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Realizing Our Infinity as Spiritual Beings

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Realizing Our Infinity as Spiritual Beings (Part 1/4)

Realizing Our Infinity as Spiritual Beings  010Written by Wes Annac

I would like now to explore some of the ways we can develop into the
multidimensional souls we have always been, and realize our infinity.

As aspects of the One Infinite Creator, we have always naturally
possessed within, the abilities and expanded perspectives so many people
are just beginning to open up to and find for themselves. We can tap
into the infinite array of abilities we have always possessed and here, I
would like to offer my perspective on how we can work toward attaining
our personal infinity; while recognizing that mine is one perspective
out of everyone’s.

You are encouraged to share yours as well.

Power Gone Unrealized

For the most part, humanity has not realized the enormous power we
hold. The power that we hold within has been forgotten and in some
cases, suppressed as we were kept feeding a limited and finite way of
Living and being. As such, it is important for us to discover our
hidden-away abilities now, so that we can further work toward
recognizing the harmony that is meant to be established between every
nation, every race and every individual soul.

By now, it’s been said quite a bit that our collective will benefit
immensely from every individual soul on this world finding and attaining
a personal happiness, wholeness and a realization of their infinite
abilities and their interconnected nature with every person around them.
The power we will have as a collective cannot be overstated; if for no
other reason, than because of our already-strong power as individual,
sovereign souls.

In many cases, we have been kept in a perpetual state of unawareness
to the realities and planes of perception that lay just beyond our
physical reality waiting to be explored via an inner-connection with
them, as well as to the continual acts of injustice taking place on this
world every day which, for the most part, are orchestrated and funded
by entities who have assumed the positions of power on our world that
they are in because of the very unawareness caused by the blinders that
have been put over the eyes, minds and hearts of humanity.

The few with influence and increasingly-dissolving power have been
able to continually manifest injustice, and the unaware collective have
unknowingly fed the acts of injustice taking place every day by
remaining unaware to them and employing the resulting complacency.
Opening up to our inner-perceptions is the most important thing we can
do, for ourselves and for our world, because we will find personal
revelations and assistance with our Lives as we realize more and more
that we are infinite, spiritual beings undergoing a human experience.

The Orchestration of Reality & Creating Something Better

Along with an inner-awareness and garnering of personal happiness and
peace, we will become increasingly aware of the, for lack of a better
term, puppet show being played out on the world stage in an effort to
keep us distracted and unaware. We will begin to notice so many aspects
of western and progressive society that seem quite designed to keep
humans in the states of limitation and distraction that form a barrier
around our inner-perceptions and our very ability to see or feel
anything beyond what the physical senses can perceive.

We may find personal motivation to help change the condition this
world is in, and our eyes will be opened fully to the pollution being
fed every day on this Earth which is of course, bad for the environment,
for the collective consciousness and for the planet who we will begin
to realize has and is its own sentient spirit.

Upon fashioning the inner connection we are going to explore in this
writing, you will find multitudes of other reasons why doing so will be
and was beneficial for you and for the entirety of humanity. You will
find a clear and pure perspective and everything that’s been written or
channeled by another in the way of the ongoing spiritual evolution of
humanity will be accessible and understood as the vast library of
inner-held energy and information that it is.

You will discover humanity’s interconnected nature and the fact that
we are being fed troths of pure encoded energy from realms beyond our
conscious understanding, in accordance with the physical and spiritual
evolution of humanity currently underway.

You will access and be able to decode this energy, and some of you
may even find a known Angelic soul fashioning a connection with you as a
result of your ability to communicate with them and in general, because
of your access to the higher realms. If any of you out there reading
this have fashioned any type of reliance on channeled messages or the
spiritually-inspired writings being given as of late, you will be able
to soften that connection when you discover that it’s completely
attainable within.

We will discuss that subject a bit more later. For now, I would like
to get into some of the initial things we can do to begin discovering
and accessing our infinity and the abilities that come with such an

Realizing the Presence of the Divine

One of the first steps we can take to realize and access our infinity
is to see that the Divine is all around us, at all times. We have been
kept distracted from the Divine and as such, some people may feel as if
it will be difficult to access or feel a connection with the Divine once
opening up to such a connection, and this is simply not so. It’s been
said before that it takes little more than an acknowledgment of the
Divine and the fact that it is all around us, for us to begin fashioning
a real connection that will reap us enormous benefits.

Meditation is, of course, a good way to open up to the Divine and the
deeper states of consciousness the Divine offers. Upon clearing one’s
mind and finding a calm, relaxed state of mind, one will make way for
the heart to come through and express the bounties that deeper states of
consciousness have to offer humanity. In meditation, one is able to
find realizations and epiphanies about circumstances in their Lives,
which flow through gracefully and lead one to an “aha!” moment.

For me, meditation these days is little more than an attunement to
naturally purer and deeper states of consciousness. The very air around
me vibrates and reverberates with pure, colored energy when meditating
and the vibrations alone in these deeper states of consciousness are
enough to want to find them in every moment. We find a deeper
perspective resulting from our ability not to silence mind, but to allow
it to express itself in a detached manner and in a manner that sees all
of mind’s thoughts flow through and leave just as quickly as they came.

