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Clif High - Walk without rhythm.

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1Clif High - Walk without rhythm. Empty Clif High - Walk without rhythm. Sun Jul 16, 2023 12:27 am



Walk without rhythm.

It explains a lot.

Clif High - Walk without rhythm. Https%3A%2F%2Fsubstack-post-media.s3.amazonaws.com%2Fpublic%2Fimages%2F6a16fe82-ebae-44c0-ac93-1159e3236aa2_2546x1808
clif high
Jul 15, 2023

Walk without rhythm.
It explains a lot.

Postulate #1: UAPs are controlled by T2M (Thought to Machine) interface.
This is a form of connection between individual consciousness and an interface into the control circuitry of the UAP/UFO.
Corollary 1: The individual consciousness must be aware of its own capacity.
Corollary 2: The individual consciousness must be capable, and aware, of its own directed thoughts.
Corollary 3: The individual consciousness must have nuanced control, and be self-monitoring of its internal control state in real time.
Corollary 4: The individual consciousness must have a manifest physical field (aka ‘body’) pathways to support directed thought capacity.
The Postulate about the UAPs/UFOs requiring T2M (thought to machine) connection in order to be controlled dates back before the 1947 UFO crash reports. There are ancient UFO contact reports in which the human contactees provide descriptions of ‘vessels’ in which there is no apparent control mechanism, excepting a ‘hand shaped depression’ in the surface next to some form of a chair. There are examples in many different languages of ancient discussions of ‘visitors’ including Japanese, Aramaic, Greek, and Sumerian among others.
This theme is still much in evidence in modern UFO discussions. From the 1947 Roswell incident to the present, all the rumors, leaks, hints of leaks, and whispers of rumors all point to the same description of a ‘machine’ that is controlled by sending Directed Thought into an interface to the circuitry.
In examinations of ancient texts, we find that even those starting off as a purely ‘mechanistic’ description of the devices will inevitably land back on Directed Thought, and explorations in “local consciousness’. Nowhere is this more evident than the many discussions of the Vimana in Sanskrit. Almost all references at a technical level will rapidly branch out into consciousness inclusions.
In a way, as a technical social order, we are heading in this direction already. We see that Tesla and other computer controlled vehicles have the capacity to monitor the operator. It is only a short hop from that to using the operator’s body as the control mechanism. Even now @Elon is exploring the insertion of chips-into-the-brain as the first such interface.
The benefits of this goal are readily apparent, and rise from the ‘speed of thought’, though it is really doubtful that any form of insertion and physical tie into the brain matter will suffice. The issue will come down to the actual conversion of brain electricity to influencing the electrical activity on the chip will fail. It is far too crude an approach, the in intrusion of ‘hard’ electricity (not bio-chemical) will disrupt so much brain activity as to become its own obstacle.
Elon’s ambitions aside, we have ancient texts that may be speaking directly to this issue. We find themes of ‘engineering man’ in all the social order histories from those groups of humans who had been enslaved by the space aliens who invaded Earth in the last Golden age, some 12,000 years back.
These ancient texts, if read with the idea of actual beings, boots-on-the-ground reporting by their unknown authors, do show that the Space Alien Invaders, once settled into to their newly conquered homesteads, set about with genetic modification experiments on the local human populations.
These genetic engineering efforts arise from the social order dynamic of the Space Alien Invaders in which, they modified members of their own species. There is much to suggest that this was done to fulfill needs within their society.
As an instance, we find that the beings that are called ‘arch angels’, in several languages, were engineered to provide specific services to the social order. These included acting as interpreters to the conquered native human populations, as well as acting as a social dynamic enforcer both for the captives, as well as the society of the Space Aliens. It is from the arch-angels that both the ‘schools of scribes’ who were the first intermediaries chosen from the native populations, and the ‘judges’ with their court system derive. In the Torah/Old Testament we see these arch-angels in trials acting as the ‘satan’ (prosecutor) on behalf of the ruling clan (El-Yon’s group) (Book of Job).
