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Gordon Duff and what is going on at Veteran's Today

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Gordon Duff Caught Turning in Patriots For Prison! Red Alert!
Posted by: TLB Staff

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Published May 1, 2015, filed under COMMENTARY, MEDIA, Tyranny
Gordon Duff and what is going on at Veteran's Today  Images.jpg460
Introduction by Mary Carmel (TLB)
I would like to first, thank you all at Before It’s News, ..  We have been seriously watching this unfold with Gordon Duff, as he employs some of the best writers on his staff, and has literally thrown them under the bus! I often refer to these well informed, well educated, experienced people in my daily editing. I HAD to bring the suspicions I had about his arrogant comments toward our fellow alternative media writers (as well as his own people), that were covering Jade Helm. I would not stand for this, and called him out to answer and defend his stance on Jade Helm “Denial”. It is documented, and has been for many years.
I started to see other people writing to him, as he was blatantly mocking valuable writers and patriots, one being Dave Hodges, who has kept us up to date, with his excellent sources and research, resulting in dead on accuracy about Jade Helm, backed up by the FBI and Judicial Watch !!! Dave Hodges (The Common Sense Show), is more than educated on Jade Helm and is one of our most valued contributors here at The Liberty Beacon. I could not believe my eyes, as I went to retrieve daily updates on the Middle East at Veterans Today from Gordon’s team. Thank you every loyal patriot out there and to our founder at TLB Roger Landry for backing us up and making inquiries as well.
We may have to withstand the regrouping of the Veterans Today loyal staff, but Gordon Duff you are finished! I knew it was just a matter of time before he hung himself, as I watched people writing in, that had the smarts to know better. Gordon, do not take it lightly when you are disloyal enough to crap in your own backyard!  I happen to have loved ones in  TX, know better, and did not appreciate it. Let us carry on, he can deal with his own fallout. A special shout out to all of you on the staff at Veterans Today that had to endure this. We are with you loyal patriots who were brave enough to report among the pressure. This is most disturbing, be careful out there Patriots!
Gordon Duff and what is going on at Veteran's Today  Duffbusted.jpg460
Before It’s News | May 1, 2015
The following is a MUST LISTEN and SHARE video from James Fetzer, Stew Webb, Bruce Campbell, Gene Tatum, and Dean Henderson about shocking information uncovered about Gordon Duff and his deliberate lying about the Jade Helm excercise.  This show covers many details but one thing it doesn’t cover is the recent attempt by Gordon Duff to put super patriot Stew Webb in prison!  He’s admitted he’s turned in Stew Webb to the “authorties” for arrest!  This is a RED ALERT that must go out to all corners of alternative media!  Help prevent the arrest of Stew Webb by getting the word out now!  If you don’t, then YOU could be the next one arrested on bogus charges!
Mutiny at VT as Gordon Duff Censors Truth on Jade Helm and More!

Before I get started, I want to thank BeforeItsNews for never censoring me!  This is a very important article that must be SHARED by all in the alternative media.  Gordon Duff has now been caught red handed trying to put a patriot in prison! He’s even admitted it!
First of all, I want to say I’m sorry I was fooled by Gordon Duff and his website, VeteransToday.  He fooled me because I thought at one time he was a patriot that had the courage to do what he promised to do – make arrests and never censor.  I promoted him on BeforeItsNews because I thought he would do something positive but I was misled.  I now have the proof that Gordon Duff took over VeteransToday as a way to control the alternative media and put out KEY disinformation about Jade Helm, Vaccines, the Boston Bombing, Jesus Christ and much more.  Not only has Gordon lied to me about many things but he’s actually now trying to put my friend, Stew Webb in a Federal prison for absolutely nothing!
Patriots don’t put patriots in prison!
I have taken down all my articles down that referenced VeteransToday on BeforeItsNews and will now correct my mistakes in this article that I hope every patriot shares.  Some of you helped me promote VeteransToday and I’m asking your help today to help me tear it down if you agree with my conclusions.  Let’s correct our mistake about Gordon Duff and send this one viral!   Nobody is going to lie, censor and try to put patriots in prison and get away with it!  I’m just a regular guy out here spreading the truth as I see it.  I do the best job I can and bring you what I feel is the most accurate information.  When I have been duped I will admit it.  I saw this entire thing go down.  I talk to Stew Webb almost every day and I’ve talked to Gordon Duff before.  This is how I feel about everything.
