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Who’s the “Big Guy”?

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1Who’s the “Big Guy”? Empty Who’s the “Big Guy”? Sat Jun 10, 2023 9:53 am



Who’s the “Big Guy”? 3m7c76ZMAe

Who’s the “Big Guy”?

A 49-page federal indictment of 37 counts against President Trump was released Friday afternoon, with a total of 100 years in prison and around $2 million in fines.
Bill Clinton stored 8 years of highly classified recordings of his presidency in his sock drawer. Why wasn’t he charged with espionage? Because he’s allowed to have his presidential records, under the Presidential Records Act.
Like President Trump is – but not former Vice President Biden or Hillary.

So, it’s just a coincidence that on the same day we find out Burisma paid Joe and Hunter a $10 million bribe, we see that Joe Biden’s attorney general fast-tracked an indictment against Trump.
Anyone with half a brain cell can see that the FBI got caught hiding evidence for 8 years that Biden, as Vice President, took a $10 million foreign bribe to change US policy.
The problem is, vice presidents have no power to change policy, which means that Biden got Obama to change said policies, something that Seb Gorka reminded us about Thursday night.
Even Biden, himself referred to his own lack of authority as a vice president in this infamous talk he gave at the Council on Foreign Relations in 2018, a video in which he completely incriminates himself and which corroborates what the FBI informant said and what the bank records uncovered by the House Oversight Committee reveal.
Remember this?
The question becomes: Was Obama the “Big Guy” that Tony Bobulinski heard about?
And now Trump has been indicted for the non-crime of having his presidential records, while ignoring Biden’s stolen classified records – which, unlike Trump, he did NOT have the right to have – and which, in all likelihood, according to mountains of evidence, he used to engage in foreign corruption!
Mark Levin delivered this scathing diatribe of our criminal government in reaction to Trump’s indictment and imminent arrest next Tuesday.
And speaking of Trump’s lawyers, Jim Trusty destroyed George Stephanopoulos Friday morning.
Snufalufagus is a scum-sucking POS and I love how Jim Trusty didn’t lose his cool and how he calmly stood up to this Communist piece of garbage.
Jim Trusty had made a series of appearances on various mainstream media outlets last night and this morning, defending Trump, as we just saw.
However, shortly after this takedown of George Stephanopoulos Jim Trusty and his law partner, John Rowley jointly announced their resignation from representing Trump on both this case and on his January 6th case.
They did not explain in detail why they had resigned, other than to say that, “this is a logical moment” to do so, given his indictment Thursday in US District Court in Miami.
That statement makes zero sense, and possibly intentionally so. I can only guess that the threats they received today were unimaginable, although one person suggested to me that maybe this frees them up to speak publicly about the case, the narrative, the context, while intellect-shaming dingbats like George Stephanopolous, for all the world to see.
The FBI informant had said 8 years ago that the briber had bragged to him that the complex of 20 shell corporations and funds recipients to launder the money was how they’d keep Americans from finding the money for 10 years. Comer’s team found it in 6 months and they’ve just now subpoenaed more banks to find the rest.
When Joe Biden was confronted about the contents of this unclassified FBI file during a state visit by UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Biden replied, “Where’s the money?”
That was a taunt. Similar to Hillary’s pinned tweet today, openly rubbing in our faces about their two-tiered injustice system.
Liz Harrington may have summed-up what’s happening best.
The people are reacting to this total Banana Republic move by the Federal Government, with many saying that the DOJ had just guaranteed Trump the White House in 2024.
Former DIA lawyer, ECONCHICK posted a lot of truths, such as:
“This is even weaker than the Bragg indictment, and that was so weak a caveman could see through it. Those corrupt leftist bureaucrats in DC must be scared spitless to be this INSANELY STUPID. Perhaps they expected conservatives to riot. Instead of riots, they shall see a NATIONAL, COLD, RESOLUTE FURY. There’s no such thing as a little bit of TREASON.”
She also noted that Democrat Constitutional lawyer, John Turley sees Trump being able to win the Presidency despite being found guilty by a biased liberal jury – and then pardoning himself and she says, “In the long run ALL THESE EFFING MARXISTS WILL BE SHOVED BACK IN THEIR HOLES LIKE WE SHOVED THEM AT END OF COLD WAR. Don’t be depressed. The massive flashlight Trump has shown is causing a few million roaches to scurry.”
Mike Davis, Former Chief Counsel for Nominations, US Senate Committee on the Judiciary, truthed on Friday night:
With today’s indictment of Trump, AG Merrick Garland apparently didn’t seek a legal opinion from the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel (OLC).
As it’s nearly impossible OLC would opine Jack Smith’s legal theory is valid.
Supreme Court will have to reverse him.