This theme is repeated throughout human history in all the groups that had contact with these genetically engineered enforcers. These arch-angel beings were made with great strength, and, apparently, a single minded focus on their work, and an in-built bias against corrupting their purpose. This point needs to be reinforced; that the engineered arch-angel beings, had specific forms of minds that were common to all who filled those roles, and that were part of their creation process.
The conclusion can be reached that the Khazarian people were abandoned by their Space Alien controllers after only a very brief period, perhaps as few as 600 years. Note that this is less than the individual lifespans of Moses, Lazarus, and others of Torah/Old Testament fame. These, on average were of the order of 900 years. The Elohim, the Space Invaders of the Khazarians, and the claimed ‘gods’ of the Judeans (12 Essene tribes in S. Yemen who were conquered and force marched to the NW along the Red Sea until they reached Judea), may have been forced from their center of activity in what is now Ukraine by war with other factions of the Space Invaders, however, there are hints in some other, ancient, records, that the abandonment may have been the result of the failure to achieve their GMO goals with the human ‘stock’ that the Khazarian tribes provided.
Some interpretation of parts of the discussion in the Talmud, in both the Mishnah, and the Gemara, though more in the Gemara of the Talmud Bevli (the Talmud of Babylonia), as well as references in the Zohar (13th century Jewish mystic’s manual), that speak directly to the ‘abandonment’ issues within the Khazarian ruling ‘elites’ over this specific, perceived, ‘failure’ on the part of the Khazarians, as a group, to fulfill the genetic needs of the Elohim. Countering these, are few, isolated, instances of genetic modification ‘success’ being claimed by the Khazarian ruling elites, to their own peoples. These references are seemingly contrived claims of the self-serving elites, without individual personal references of the ‘successes’ by name as we see in the Torah, and the translations into the Bible. In these, the names of the successful GMO humans are presented as well as their lineage of successful breeding of the desired characteristics. Thus we know of the names of Adam, Eve, Moses, Noah, Job, Enoch, Jesus, Lazarus, and others. These individuals were specifically noted by the scribes under the control of the arch-angels within the Elohim organization as it was vital to the plans of these space aliens to create a GMO stock of humans, for their own purposes, mostly hidden from us. We do not find such lists maintained of the individual ‘successes’ nor their lineage, within the Khazarians. There are rumors and hints within the many, Khazarian created, Judaism based, “secret societies” such as Freemasons, Rosicrucians, and others, that lists of the lineage of the Khazarian ‘successes’ in being GMO’d do exist, albeit as very seriously guarded secrets.
The Judean scribes, under the control of Michael, the primary arch-angel of the Elohim, recorded the material that we find in the Torah, which is also translated into the Old Testament. These Judean scribes did NOT write, nor participate in any of the Jewish literature. They did not write, nor edit, any of the several Talmuds. These originate with, and were completed by Khazarian peoples (some of whom became the Ashkenazi).
In this current era of the Great Awakening, in which all of the world’s religions will be opened up, along with all human history, for a deep examination, we are exposed to the idea, leaking out from the many actions, and the few words, of the UFO/UAP Officialdom, that not all peoples, are equally psychically enabled.
Rumors, as well as facts, going back over 120 years, point to our current ruling Khazarian elites, hunting all over humanity for PsyEn (psychically enabled) people. The historical record is replete with examples from the Nazi UFO programs including the Bell, and the psychic channeling by the Vril women, all leading to searches through German, and captured peoples, for ‘psychics’. Of most interest to the Nazi UFO program were psychic twins as children. While there are many reasons for this preference, chief among them is the known telepathy of twins, as well as the proof of psychic ability being tied to genetics.
Our historical record also includes the CIA fascination with the recruitment of PsyEn twins in the 1950s and 1960s. Even Russian (actually Soviet) work on psychic ability focused on twins through the late 1960s before becoming completely opaque.
The reason that all these groups, including our own CIA, and other Dark-and-Denied DAD) projects around the UFO have concentrated on children is due to the ‘psychic ability bloom’ that first hits when certain hormones are produced as a result of the onset of puberty. These early pubescent hormones, in most people including psychics, will be soon moderated by the second tier of hormone production as the body moves closer toward adulthood.