I’m a human being like you and I got fooled and I’m really sorry!  We’re all under some type of mind control and we learn and move on.  After all, I used to think Fox News was real news at one time and that Sean Hannity was a good guy.  I grew up, learned the truth and moved on.  Well, Gordon Duff should get an oscar for best actor because he fooled me and many other men such as James Fetzer, Stew Webb, Gene Tatum and others who are more qualified than me in this area.   I admit when I’m wrong and correct my mistakes.  I was dead wrong about Gordon Duff and VeteransToday.  I now know Gordon Duff is not only fake, his name isn’t even real!  Stew Webb reports that the caller ID shows “Bob Foote” when he calls and that’s what Gordon Duff said his real name was to Stew!  So first of all, we have a guy running around with a fake name!  Guys with fake names are NEVER going to save you that’s for sure.  Liars aren’t going to save you either!
I now know that Gordon Duff is a fake that’s lying about Jade Helm (he says it’s not big deal), Chemtrails, Vaccines (he says to take your shots) Cancer Cures (he says there are none) Leo Wanta (now appears totally fake at this point), Jesus Christ (Gordon says there was no Jesus and there is no God!) and much more.  There were some great writers and whistleblowers at VT but all the real ones are now gone or soon will be.  I will never trust anybody that does not leave VeteransToday within the next 30 days in fact after Gordon Duff’s latest attempt to put Stew Webb in prison!
Is Gordon Duff’s job to put you to sleep on Jade Helm?
When Gordon began telling everybody Jade Helm was not big deal and to just relax, many people started asking who he was actually working for as it became clear it was very serious.   James Fetzer reports some of the lies Gordon has told about Jade Helm in the video above and how he censored all of his Jade Helm articles and his Boston Bombing article even though Gordon promised NEVER to censor his writers!  It appears to me that Gordon Duff could be working for the same people doing Jade Helm!  I believe his job was to gather some really good whistleblowers such as Stew Webb, James Fetzer, Gene Tatum, Dean Henderson, Bruce Campbell and others to give him credibility and control over the alternative media.   In the last six months, Duff began putting out more and more disinformation and it all came to a head 2 weeks ago!
Jim Fetzer now fully awake to Gordon Duff put out a masterpiece article concerning Jade Helm here.
Gordon Duff is Now Trying to Put Patriot Stew Webb in Prison!
Gordon is now trying to frame Stew Webb and put him in prison!   Gordon Duff has recently admitted he’s turned in “information” to the “authorities” regarding Stew Webb’s recent comments on a radio show. I heard the show and as I recall the topic being discussed were people being illegally taken from their homes in a Jade Helm exercise and somebody was talking about armored HumVees being used.  Stew made the comment that two household cleaners could be used in case this illegal act was being carried out to get people out of their vehicles.  It was not a big deal and Stew was NOT talking about attacking the military, only defending yourself in case they went rogue and violated their oaths.  But this just shows how petty and dangerous Gordon Duff is that he would now be monitoring every word Stew Webb says in order to frame him and put him in prison!  Gordon has talked about how he supports shooting people that illegally cross the border on many shows!   If Gordon Duff really “wished Stew the Best” as he told me personally then why is Gordon trying put Stew in prison!  And if Gordon Duff was REALLY a patriot that wanted to get our government back then WHY would he now be trying to put Stew Webb in prison!  Stew Webb has enough evidence to put most of the bad guys in prison but yet Gordon Duff now wants to put Stew in PRISON! Connect the dots people!  Patriots don’t put patriots in prison PERIOD! When you hear that Gordon Duff is trying to get Stew Webb put away forever you should be saying “Danger Will Robinson Danger!”   And if you are still at VT when your Senior Editor just admitted to basically turning in Stew Webb to the “Authorities” then why are you there?  Do you want to serve a Benedict Arnold or are you on somebody’s payroll too?  No patriot would support Gordon Duff turning in Stew Webb to the “Authorities” when he holds the key to putting them in jail!  You’d have to be a total moron to support putting Stew Webb in prison!
