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I Don't Know Where To Put This?

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This is a really good read for RHneg bloodline. I found it very interesting!


2I Don't Know Where To Put This? Empty Re: I Don't Know Where To Put This? Thu Mar 14, 2013 7:22 am



RH-Negative Blood and the Reptilian Connection

Compiled by Dee Finney

The following is presented for research purposes
The files were not edited in any way

October, 1976

Page 46

[This page is
updated below]


Are you an Rh Negative blood type? If so you could be a
decendent of the ancient astronauts themselves!

a year and a half ago my sister Bonnie and I were discussing some of
the unusual characteristics of our family. Bonnie had a problem with
infants haemolytic disease. She has 0 negative blood. She has written a
book including this problem called "The Deux" by Venus Thaddeus. One of
the questions we asked was why does this haemolytic disease occur? Why,
along with the Rh negative blood does our family have such a high IQ
(135-140 average). Why so many psychic experiences? Why this urge to
ask "why?" Why the early maturity or the large head and eyes? Why have,
we always felt we were "different" from other people. And so many other
things to set us apart.

We were raised in the church, but we
never received answers to the questions we asked. Why doesn't anyone
else ask these same questions? We are not satisfied with the answer
"just because". Are there others out there who ask the same questions?
Then we heard about the possibility of the ancient astronauts and the
pieces started to fall into place.

For the past decade many
people have been working to prove that the earth has been visited by
extraterrestrial beings. Who are these visitors? Why did they come? Why
did they leave? Did they leave?

If earth was visited in the
ancient past, are there any descendants of these visitors? If all
mankind are not descendants of these visitors, which ones are? Who are
the "Children of Israel?" Why was their seed blessed? Why were they
told not to inter-marry with other people and to circumcise their sons
for identification? Why were they told to preserve their geneology?
Where did Adam and Eve's sons go to get their wives, if they were the
only "humans" on earth?

Many scientists believe that modern
man evolved from ape-like primates. They have much proof to back up
their theories, including modern blood analysis and comparative studies
between modern man and lower anthripoids, such as the chimpanzee and
the Rhesus monkey.

It has been proven that the majority of
mankind (85%) has a blood factor common with the rhesus monkey. This is
called rhesus positive blood. Usually shortened to Rh positive. This
factor is completely independent from the A, B, 0 blood types.

the study of genetics, we find that we can only inherit what our
ancestors had except in the case of mutation. We can have any of
numerous combinations of traits inherited from all our ancestors.
Nothing more and nothing less. Therefore, if man and ape evolved from a
common ancestor, their blood would have evolved the same way. Blood
factors are transmitted with much more exactitude than any other
characteristic. It would seem that modern man and rhesus monkey may
have had a common ancestor sometime in the ancient past. All other
earthly primates also have this Rh factor. But this leaves out the
people who are Rh negative. If all mankind evolved from the same
ancestor their blood would be compatible. Where did the Rh negatives
come from? If they are not the descendants of prehistoric man, could
they be the descendants of the ancient astronauts?

All animals
and other living creatures known to man can breed with any other of
their species. Relative size and color makes no difference. Why does
infant's haemolytic disease occur in humans if all humans are the same
species? Haemolytic disease is the allergic reaction that occurs when
an Rh negative mother is carrying a Rh positive child. Her blood builds
up antibodies to destroy an ALIEN substance (the same way it would a
virus), thereby destroying the infant. Why would a mother's body reject
her own offspring? Nowhere else in nature does this occur naturally.
This same problem does occur in mules - a cross between a horse and
donkey. This fact alone points to the distinct possibility of a
cross-breeding between two similar but genetically different species.

has tried to explain where the Rh negative people came from. Most,
familiar with blood factors, admit that these people must at least be a
mutation if not descendants of a different ancestor. If we are a
mutation, what caused the mutation? Why does it continue with the exact
characteristics? Why does it so violently reject the Rh factor, if it
was in their own ancestry? Who was this ancestor? Difficulties in
determining ethnology are largely overcome by the use of blood group
data, for they are a single gene characteristic and not affected by the

The Basque people of Spain and France have the
highest percentage of Rh negative blood. About 30% have (rr) Rh
negative and about 60% carry one (r) negative gene. The average among
most people is only 157%-Rh negative, while some groups have very
little. The Oriental Jews of Israel, also have a high percent Rh
negative, although most other Oriental people have only about 1% Rh
negative. The Samaritans and the Black Cochin Jew also have a high
percentage of Rh negative blood, although again the Rh negative blood
is rare among most black people.

