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Time for another look at Einstein?

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1Time for another look at Einstein?  Empty Time for another look at Einstein? Sun Jul 02, 2023 8:36 am



Time for another look at Einstein?

Time for another look at Einstein?  Einstein1

This being Sunday – a day on which we are supposed to muse on things metaphysical rather than the filthy lucre of the material World – I thought it might be useful to share with you some thoughts from perhaps the most creative brain in the history of Homo sapiens to date.
Albert Einstein was born five years before my grandfather, and died when I was seven years old. He was far from being the archetypal Nutty Professor – indeed , his first job after University was at the Swiss Patent Office in Bern, Switzerland. But in 1905 he published four papers/theses: the year has been called Einstein’s annus mirabilis (amazing year) and what he produced over those twelve months banished the Newtonian view of the Universe – and influences upon it.
The aim of this post is not to trot out a fan-letter celebrating Einstein’s massively influential life: on the contrary, I see my task as designed to strip down his conclusions in relation to one subject – the nature of Time – and to extrapolate the consequences of his conclusions (which are often difficult to fault) in the context of a globalist madness whose leaders reveal themselves as being not only rather banal in their thoughts, but also prisoners of trendy atheism.
At school, I was pretty good at Physics, but my heart wasn’t in it. However, in later life I still hankered after an explanation of what Einstein’s relativity theory meant in terms of not just Time and Space, but also reality itself.
“What is” can probably be best illustrated by taking his macro conclusions and positing their ramifications in (a) accessible English and (b) how those consequences change pretty much every definition of what we see, hear, smell and feel.
I propose to start by revisiting those conclusions and leaving the questions open to further hypothesis…..because there is no such thing as settled science.

The weird kick off of all things Einstein is there is no such thing as Time, under whose passage things wear away, get rusty, boil over, collide and die – “it is an illusion,” he wrote, “albeit a very clever one”. He went on to add that Space (as in distance) is also an illusion, that everything is connected, and that the ‘Spooky electrons at a distance’ experiment was not in fact two electrons, but one that appeared to be in two places at once as a result of the same illusion.
In proposing this broadscale non-existence, Einstein was not original, walking as he was in the ancient footsteps of Buddhist, Indian, early Christian and Greek “Sophist” philosophers (“Nothing is real”, “My father’s house has no Time”, “Past and Future are illusions, only Now is real”) but he was the first recorded example of Man using some compelling empirical experiments and ‘bending light’ examples to prove his point.
Having swallowed this enormous horse-pill as a self-styled activist History & Politics student in 1967-79, I felt forced to conclude that the Number 1 (One) was the most important – indeed, only – real number in the Universe because everything Einstein concluded about our Big U proposed complete interconnection. The tricky word there is “our”: we still don’t really know how many Universes there are in the popularised concept of The Meta-verses, or even how we might get there via various holes, be they worm, black or the next baffling exit waiting to be discovered.
What we do know, however – just when you thought this was going to be easier than you thought – is that our Universe consists of three “areas” based on size: I call them sub-atomic, 3D planetary and Cosmos, although other theorists use myriad other expressions of the divisions in our Universe which (as we already decided) is interconnected.
But interconnected doesn’t necessarily mean “the same”: in the 3D planetary realm, if one conducts the exact same experiment a million times, the result will never vary; in the sub-atomic zone, any change in the mood and mind of the conducting scientist will produce a different result. When conducting experiments on the particles that make up an atom, we seem to have the unconscious ability to affect particle behaviour via some kind of ESP. Similarly, our own species has awareness rainbows that are better and worse than those of (for instance) whales, dolphins, cats and dogs. Certain breeds of dog show awareness of a coming Earthquake by starting to howl well before the tectonic plates start moving. And when it comes to super-sized cosmic activity, well…don’t go there or your head will hurt. Suffice to say that Quantum Mechanics come into the picture at the sub-atomic level of the Universe.
A quantum is the smallest discrete unit of a phenomenon. For example, a quantum of light is a photon, and a quantum of electricity is an electron. Because Quantum comes from Latin, derived from the use of ‘quant’ (as in quantitative) most people think of it as something of enormous size. While the plural – quanta- may well be vast, the quantum parts are at or below atomic level in size. A quantum of gravity, for instance, should therefore be called a graviton: You’ll be relieved to find it is. Quantum theory is thus the theoretical basis of modern physics that explains the nature and behavior of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic level. The nature and behavior of matter and energy at that level is sometimes referred to as quantum physics and quantum mechanics.
The essence of quantum mechanics is the use of tiny bits to explain the behaviour of big bits.

