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Consciousness, Resonance & the Paranormal: Synchronized Swimming in the Quantum Sea

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Consciousness, Resonance & the Paranormal: Synchronized Swimming in the Quantum Sea

Saturday, March 30th, 2013. Filed under: Alternative Knowledge Alternative Science Amazing Universe Censorship Esoterica Inspiration Spirituality The Awakening

Consciousness, Resonance & the Paranormal: Synchronized Swimming in the Quantum Sea WIKI-Vibrator

Marie D. Jones, New Dawn
Waking Times

As a kid, watching the synchronised swimming competition of the
summer Olympic games, I was always struck by how silly the sport seemed.
Not to mention how it looked! Later, as a wise adult, I came to
understand and appreciate both the degree of difficulty of getting human
bodies to move in perfect unison, and the beauty that results when they

Humans often operate in synch with others. I am reminded of groups of
women who work or live together menstruating at the same times, as if
their hormonal systems sought a certain resonance of unity and harmony,
and adjusted the individual bodies accordingly.

But bodies are not the only things that resonate. Quantum physics has
taught us that there is no such thing as empty space, and that the
so-called vacuum of space often called the Zero Point Field (ZPF), is
teeming with quantum fluctuations that display a resonance, a vibration.
Nothing does not vibrate. There is no such thing as zero, dead, still. Everything that exists gives off some vibration of a certain frequency.

Every planet, every person, every particle.

Musicians know that when a guitar string is plucked on one instrument
in a music store, all the other guitars in the same room will vibrate
to that tone. Healers refer to this as “entrainment,” when two objects
(or people!) in close proximity, vibrating on different frequencies,
begin altering their vibrations until they are vibrating at the same, or
nearly the same, frequency. The Zero Point Field could act as a field
of “entrainment” or resonance, where the vibrations of particles tune to
specific frequencies, creating different forms of matter, energy and
interactions. Other scientists believe this field has different names.

In 1998, physicist Paul Steinhardt
and his colleagues coined a term that would describe a mysterious field
of what they believed to be dark energy, or a “fifth essence.” They
called it “quintessence.” Based upon an earlier idea proposed by
Fermilab physicist Chris Hill and colleague Josh Freeman, quintessence
suggested that, like the cosmological constant of Einstein’s vision,
this essence fills all of “empty” space with a form of matter-energy
that is changeable in strength. Some parts of space might have a thicker
quintessence, others a thin “layer,” creating a field of invisible
essence that has no direction, like a vector field, only magnitude, like
a scalar field.

Described as kinetic energy by Tom Siegfried in Strange Matters,
the strength of this field would be measured by how quickly it
approaches the zero point. Because quintessence is believed to exert
negative pressure, it is said to be a slow rolling scalar field, one
that does not change too quickly over a period of time. Whether or not
quintessence is the dark energy so eagerly sought by physicists will
decide the fate of the universe itself, because of its relationship to
expansion. The presence of a negative energy in space would possibly
stop the expansion.

Aside from the role quintessence plays in the outcome of our
universe’s destiny, it may also play a role in the way matter and energy
interacts, or resonates. Nature is filled with signs of the importance
of resonance and the beauty of synchronicity. From the physical
foundation of all musical composition to the intricate mathematical
ratios of the natural world, there seems to be an element of
“arrangement” that results in a visible pattern.

Physicist David Bohm
believed that underlying the physical, tangible world, there was a far
more mysterious, deeper order of “undivided wholeness.” He called the
visible world the explicate order, and that deeper world the implicate
order, and used the analogy of a flowing stream to describe his
realisation of unbroken unity.