Could the Basque people be
one of these colonies? Or could it have been the original colony on
earth? The origin of the Basques is unknown. Their language is unlike
any other European language. Some believe that Basque was the original
language of the book of Genesis. Some believe it was the original
language of the world and possibly of the creator.

Genesis 6:2
"The sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and took
them wives, all of which they chose." Who were the children of these
marriages? Genesis 6:4 "God came into the daughters of men, and they
bare children to them, and the same became mighty of old." From the
King James Bible dictionary we find: "menchildren - men of Israel, male
children of God, not children of man - Ex. 34:23." Ex. 34:7 states "The
iniquity of the father will be unto the children unto the fourth
generation." It is plain that something is inherited, could it be the

Blood is mentioned more often than any other word in
the Bible, except God. These two words you will find on almost every
page, blood and God! (The blood of the Gods?) This message has been
written for thousands of years. There is a connection between the blood
and the Gods.

The American Indians had the tradition of making
good friends, "blood brothers", if they thought they were worthy. Could
this tradition have been for a reason? Could they have actually been
checking to see if they were blood brothers (the same type blood)? The
clumping (aggulation) that occurs when Rh positive and Rh negative
blood are mixed is visible to the naked eye. Could they have been told,
by their ancestors, that their blood was different from that of the
rest of mankind except for their brothers and sisters, from other
tribes, scattered throughout the earth. Indian tradition declares that
their ancestors were of cosmic origin. The Indian totem pole is
actually a family genealogy.

Why all this preoccupation with
genealogy among different people scattered throughout the earth? No
other animal on earth has this preoccupation with ancestry. Where did
this tradition come from? People scattered throughout the earth, who
have had no-known contact with each other all simultaneously got the
urge to chart their family tree. Why? How important could this have
been to primitive cave men? Struggling to survive, to chart their
genealogy? They had no understanding of modern genetics and
inheritance. So why should they preserve their genealogy? Were they
told, by the ancient astronauts, to preserve their heritage, until a
future date when they would return and it would be understood? Until a
time, like now, when their descendent would be able to understand the
message they were leaving.

Although they probably didn't
realize the importance of preserving their genealogy, they were told
that future generations would understand. Are we that future
generation? Was there a message left for us to understand? Do we have
the courage to look for the answer?

Do we really want to know
or would we rather keep our heads buried in the sand? What we don't
know will still affect us. You will not see unless you look. Only
through knowledge will we find truth.

I have searched, in
vain, for scientific proof that the Rh negative blood was a natural
earthly occurrence. Instead I have found proof that the Rh negative had
not evolved on earth in the natural course of events.

For many
years people have been searching for the wrong thing. Could the true
"missing link" actually be man himself? The unknown link between earth
and the stars - hybrid man. Man may be the missing link between primate
and extraterrestrial. It seems inconceivable to me that those working
on the evolution theory have overlooked this possibility. How can they
state, that these people are lacking a factor contained in all other
earthly primates, including the naked ape, and not ask why? What other
characteristics are common among these people that are uncommon to
other people? Is there a real difference other than just a different

A very good comparative study between man and the
primates can be found in Max Flindt's book "Mankind, Child of the
Stars," Fawcett publisher, Books 1 and 2. He has documented many of the
characteristics we may have received from our cosmic ancestors. It does
show quite conclusively that mankind is a hybrid between our cosmic
ancestor and our earth ancestor. I have merely carried this idea to its
logical conclusion. If mankind is a hybrid descendant of the ancient'
astronauts, surely there would be some, appearing periodically, who
would be genetically very similar to them. Would this not include their
psychic powers? Could the great sleeping prophet, Edgar Cayce, have
been one of these? Could Jesus Christ also have been one of these? A
true descendant of the ancient astronauts. If he was a true genetic
duplicate of them he would also have their powers and possibly their
knowledge. I cannot say whether he was born with this knowledge or
whether he established psychic communication with our cosmic family,
but it is plain that he had powers far beyond those of mortal man.
Could he have been an example of what the ancient astronauts were like?
Jesus stated that the Father and him were one. Could he have actually
meant that literally? He may have been an exact duplicate of his (our)
ancient Father. He may have even been a clone of the cosmonauts.
Everyone knows the story of his virgin birth and the heavenly
intervention. Could this have been implanting a clone into Mary's
sterilized egg? Could the whole egg have actually been an implant?