It would appear from their recruiting goals, that the Khazarian created, and controlled CIA, as well as the corporations controlling the DAD projects, are aware of the moderating hormones impact on psychic ability. There are some historical literature references to attempts to control this aspect of the onset of adulthood by various groups, the latest among them, the DAD corporations. All of these in the past have produced disastrous results to the individuals involved, as well as destroying any psychic ability through the induced onset of acute mental illness.
Much of the ‘trans’ industry owes its current state of advancement to the past decades of efforts to chemically/hormonally ‘freeze’ these psychic children by their controllers.
It is possible to conclude that Khazarian controllers are aware of their own genetic limitations in this area. This is to say that the Khazars/Ashkenazi stand out as NOT being subjects for these recruitment programs. The human subject populations that have been ‘worked over’ by our DAD corporations include all the ethnic groups that may be isolated, and examined, even to including some in Amazonian jungles, but the Khazarians are excluded.
Mostly, all these corporations, and Officialdom, investigating the UFO/UAP reverse engineering issues, are trying to find psychics among white peoples. There are some indications that there are successful recruits who are not white, being mostly Japanese, and Korean, and some of indigenous sub sets of the Chinese population. There have also been, limited, successes with Native American tribal people, however, these were isolated. Apparently, in these instances, it was not psychic ability that was the issue, but rather interface to human control of the test subjects breaking down over the longer term that was the point of failure. But, in the main, it is white people that appear to provide the best PsyEn candidates for the DAD projects.
This may be the ultimate, deep root cause, for the Khazarian hatred, and jealousy, of the lineage of Adam, and Eve, that the Elohim, having abandoned the Khazars as not worth pursuing genetically, then found success with the Essene peoples of S. Yemen. Many aspects of Jewish mysticism become cohesive over time in this light. The longing for the deep psychic experience is inculcated into the Khazarian/Jewish mystic traditions, yet also there emerges the abhorrence of, and revulsion at, taking the first steps, which all involve some aspect of personality dissolution.
This may also explain why LSD (invented in a Khazarian lab) is available, but mescaline is not. For psychic use, LSD is cold, mechanical, and always stops short of achievement, whereas mescaline is embracing, warm, and begins by destroying the personality and mind so completely as to take one across the Life-Death Barrier never to return the same.
It is the use of humans as sources for Adenochrome that propels much of the global pedophile industry here on our planet. It would be a mistake to think that Adrenochrome is ONLY seen as an ‘anti-aging’ drug by the Khazarian elites. As with all their agendas, there are many facets in play.
The Khazarian Mafia produces, and exploits, Adrenochrome at many different levels. These include the more prosaic layers such as anti-aging drug, the ‘ultimate high’ drug, as an entree for blackmail, for political exploitation, for export. Hidden among the purely criminal aspects of Adrenochrome is the real secret that it may, under certain circumstances, be used as a ‘Psy Drug’ for interfacing with UFO/UAP style DT (Directed Thought) devices. Apparently even with Adrenochrome, the Khazarians can’t do the PsyEn device control worth a damn. This may add to their generally pissy attitude.
The Khazarian mafia attitude is also influenced by their masters, the Elohim, and the thought of their imminent return. Without regard to their fears being manifest, we can nonetheless observe the effects of their fears on their actions. Here we see that Adrenochrome production has never been higher. Yet, the population of users, if anything, given covid et al, is diminishing. Is the Khazarian Mafia stockpiling? For what? For whom?
As this Apocalypse progresses, all of this material, and much more will be emerging. Over the coming years, we will be building a much more complete understanding of the complexities of our world, our history, and our future. Very likely, this new understanding of our actual history will seriously alter everyone’s frame of reference on reality.
You see, human’s are the SPICE.

THANKS TO: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/walk-without-rhythm?utm_source=post-email-title&publication_id=681568&post_id=134986496&isFreemail=true&utm_medium=email

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