It’s at this point of baffled bewilderment that Einstein blows your mind sky-high without the use of any recreational hallucinogenic drugs whatsoever. He tells us that Time is a continuum – an infinite movie on an endless loop; if you know how; you can take a quantum leap back onto it again at whatever point you like and start where you left off. If you’ve ever experienced full on dejà vu (where you spend a minute or two totally sure you know what’s coming next) then perhaps that is what you actually did do at some point…but in the Past. The problem being, that Albrecht says there is no such thing as the Past.
If you’ve ever worked with seriously autistic kids, you may well have heard them predict something they couldn’t have known….and turn out to be spookily correct. Kids on other parts of the savantist spectrum have encyclopaedic knowledge of certain random records (what the weather was like on 23rd June 1841 in Madagascar for example) for which there is no “logical explanation”. But that’s the exciting thing with physics from the subatomic to the cosmic zone: it asks us all to redefine logical. However, it’s not just exciting, at times it really doesn’t add up.
Almost nobody today in mainsteam physics any more suggests, “Onkel Allbrecht had lost a few marbles along the way, and his Special Theory of Relativity was what we egg-heads term A Load of Old Cock arrived at following a few too many sessions with the Whacky Baccy”.
Here’s a first consideration: I noted several paragraphs ago, ‘The weird kick off of all things Einstein is there is no such thing as Time, under whose passage things wear away, get rusty, boil over, collide and die – “it is an illusion,” he wrote, “albeit a very clever one”.
But – to take the internal combustion engine as an example – they do break down, they do get rusty if neglected, they do boil over if the cooling system is transverse-mounted: they do wind up in the breakers yard, and then do get crushed into a sort of informally arranged Rubik’s Cube. Your sight-based primary sense doesn’t simply suggest that: it demonstrates the physical existence. and the Thing that does all this is an illusion.
Here’s the second consideration: we are asked to believe that something non-existent is a continuum. I’ll write that again: it is an illusion, but it is infinite in its content despite not being real at all. It is, if you will, something permanently unreal, but nihil desperandum folks – it’s harmless cos that there thang see what I’m sayin’ heeyah? It doesn’t exist, Man….it ‘s like, all in yo’ heeed, fella….yo’ teeth dropping out, memory confusing trees with lampposts, inability to maintain an erection…that’s jest prime Bullshit. Yoo’all gon’ live fowevva my Man, so chill….amma right?
Well clearly, no – you’re not right, otherwise what’s with the graveyards, old Gran-pappy beginning to smell outside the front porch, generations of Undertakers and grave diggers variously preparing, burying and burning people for nothing? You’ gorra trust me my Man, I know this stuff – Death happens: no shit. That’s why we get scared when the oncologist uses phrases like, “It’s inoperable and aggressive” or “If I was was you, I’d get my affairs put in order”.

In fact, what Einstein said was that the passage of time is relative to what speed YOU are doing – hence the title Relativity Theory.
But there are faults in it…and all attempts to reconcile his overall view of reality when made relative to Time, Space and Physics have, to date, left some thinkers having a strong sense of the outcomes being counter-intuitive. Simply giving a patronising smile and saying, “Well yes…..but this is metaphysics” might cut it among people who feel inferior to The Scientist….but, er, isn’t that how we got to the dystopia being fashioned on the basis of clever BS today?
For example, if you choose to travel at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second) when you get back to where you came from, everyone you knew and loved will be long dead and forgotten but you will somehow still be alive. However, if you choose to make the same round trip at 372,000 mps, nobody you knew and love would’ve been born, but they will eventually live – as will you. This is clearly going to lead to all kinds of conscious problems once there are two of you – one a very old man, and the other a screaming baby of six months…..because Time may well be an illusion, but beyond light speed, it goes backwards.
What would be the point of that in the greater scheme of things? You’ve got me there.

“Let me take you down ‘cos I’m going to Strawberry Fields…..nothing is real, there’s nothing to be hung up on….Strawberry Fields forever” John Lennon on the Beatles’ Double A-side single release, February 1967
Here perhaps (at last) is the key point I’m making: the other side of the single is the McCartney composition Penny Lane. One side is about challenging what reality is – if anything: the other side is a celebration of respectable bankers, hairdressers, people stopping to say hello, fireman keen to keep their engines clean, nurses selling poppies for charity, and “Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes, there beneath the blue suburban skies”.
Now: which of the Double A-sides there tell you more about what we have lost in the community, educational, politesse, reportage and everyday celebration of life dimensions that my forever blessed generation was so lucky to have received from the State, opinion leaders and role models fifty six years ago?

As must be clear by now, my objective in this essay is not to call out Albrecht Einstein as a fraud: even my ego doesn’t stretch to that one. He was an outstandingly brilliant man.
But we are a species that lives in the limited consciousness of three-dimensional awareness. My fear is that, one day, some idiot will try to turn Relative Time Theory into yet another of those religions ‘that passeth all understanding’ as a means to control we (the educationally backward gnats) and encourage us to believe in all things that seem to us unbelievable on the basis of our alleged ignorance.
And yet another mob of greedy psychos will tell us that they are “only following the science”.
Enjoy what’s left of the weekend.

THANKS TO: https://therealslog.com/2023/07/02/time-for-another-look-at-einstein/

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