Rh negative blood, which appears not to have originated on earth, may
prove to be a major factor in proving mankind is a hybrid. It is not
the whole answer but it is a key for unlocking the genetic puzzle of
our heritage. Tissue factors will also prove to be quite revealing.
Scientists are now able to determine the tissue factors of 5000 year
old mummies. Could some of these mummies have been the ancient
astronauts? Why were these mummies preserved well enough for us to
analyze their blood and tissue factors? Could there be a message in the
genetic factors of the mummies themselves?

There is an
interesting fact found in the book "X-Raying the Pharaohs" by James
Harris and Kent Weeks, 1973 (Scribners). Upon x-raying the tomb of
Makare, high priestess of Ammon, it was found that the infant buried
with her labeled Prince Moutenihet was actually a female hamadryas
baboon. An examination of Makare showed she had given birth shortly
before dying. Could she have given birth to the baboon found with her?
Why else would it have been buried with her? A genetic throwback?

research has shown that the majority of those with psychic powers also
have Rh negative blood. Most psyphic and faith healers also have this
blood. Strangely enough, many of those doing research into the ancient
astronaut theory and other phenomena also have Rh negative blood.

von Daniken has Rh negative blood and a thirst for the truth. Brad
Steiger also has Rh negative blood. His new book "Gods of Aquarius"
considers this possibility. Robert Antone Wilson, author of
"Illuminus", also has this blood. There are many others too numerous to
list here.

Why is there such a large percentage of negative in
these unusual fields? Could we have a vague memory of what we are
looking for? It has been said that a question is not asked until the
answer is known.

There are about 5000 known blood factors and
all of these must contribute to the complete picture. But the Rh
negative blood is the place to start our search.

A comparative
analysis is now being done and we need your help. If you are reading
this, you must be one of the lost children of Israel. Anyone else would
not have read this far.

copyright 1976, all rights reserved)

Janet Swerdlow writes to a reader:

Posted: April 14, 2002

Just a question on my bloodline which is
kinda interesting I�m half Korean (Siberian base, with the possibility
of a little Russian), a quarter Japanese, and a quarter Sicilian - do you
know if the alien heritage is in conflict, or if it may explain my
unpredictable patterns? I�m O neg. blood - any relevancy? �Angelo

Stewart�s Reply: You
cannot look at it as a conflict of alien heritage. Your mind-pattern
attracted those genetics. If you are unpredictable, it is because you want
to be. You also have to look at the imprinting on your as a child that
enhanced this behavior. The negative blood type simply means that there is
more Reptilian
factor than mammalian and given your East Asian heritage, that is not

Book of Revelations
Posted: April 14, 2002

Hi Stewart: I am new to your site and am
ordering 3 of your books. While I don�t know who�s truth to believe I
am open to hearing what everyone has to say on both sides. Please answer
these questions. 1). Chemtails are being used to open certain peoples DNA
to "expose them". 2).What blood types and corresponding RH
factor are they targeting? 3).Whats the importance of this?

Stewart�s Reply: I
have talked about this extensively. Please read through the archives. They
are targeting Rh negative factor with 30-40% Reptilian
DNA out of the total.

The Book of revelations says who ever
doesn�t take the mark of the beast will be put to death, then says
whoever does take it will be put to death at the second coming of
"Christ". What should a person do in this damned if you do
damned if you don�t scenario saturate?

Stewart�s Reply: That
is correct. That is because it was written by Eliminate writers. And what
is their favorite saying "resistance is futile". So that is why
I emphasize that you must work on your own mind-pattern and not be so
concerned with the external world.

Isn�t revelation just an account of a
coming battle between two opposing alien races? Thank you.

Stewart�s Reply: On
the surface, yes. But it is mostly a battle about left and right-brain

The following was published by David Icke

"The Rh-negative
"Reptilian Traits"
archived 11-01-99
Archive file# r110199a
donated by James Vandale

The Rh-negative Factor :
"Reptilian Traits"(the DRAGON within).