“On this stream, one may see an ever-changing pattern of
vortices, ripples, waves, splashes, etc., which evidently have no
independent existence as such. Rather, they are abstracted from the
flowing movement, arising and vanishing in the total process of the
flow. Such transitory subsistence as may be possessed by these
abstracted forms implies only a relative independence or autonomy of
behaviour, rather than absolutely independent existence as ultimate
Those rather philosophical words came from Bohm’s Wholeness and the Implicate Order,
which he wrote in 1980, and suggested the world of the implicate order
was similar to a hologram, where the complex interference patterns
appear to be chaotic and disordered to the naked eye, yet on a deeper
level possess a pattern that is hidden or “enfolded” into the whole
object. Bohm even suggested the universe itself was like a flowing
hologram, or “holomovement,” that contained order on an implicate level.
The explicate order would be the projection from higher dimensions of
reality, and any apparent stability of objects and entities are really a
sustained process of enfoldment and unfoldment. Nothing solid is really
solid at the implicate level.

Bohm also believed there was a superquantum potential, or a higher
“superimplicate” order operating in the universe, and that life and
consciousness were enfolded within, with matter appearing in varying
degrees of “unfoldment.” He even stated that the separation of matter
and spirit is nothing but an abstraction, that the “ground is always

All is Vibration

The study of music (and the patterns of sacred geometry) suggests an
invisible, “implicate” vibratory nature. Sympathetic Vibratory Physics
is a term assigned to a “musical universe,” an interesting alternative
theory of reality proposed by Walter Russell in A New Concept of the Universe.
Russell believes that there exists nothing in nature other than
vibration. He attempts to create a paradigm of reality using wave and
vibration theory based upon the work of John W. Keely’s
concepts of a sympathetic vibration that connects all things and
energies, and that the harmony of these vibrations creates what we see.

Russell and Keely suggest that music can be thought of as a model of
the order found in the universe, with organised vibration or sound
following principles of structure and behaviour that make sound into
harmonies. These principles mimic those governing other vibratory
patterns in the universe.

Take the idea that everything is the result of a vibration, and even
Zero Point Energy in the quantum vacuum has been shown to “jiggle” or
vibrate. Everything has its “jiggle.” We can go on to say that different
things have different “chords” or “vibration signatures,” and that is
what makes one thing discernible from the next. Sounds a lot like
superstring theory, with tiny, vibrating cosmic strings at the very
heart of existence.

Vibrations are dynamic, interacting with one another and their
environment, creating different tones and chords and harmonics. In a
sense, vibrations are more fundamental to reality than the tiniest
subatomic particle, because in a sense, that is what the tiniest
particle is… a vibration.

The most exciting thing about this invisible vibratory field, no
matter what form it might take, is the potentiality it contains.
Potential as a source of all other sources. Potential as a pure energy
field upon which all matter is created and thrown out into the explicate
order. Potential even is a doorway to other dimensions or levels of
reality, where things like ghosts, UFOs and psychic abilities are the

“Subquantum Kinetics” & “Morphogenetic Fields”

Physicist Paul LaViolette writes extensively about “transmuting ether” in his book, Genesis of the Cosmos: The Ancient Science of Continuous Creation.
This ether, which is the basis of LaViolette’s theory of “subquantum
kinetics,” is described as an active substrate that differs from the
mechanical ethers once considered in previous centuries. LaViolette
states, “The concentrations of the substrate composing this ether are
the energy potential fields that form the basis of all matter and energy
in our universe.” The ether reactions cause wave-like field gradients
that emerge and form the “observable quantum level structures and
physical phenomena,” including the various particles, forces, fields and
electromagnetic waves.

Subquantum kinetics, which LaViolette proposes as a unified field
theory that fills in the gaps conventional physics cannot, rests on the
existence of this “primordial” transmuting ether present throughout
space. “The transmuting ether is the wellspring of Creation,” he states,
adding that were its activity to diminish, everything physical would
cease to exist, coming to a state of “multi-dimensional consciousness”
from which the physical universe is generated. A ground state, or Source
of all Sources.

Rupert Sheldrake, biologist and co-author of The Evolutionary Mind: Conversations on Science, Imagination and Spirit refers
to this vibratory field as the “morphogenetic field.” This “M-field”
(and there can be many M-fields) is an underlying energy field that acts
as an organising principle to give form to various levels of reality.
He also suggests there is “morphic resonance,” or the resonance of
memories sort of like Edgar Cayce’s “Akashic field” or the “collective
unconscious” of Carl Jung. These memories shape our minds today, but
subconsciously. Sheldrake, who has experimented with psychic pets and
animals, theorises that the existence of an invisible field of
influence, although unproven, could be the link between humans and their
pets. “Morphic fields also contain attractors, which draw organisms
towards future states.” This could explain how a dog might pick up a
change in the morphic field that lets it know its owner is only a half
block away.”

