narcissistic for old timers to insist on be handled as individuals, with individual requirements by strangers. If you want that, you need to be in a clan or extended family. But that’s discouraged as well.
It’s mostly expressed as deference, such as being offered a seat on public transport. But any “hurtful” reaction would mostly be a reflection of my own insecurities about aging, not societal norms. Alas, we now learn that there are real and imagined ageism stereotypes. Whodathunk. I say get over it.

What is This Scam Really About?

Therefore, we must assume that the cis-scam is first and foremost attention-seeking or even narcissistic behavior and, secondly, societal subversion and ultimately a power play and enslavement.

The ‘Cisnormative’ Gender Scam  Capture-14

The cis scam, once it goes into the realm of “rights” and the laws, is nothing more than political subversion. Canada’s so-called legislation also shows how deep the neo-Marxist fifth columns have burrowed into vulnerable Western institutions. The “trans community” is irrationalized and using “trans” as a herding tool for Post-Modern Marxist agendas.
Language has been weaponized for quite some time (Islamophobia, racist, Nazi, etc.) in a quest to destroy Western society. In summary, this issue is not so much about “trans’ people and their rights as it is neo-Marxist ideology and the control of society.
Addressed by the great Asha Logos.

THANKS TO: https://www.winterwatch.net/2023/05/the-gender-cisnormative-scam/

2The ‘Cisnormative’ Gender Scam  Empty Re: The ‘Cisnormative’ Gender Scam Mon May 22, 2023 10:26 am



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