Distribution of Blood Types of Blood Donors

O Rh-positive

37 percent

A Rh-positive

36 percent

B Rh-positive

9 percent

AB Rh-positive

3 percent

O Rh-negative

7 percent

A Rh-negative

6 percent

B Rh-negative

1 percent

AB Rh-negative

1 percent

There is a hypothesis that Quetzalcoatl (Rh-Negative
blood factor) was a viking, sole survivor of a sea exploration.
Or a Celtic person from the Tribe of DANA.

The KEY is in the HEART of the CELL.
* FRACTAL Genetic Embedded Information.
* Fractal Structure : Embedding Immortality
SEE : http://www.danwinter.com/gold/index.html

........you are deeply embedded now.. in the heart.

RECURSION HARMONICS : The Enveloping Wave of
Compassion? [ISNESS]

Blood Factor ( Rh+ or Rh-) and Morphogenetic Field Tuning.

* Your Rh status describes whether or not you have a protein on
the surface of red blood cells. If you don't have the Rh factor,
you're considered Rh-negative; if you have it, you're
Rh-positive. About 85 percent of people are Rh-positive, though
it varies by race. For African Americans, about 90-95 percent
are Rh-positive, and for Asians, the figure is 98 to 99 percent.

Rh-Negatives are RARE.

But, strangely.... a person with type O negative blood is
considered to be a "Universal Donor". It means his or
her blood can be given to anyone, regardless of blood type,
without causing a transfusion reaction.

The Rh-Negatives Factor is considered a "Mutation" of
"Unknown Origin", which happened in Europe, about
25,000-35,000 years ago. Then this group spread heavily into the
area of what is now Spain, England, Ireland, etc.

The Process of Alloimmunization

During the birthing process, blood cells from the unborn child
can escape into the mother's bloodstream. These cells are
recognized as foreign if they are a different blood type from
the mother and a natural rejection process will ensue with the
formation of antibodies. The process is known as red cell
Extracted from : http://www.med.unc.edu/obgyn/rh.htm

Modes of Inheritance

In more than 98% of cases, the red blood cell incompatibility
involves the Rhesus or Rh D antigen[Rh-negative Factor] so the
disease is known as Rhesus disease or Rh disease. Although the
exact percentage varies with race, 15% of the United States
population is Rh-negative and 85% is Rh-positive. If a
Rh-negative woman conceives a child with a Rh-positive partner,
the potential exists for the child to inherit its father's
Rh-positive blood type.[ There are two types of Rh-positive men.
In 55% of individuals, the man is heterozygous. In this
situation, his genetics allow him to produce Rh-negative
offspring 50% of the time and Rh-positive offspring the
remaining 50% of the time. In the second type of a Rh-positive=
individual, homozygous state.]

So... Rh-negative women with a Rh-positive partner are at RISK
of spontaneous miscarriage and other fetus REJECTION events.
Hmmmm And a Rh-negative woman with a Rh-negative partner has
even a smaller chance of having a Baby born alive! Hmmmm... In
animals this is seen as a problem, in HYBRID Animals.

Rh-negative women and men have several "Unusual
Traits" that Rh-positives don't. Some call them
"Reptilian Traits".

* An EXTRA-Vertebra (a "Tail Bone")....some are born
with a tail(called a "Cauda").
* Lower than normal Body Temperature
* Lower than normal Blood Pressure
* Higher mental analytical abilities.
* Higher Negative-ion shielding (from positive
"charged" virus/bacteria)around the body.
* High Sensitivity to EM and ELF Fields.
* Hyper Vision and other senses.


The researches of R. Frank, a scholar at the University of Iowa,
suggest that the Basques were far-advanced in navigational
skills and other aspects of technology long before the rise of
the Roman Empire. The Basques, she believes, are the last
remnants of the megalith builders, who left behind dolmens,
standing stones, and other rock structures all across Europe and
perhaps even in eastern North America.

Two facts set the Basque peoples apart from the other Europeans
who have dominated the continent the past 3,000 years: (1) The
Basque language is distinctly different; and (2) The Basques
have the highest recorded level of Rh-negative blood (roughly
twice that of most Europeans), as well as substantially lower
levels of Type B blood and a higher incidence of Type O blood.