The morphogenetic field itself could be made up of “morphic wavelets”
of resonating, vibratory energy that differ in scale and frequency. The
wave could have a resonance that synchs up with the resonance of a pet,
or a human, who then displays some “psychic” ability to predict a
coming earthquake or disaster. And if they are tapping into a field that
contains memories of past, present and future, a time landscape so to
speak, they could access any event throughout the space/time continuum.

Obviously, it’s not that simple, or we would all be seeing ghosts,
aliens, strange creatures, having precognitive dreams, major déjà vu
episodes, and reading each other’s minds. But if even one small
percentage of the claims of the paranormal is true, someone somehow is
figuring out just how to do it.

Terence McKenna, psychedelic visionary and co-author of The Evolutionary Mind,
points out: “Once non-locality is accepted, some of the things we’re
interested in are permitted – telepathy, information from other worlds
arriving by the morphogenetic field, and so on.” We know that
experiments have proven non-locality to be a reality on the quantum
level. Two particles continue to affect one another at extreme
distances. The same actually happens on a macrocosmic level all the

The Synchronised Universe

Advanced physics tells us that an event at Point A in the universe
does not cause an event in Point B to occur a little later. Actually,
both events occur at the same time. Carl Jung used the term
“synchronicity” to describe this same phenomenon on a human level. In
his amazing book Power Vs. Force, Dr. David R. Hawkins states
that a “question can’t be asked unless there’s already the potentiality
of the answer… there can be no ‘up’ without an already existent ‘down’.”
Synchronicities are evidence of an all-inclusive field that goes
against the normal cause-and-effect rationale for events that occur that
challenge our illusion of the line between subjective and objective

Perhaps, the universe itself is based upon principles of
synchronisation. Physicist Claude Swanson, educated at M.I.T. and
Princeton, believes it is. He even believes his “synchronised universe”
theory leaves the door wide open for a variety of paranormal phenomena
to exist in a reality where our own matter operates in synchronised
fashion with everything else.

In his book, The Synchronized Universe, Swanson points out
that parallel universes superimposed upon our own can differ in phase or
frequency of their synchronisation. Basically, people can only access
their own universal “sheet” of existence, and thus believe that is the
only one that exists. Same goes for anything moving around on all the
other parallel “sheet” universes.

But alter the phase or frequency just so, and an object can disappear from one reality, and appear in another. Like a ghost.

The synchronised universe theory could explain how UFOs can appear
and vanish instantly, as reported in hundreds of sightings, and how
teleportation might be achieved. It could also explain the existence of
“subtle energy,” which, Swanson theorises, arises from the motions
coupled across the layers of parallel universes. Subtle energies,
Swanson states, are the “coherent structure which crosses several of
these parallel realities, and therefore is ‘higher dimensional’.”

The interesting thing about synchronisation is that it allows every
particle a fundamental frequency proportional to its mass, and also
explains how particles can become synchronised, like those Olympic
swimmers, at small scales. This “synchronising” of matter and energy
would indeed allow for paranormal events to occur, and would no doubt
explain why they might occur in transient, unpredictable ways. Ghosts,
out-of-body experiences, remote viewing, psychokinesis and poltergeist
activity all may be the result of the synching of particles and matter
between various levels of existence, creating a literal means for moving
between dimensions of reality.

Swanson states, “Paranormal effects and ‘subtle energy’ cause a
synchronisation across adjacent parallel universes. When this occurs,
these adjacent universes become to a degree synchronised with ours. The
interaction becomes more coherent, more in phase.”

When there is no synchronisation, we experience the other universe or dimension as “random noise.”