The Influence of Mind

The only reason mind is able to maintain a prevalent influence in
some who have difficulty meditating is because of the mental and
sometimes, emotional attachment to the thoughts mind is giving out. Upon
finding an ability to let those thoughts flow through without attaching
oneself to them, one will begin to find an opened connection with the
heart and the deeper states of consciousness and awareness that result.

Meditation is one thing that will help us feel and realize the
Divinity of every moment. An understanding that we are Living a finite
existence and that our natural growth and evolution will lead us onward
to purer realms wherein suffering or negativity of any sort are not
experienced, will see us find a greater appreciation for this reality
we’re Living in as well.

Perhaps some of you reading this are here because you were attracted
to the idea of finding your personal infinity and breeding a greater and
more enjoyable Life experience as a result.

Well, an important step toward doing so is realizing that right now,
in this very moment, everything is perfect and Divine. This statement
may not resonate with some of you who continue to experience difficulty
and hardship, but it is hoped to help each one of you to see-through the
negativity and density which I do indeed experience in my Life just as
you do. I am simply beginning to see it from a different perspective.

I speak of a perspective of understanding that negativity and density
of any kind are fading aspects of an illusory reality that has been
established on this planet for much, much less time than the Divine has
been present here. The Divine has waited patiently for us to tap into it
and access and feel what it has to offer us and as we are able to do so
in much easier ways than we would be led to believe, the impetus in
those who seek should be strong and the resulting rewards should be well
worth the overall journey.

We are all naturally spiritual beings who have imposed limitations
upon ourselves and allowed those limitations to become doctrines for
what a physical experience of Life is supposed to be, and the natural
spirituality we hold within and our natural ability to draw-upon the
energies of the Divine have been fashioned into limiting dogmas and
religious beliefs.

Religion: Spiritual Control

Religion at its very core is meant to provide an esoteric or
metaphysical understanding of how we were Created, why we are here and
what our purpose and mission is while on this Earth.

In many cases, our ability to access the spirituality we all possess
within has been taken from us and people in our past who had a naturally
strong connection with their inner-realms and attempted to uplift
humanity and help us all find the awareness and the states of
consciousness they had found, were worshiped and made out to be souls of
special importance when they really only had a connection with the
Creator that is accessible by us all.

Religion has bred control of the masses and the very thoughts,
feelings and actions of the masses, and the men behind the curtains of
various religions have been able to orchestrate such control the way
they have because of humanity’s natural quest to seek an understanding
of this reality and the way this reality works, that is beyond the
physical understanding or anything that can be explained away

What we haven’t been taught is that we can access and fashion a
connection to the Divine realms so many religious prophets have
themselves been able to feel and access, and we don’t need anybody
accept ourselves guiding our inner-travels and our quest for spiritual
and physical understanding.

As I will say later on, every one of you reading this is a sovereign,
powerful individual and you don’t need me to tell you that. You don’t
need this writing to know that you are the conscious Creator of the
surroundings you find around you, or that your connection to realms
beyond humanity’s understanding is both real and strong.

We are kept feeding a false and fading paradigm when subscribing to
controlling religious beliefs and doctrines, and if we can all find and
fashion the inner-connection that will continue to be discussed and
mentioned as much as it has been, we will see our individual strength
and power and be able to rightly put an end to attempts to control our
Lives via a manipulation of humanity’s quest to re-find the realms of
consciousness we once existed in blissfully.

Upon realizing that the Divine is all around us and seeing that our
ability to access the Divine has been shelved as we were kept feeding
dogmas rigid beliefs that are not in alignment with the higher
dimensional experiences so many people are having, we can then begin our
real and undistorted search for external and internal enlightenment.

Merging Internal & External Harmony

We can begin to utilize the deeper states of consciousness meditation
will provide along with the aforementioned understanding that the
Divine is all around us, and begin to seek ways to make our
outer-reality reflect the brimming happiness and personal wholeness an
open connection to our inner realms will begin to offer.

Personally, I choose to at least attempt to see nearly everything
that plays out in my Life in a positive manner. Beyond that, I have
recognized the mission I have been offered and do what I can to help
uplift this Earth and its collective out of the density and negativity
that has remained the rule of the day for far too long, and I use much
of my energy delightfully contributing to the ongoing spiritual

I also choose to get out in nature and recognize the beauty and
Divinity of the outer reality around me. I am beginning to find and
recognize beauty and Divinity in every aspect of this land and I am
realizing that it and the sentient Earth it exists on are more conscious
and spiritual than I.

For some, searching externally includes becoming aware of the
tyranny, injustice and control that has been enforced on this world by
the few with influence and money while for others, it includes absorbing
written spiritual material or listening to uplifting music in an effort
to feel the higher vibrations of their outer reality, which are based
in our inner-realities.

For some of you who are well along your paths, the internal and
external searches could have long merged as you are finding your very
experience of your inner-realms growing and beginning to permeate the
experience of your outer. Those of you who are just beginning to
traverse your path will find this is so as you continue to grow and
learn, and find harmoniously-pure states of consciousness that you will
begin to be able to integrate into your everyday experience of Life.

Continued in Part 2 tomorrow.

Thanks to: http://wesannac.com

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