Some probable technological feats of the Basques or their
ancestors are:

Stonehenge and similar megalithic structures....A unique system
of measurement based on the number 7, instead of 10, 12, or 60
Regular visits to North America long before Columbus to fish and
to trade for beaver skins. Recently unearthed British customs
records show large Basque imports of beaver pelts from
1380-1433. The invention of a sophisticated navigational device
called an "abacus." (No relation to the common

(Haddingham, Evan; "Europe's Mystery People," World
Monitor, p. 34, September 1992. Cr. A. Rothovius.)
From Science Frontiers #85, JAN-FEB 1993. A9 1997 William R.

Human Genetics...

Odd, the REPTILIAN "Aliens" like Abducting the Rh-Negative

*Human Genetic Traits and Conditions:

Hmmm... The widow's peak ; Tongue rolling ; Ear lobes ; Freckles
; Eye color ; Polydactyly ; Webbed feet and/or hands ; Albinism
; Rh blood groups ; Cauda ; etc.

CAUDA EQUINA - The bundle of spinal nerve roots arising from the
end of the spinal cord and filling the lower part of the spinal
canal(from approximately the thoraco-lumbar junction down).
Embryology : Caudally the tail region projects over the cloacal

Cauda : the tail.
The embryonic Human HAS a TAIL! * We ALL my be part REPTILIAN.
How does the cauda equina develop?

In the third month, the spinal cord extends through the entire
length of the embryo. With increasing age the vertebral column
and dura mater lengthen more rapidly than the neural tube and
the caudal end of spinal cord shifts to a higher level of the
vertebral canal. As a result of this differential growth, the
dorsal and ventral rami of the spinal nerves= run obliquely from
their segment of origin to the corresponding level of the
vertebral column.

In Sanskrit "Ketuu" =3D The south
Lunar Node, also known as "Cauda= Draconis", in latin.
The "Dragon's Tail", in English. The Dragon's Tail
(South Node):

Aspects to the South Node display the results of "Innate
Unconscious Tendencies"[In the DNA?] and "Karmic
Patterns", as they emerge in life.

The Draconic Zodiac, is used by some astrologers searching for
hidden spiritual truths. The Dragon, TALI, Theli. Tali or Theli
refers to the 12 Zodiacal constellations along the great circle
of the Ecliptic; where it ends there it begins again, and so the
ancient occultists drew the Dragon with its tail in its mouth.
Some have thought that Tali referred to the constellation Draco,
which meanders across the Northern polar sky; others have
referred it to the Milky Way; others to an imaginary line
joining Caput to Cauda Draconis, the upper and lower nodes of
the Moon.

Once upon a time..... there were three zodiacs: the Sidereal,
the Tropical, and the Draconic. Shhhh...

The Vertex, called a point of fateful encounters over which we
have no conscious control, is the intersection of the great
circles of the ecliptic... In the Draconic Chart the ecliptic
plane of the Sun, the equatorial=20 plane of the Earth, and that
of the Lunar orbit are all brought together....= Light paths
meet Earth. Hmmmm For the Earth (as a whole), this would be in
August of 1999!

The Hero in our Fairy Tales became a great prince, won great
love,= gained riches, achieved greatness and acclaim by
valiantly searching out and meeting the Dragon head on, face to

Set out on a journey and find the Dragon.

..... And everyone lived happily ever after...........*
* (except the dragon... : )

The Reptilians are tracking those with Rh-Negative
Factor Blood. Going back into time....the Rh-Neg Hybrids came
from the DRACO Caverns in the Carpathian Mountains. They were
mostly RED Haired, with Green Eyes and Black haired, with Brown
Eyes. They tried to infiltrate themselves into the Blond/Brown
Haired, with Blue Eyes, Civilization. They wanted to Mate with
those who were not Rh-Negatives. Most Rh-Negs have a Lower Body
temperature and Blood pressure than Rh-Positives. Many Rh-Negs
are born with a CAUDA(tail) or an Extra Vertebra (Tail Bone).
Rh-Negs are Hybrids. They are Part Reptilian/part human. If two
Rh-Negs try to have a baby it will usually die or be born a
"BLUE Baby", because it is Not processing oxygen
properly. Thus "Blue-Bloods", if they survive. 5% of
the Earth's population are currently Rh-Negatives. But, they are
15% of the population of the England and the USA.