Even teleportation fits into the synchronised universe theory.
Swanson points out, “The behaviour and position of matter is dependent
on its radiation field, which keeps it in place, gives it inertia and
allows it to interact with other matter in the universe. If we shift the
phases of radiation coming into the particle and coming out of it from
the past and the future, we may be able to shift its position.” This may
be the key to a form of “hyperdrive” that causes teleportation.

An Explanation for Ghosts?

Physicist F. David Peat suggests that synchronicities are “flaws” in
the fabric of reality, momentary fissures that offer those sensitive to
them a brief peek into the implicate, underlying order of nature.

We know from the Law of the Conservation of Energy that the total
inflow of energy into a system must equal the total outflow of energy
from the system, plus the change in the energy contained within the
system. In other words, energy never dies. It is converted into another
form. Ghosts, if they represent trapped energy, may move between
parallel dimensions or universes by this process of synchronisation
(possibly using the ZPF as a vehicle for moving between the dimensions)
and become visible in our world because they are still energy. Many
ghost sightings involve balls of plasma and changes in electromagnetic
field measurements, as well as visible signs of energy manipulations.
Lights flicker or pop, static appears on radios and televisions, and
people report the feeling of their hair rising on their skin or the back
of their head. These are also widely reported elements of UFO sightings
(stalled car engines, black-outs, phone interference…). Obviously,
energy is present, and affecting its environment.

Again, one is reminded of music. When two or more notes are played
together, they either create a beautiful harmony, or a noisy discord.
The notes that work well together create a resonance. Those that don’t
“make sweet music” together create a dissonance.

If paranormal events can only occur when the “right two notes are
struck,” then something in the brain, or the body, is responding to
those notes and “tuning in” to the phenomena that is otherwise beyond
perception. All of these frequencies exist in the field, and… even our
brains seem to have access to this field of all possibility.

The Brain Works Like a Hologram

Neurosurgeon Karl Pribram spent decades pondering the secrets of the
human brain and memory, and eventually discovered that the brain worked
somewhat like a hologram, and that when you first see something,
specific frequencies resonate in the brain’s neurons, which then send
information about the frequencies to other sets of neurons, and the
process continues until your neurons construct an image of what you are
looking at. That the brain seems to process information in
wave-frequency patterns suggested that human memory could hold amazing
amounts of information “in storage,” and, using the same holographic
model, be able to access and recall a memory as a three-dimensional

The holographic model of the brain could allow for ESP and telepathy,
then, by the same process, according to Swanson. “If the sender can
cause energy or information to refocus at some other point in space-time
using the 4-D holographic principle, then it can be received if a
person is there to sense the thought-form.”

Pribram’s brain research didn’t stop with the holographic model and
its implications for a variety of interesting abilities. He also showed
that the brain acted like a frequency analyser that literally filters
out unlimited wave information from the Zero Point Field, where all the
information possible existed. This allows the mind to take and use only
what it needs, and not be overwhelmed with a bombardment of unnecessary
frequencies trying to compete for some “brain time.”

Think about the simple experience of déjà vu, which may be our
ability to access, albeit in very small doses, glimpses of ourselves in a
parallel universe or dimension, or even the ZPF. When you have déjà vu,
you are remembering what is happening to you in the present moment.
That doesn’t make sense. If it is happening in the present moment, how
can you yet have a memory of it? But if there exist parallel universes
that have “branched off” each time we made a different choice, then it
makes sense that we would, in many of those universes, be doing the same
exact things at the same exact time. Déjà vu may then be our successful
attempts to find and synch up with another reality, even just for a
minute or two. Or perhaps we are accessing the Zero Point Field, which,
like Edgar Cayce’s Akashic Record, supposedly contains the memories of
every thought, action or event that ever happened or will ever happen in
the universe.

If déjà vu, dreams and out of body experiences, including near death
experiences, allow us to wander for a while in other realities, it begs
the question – why can’t we easily access these other realities all the
time, any time we please? I might suggest that it is because if we
could, we would go insane. Information overload. Our brains operate as
information sorting machines, only bringing into our perceptive fields
what we need to see, hear and know to survive, and hopefully thrive.