These clowns aren’t doing this to actually win, it’s just to manipulate public perception of Trump, to deter the independents and to overwhelm Trump, himself so he can’t be focused on campaigning.
People complain, understandably about all of the traitors and backstabbers appointed by Donald Trump when he was in office.
What if it was on purpose?
Tore Maras was a CIA contractor who was hired by John Brennan and who worked with George W Bush and with Barack Obama. She’s on a mission to get Obama impeached.
Lately, she has been telling her viewers that the NSA “has it all” and that, despite what things look like right now – and how things will continue to degenerate and appear to get worse – that they have the bad guys by the cogones.
The point of all of this has been to make the bad guys think that they were winning.
She has suggested that Donald Trump is part of an operation to take down these sick Deep Staters and that part of that operation was to appoint traitors who would incriminate themselves.
She says that among the worst culprits in the current Communist insurrection that we’re seeing play out right now were the appointments that Obama made after Hillary lost the 2016 election.
Obama nominated dozens of people to “key Administration posts” following Hillary Clinton’s loss. Why this flurry of hiring as he was leaving office?
When I saw world-famous cellist, Yo-Yo Ma on that list of Obama transition team appointees, it gave me pause, because I recalled a presentation by Dr David Martin last year, in which he included Yo-Yo Ma on the list of the 28 people who were responsible for the COVID genocide.
Weird, right? We’re going to be taking a deeper look at all of this in future shows but I just wanted to pique your interest…
On the ecoterrorist-false-flag-attack-Globalist-climate-propaganda front, if you haven’t breathed it in yourself, then you’ve probably seen the pictures of the dystopian science fiction film that’s been playing out this week on the East Coast, especially in the most densely-populated Northeastern corridor between Washington DC and Boston.
A completely unseasonal Nor’easter-type of meteorological set-up appeared to funnel the worst part of it, right over New York City.
Longtime YouTuber, DutchSinse was all over it and, similarly to how he pointed out what appeared to be Directed Energy Weapons setting forest fires in Northern California back in 2020, he’s found satellite footage that shows the dozens of fires simultaneously going off in Québec.
Blogger, Celia Farber was in Manhattan while the main brunt of this smoke attack was happening on Wednesday and it just compounded her pre-existing low-grade catastrophe fatigue, of which we are all currently suffering, to various degrees.
She wrote:
“Nothing like this has ever happened. That’s how we know it’s them
“It seems to me that yes, they’ve launched the next terror wave, and it’s ‘climate change.’ I have to be honest – this one I am not going to handle very well.
“American Life in 2023 consists of being lied to, gaslit, and terrorized on an industrial scale; I’m responding at this point by having no responses. I have nothing to add, it’s all so painfully obvious.
“What’s the ammonium nitrite connection?”
[Apparently, ammonium nitrate turns bright orange when oxidized]
“Today I drove again, from Hudson Valley to Connecticut, and made myself listen to man-made Climate Change propaganda on NPR.
“The pods were saying that the forest fires in Quebec – all 400 which erupted in the same instant – were caused by warmer oceans, because we’re burning fossil fuel.
“Seems apparent it was directed energy weapons.”
Greg Reese did a great job of putting this information together into a short piece.

THANKS TO: https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/whos-the-big-guy/

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