Dr. Luigi Cavalli-Sforza from Stanford University wrote an
article entitled "Genes, Peoples and Languages"
(Scientific American, Nov.'91). He pointed out the high
Rh-negative concentrations among the people of Morocco, the
Basque country of Euskadi, Ireland, Scotland and the Norwegian

The only people among these still to speak their original
neolithic language were the Basques...
From http://www.islandnet.com/~edonon/intro.html

Also on the Rh-factor map, you will notice that the Icelandic=20
population has a very low incidence of Rh-negative individuals,
unlike the rest of Scandinavia.
From http://www.sfs.nphil.uni-tuebingen.de/linguist/issues/3/3-87.html

The most distinctive members of the European branch of the human
tree are the Basques of France and Spain. They show unusual
patterns for several genes, including the highest rate of the
Rh-negative blood type. Their language is of unknown origin and
cannot be placed within any standard classification.

Consider Iceland, 1% of its population is Rh-negative. The
population of Iceland is about two-third of Scandinavian and
one-third of Irish descent. Scandinavia, Ireland, and the
British Isles show from 16% to 25% and above Rh-negative. The
other populations with a proportion of Rh-negative individuals
similar to Iceland occupy the eastern half of Asia, Madagascar,
Australia and New-Zealand.
From http://www.sfs.nphil.uni-tuebingen.de/linguist/issues/3/3-151.html

Lucotte, G. & Hazout, S. (1995)
"Y-chromosome DNA haplotypes in= basques", a report on
population genetics sent to UNESCO .
From http://www.csu.edu.au/learning/eubios/PG.htm

Q17. Are the Basques genetically different from other Europeans?

A17. Apparently, yes. It has long been known that the Basques
have the highest proportion of rhesus-negative blood in Europe ,
and one of the highest percentages of type-O blood (55%).
Recently, however, the geneticist Luiga Luca Cavalli-Sforza has
completed a gene map of the peoples of Europe, and he finds the
Basques to be strikingly different from their neighbors. The
genetic boundary between Basques and non-Basques is very sharp
on the Spanish side. On the French side, the boundary is more
diffuse: it shades off gradually toward the Garonne in the
north. These findings are entirely in agreement with what we
know of the history of the language.

Q18. Does this mean the Basques are directly descended from the
earliest known human inhabitants of Europe, the Cro-Magnon
people who occupied western Europe around 35,000 years ago?

A18. Nobody knows. This is possible, but we have no real
evidence either way. The only evidence we have is negative: the
archeologists can find no evidence for any sudden change in
population in the area for thousands of years before the arrival
of the Celts and later the Romans in the first millennium BC.

The people of the Basque region have a greater than 50 percent
concentration of the RH negative gene,. The frequency decreases
in relation to the distance from the Basque region into the rest
of the world until there is very little evidence of this gene.
This genetic mapping helps to show that a mutation from RH
positive to RH negative occurred somewhere in the Basque area of
Europe maybe as much as 40,000 years ago, as he discussed later.
Basques are not regional inhabitants of an area, as some believe
- they are a completely separate and distinct race whose origins
are shrouded in mystery.

Although to all outward appearances they seem to be part of the
so called "white" or "caucassian" race
group, they have distinct genetic differences which does not
allow their being classified as part of that "white"
race. For example : Basques are believed to have been the
originators of the RH negative blood factor - the original
genetic pool from which this factor came. While RH negatives are
a small minority in the "white" and other races, and
practically non-existent in "orientals", the current
Basques still are over 33 % RH negative. Another salient genetic
feature is the the shape and sutures (bone joints) of cranial
bones of Basques[The Reptilian skull ridge]. A third skeletal
difference is the tendency to having a thicker breast bone.

According to Alex Collier... The Alpha
Draconians, a reptilian race composed of master geneticists,
tinker with life - which from their perspective exists as a
natural resource. The Draconians look at lifeforms which= they
have created or altered as a natural resource. Apparently, the
Alpha Draconians created the primate race, which was first
brought to Mars and then to Earth. The primate race was then
tinkered with....

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