That does not prevent us from being able to, when we meditate or go
into a trance or zone out at our computer, have a peek into other
dimensions of existence.

People do this all the time when they dream, when they know who is on
the phone after only one ring, when they get a “bad vibe” about a
person they’ve just met. Remote viewers may be tuning into a frequency
upon which the information they are either sending or receiving is
naturally “broadcasting,” as a psychic might pick up on similar
frequencies when doing a reading or having their own clairvoyant

If paranormal elements operate on a different frequency, again we
must think of the dog that hears a high-pitched whistle that is
soundless to us. Many species of snake have organs that allow them to
perceive the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum and “see”
the heat of another living thing. Sharks and eels are ultra-sensitive to
changes in electrical fields, and some insects can see ultraviolet
light. These creatures are obviously observing things we humans simply
aren’t built to observe.

Yet somewhere there are humans who can hear these whistles, and sense
EMF alterations, just as there are humans that can see auras and other
forms of light energy the rest of us cannot. It could just be a matter,
then, of the level of one’s consciousness or perception.

Whether energy is synching up, or emerging in a coherent pattern from
the ZPF, or moving along a morphogenetic field, or even floating in a
sea of quintessence, there is definitely fertile, dynamic ground for the
movement of that energy between our world and the world of the
paranormal (which could in fact be our own world, or one parallel to

We are limited to our five senses: sight, smell, sound, touch and
taste. But what about this sixth sense? Perhaps that is the sense,
underdeveloped in most, yet present in all, which allows us to turn on
and tune in to the frequencies that reveal the other layers of

I think of years ago, long before cell phones, when I owned a CB
radio and loved to listen to motorists and truckers chatter.
Occasionally, there would be some bandwidth cross talk from a nearby Ham
radio operator. Ghosts, UFOs, and other paranormal events may be
cross-talk cutting into our normal bandwidth; chatter from another
dimension, or universe, or somewhere in between. We don’t normally hear
it because it is usually operating on another frequency altogether, but
sometimes signals get crossed. Consciousness may be the key to knowing
exactly which frequency to tune into to perceive paranormal phenomena.
Think about that the next time you listen to the radio.

Tune into the right frequency and you may find yourself face to face with a ghost.

About the Author

Marie D. Jones is a best-selling author,
screenwriter, researcher, radio show host and public speaker. She is the
author of 2013: End Of Days Or A New Beginning- Envisioning The World
After The Events Of 2012, Psience – How New Discoveries In Quantum
Physics And New Science May Explain The Existence Of Paranormal
Phenomena, and Looking For God In All The Wrong Places. Marie’s next
book, due in mid-2011, is Destiny Vs. Choice: The Scientific And
Spiritual Evidence Behind Fate And Free Will. She co-authored a number
of books with Larry Flaxman including The Déjà vu Enigma: A Journey
Through the Anomalies of Mind, Memory and Time, The Resonance Key:
Exploring the Links Between Vibration, Consciousness and the Zero Point
Grid, and 11:11 – The Time Prompt Phenomenon: The Meaning Behind
Mysterious Signs, Sequences and Synchronicities. Larry and Marie are
partners in a venture called ParaExplorers and can be reached at www.paraexplorers.com. Marie’s website is www.mariedjones.com.

Reprinted, with permission of the publisher, from Psience: How New Discoveries In Quantum Physics And New Science May Explain The Existence Of Paranormal Phenomena © 2007 Marie
D. Jones. Published by New Page Books a division of Career Press,
Pompton Plains, NJ, USA. 800-227-3371. All rights reserved.

The above article appeared in New Dawn Special Issue 15.
If you appreciated this article, please consider a digital subscription to New Dawn.

© Copyright New Dawn Magazine, http://www.newdawnmagazine.com.
Permission granted to freely distribute this article for non-commercial
purposes if unedited and copied in full, including this notice.

© Copyright New Dawn Magazine, http://www.newdawnmagazine.com.
Permission to re-send, post and place on web sites for non-commercial
purposes, and if shown only in its entirety with no changes or
additions. This notice must accompany all re-posting.



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