Gordon Duff and what is going on at Veteran's Today  DangerWillRobinson.jpg460
Smoking Gun – Gordon Duff Admits He’s Working with Authorities to Get Stew Webb Arrested!
This article is totally disgusting and was put out after Stew’s radio show went mega viral and blew a hole in the battleship USS Gordon Duff and it was taking on water fast!    I heard the show live and Stew was NOT saying to attack the military with chemical weapons for no reason.  He was responding to somebody talking about an illegal Jade Helm / Fema camp extraction type scenario where the military goes rogue and is attacking the people!  Gordon Duff twists it to make it seem like Stew Webb said to go bomb the military with chemical weapons!   Total lies!  Here’s the key text from the disgusting hit piece that Gordon put out.
We are not here to make judgments or decisions on whom should be questioned, arrested, prosecuted, tried or convicted. Appropriate authorities will make those decisions. They have already contacted us about this matter and other Jade Helm hysteria – some of which may be criminal.
We will not identify the speakers or provide you with a link to their audio. We do not want to give them any more free publicity. Following is the transcript of the audio:
LOL, they won’t provide you with the link to the audio because the show at the top of the article wakes up ANYBODY that hears it to the fraud of Gordon Duff and how he broke all promises he made.  They don’t have the guts to let their readers hear the show because anybody with an IQ over 50 would leave VT forever!
Notice how he says there may be criminal charges here!  What a joke!  And they cover their actions by saying “they have already contacted us”, yeah I’m sure they did right after you blew it out of proportion and called them first!  After all it’s okay for the mighty Gordon Duff to talk about blowing away any illegal that crosses the border with guns but not okay for Stew Webb to say you can defend yourself from a rogue US military disobeying their vows to uphold the Constitution and put you in a very real FEMA camp that Gordon Duff lies about and says don’t exist!
Again, all this conversation was in the context of a military gone rogue enacting a Jade Helm criminal action where people are extracted from their homes and taken to FEMA camps!  I hear the “Tip of the Spear” guy say all the time he will shoot anybody that tries to enter his home!  I’ve heard Gordon many times saying he will shoot anybody that comes to his door!  You have a right to defend yourself from any illegal action by the US military and this was the context.   But Gordon Duff is listening to EVERY word of Stew Webb now that he’s gone off the plantation and has now admitted being involved in possible criminal prosecution of Stew Webb over absolutely nothing!  This is insane and I hope it wakes up all patriots.  If Gordon Duff can have Stew Webb arrested for simply stating that you can defend yourself from illegal action by a rogue military extracting people to send them to FEMA camps then this country is already fallen!  I’m truly ashamed of Gordon Duff and that I promoted anything he ever said.
Is Gordon Duff involved with the attempted murder of Stew Webb or Jeff Rense?
Gordon Duff bragged to Stew Webb that he had called off the killers who had been stalking Stew Webb for years when Stew began writing for VeteransToday.  The bad guys have actually tried to kill Stew over 20 times now including hitting him with Anthrax while they had him illegally in prison!  Stew noticed that he was no longer being tailed shortly after he came under the VT umbrella and Gordon Duff said he “called them off”.  I personally got a Skype message from Gordon at the time that Stew Webb first split from VT and Gordon told me at the time that he wished both Stew and Gene Tatum all the best and that they would certainly have a great radio show!  But if Gordon Duff aka Bob Foote really wished the best for Stew then why did they try to kill Stew Webb on Saturday night April 25th!  If Gordon Duff had the power to call off the killers but now the killers were hunting Stew Webb then what exactly is Gordon Duff’s relationship to the killers?  And if he’s not involved with the killers did he call his masters and tell them “I can’t control Stew Webb anymore” and then they called the killers and told them to proceed with the termination of Stew Webb.
I find it very suspicious that the very next week after Stew Webb and Gene Tatum leave VeteransToday to begin their own show at VeteransTruthRadio with no more Gordon Duff censorship that there is an attempted murder on Stew Webb.  And the day before, on the very same night that Jim Fetzer who is now fully awake to Gordon Duff was going to appear on Jeff Rense’s program, there appears to be a murder attempt on Jeff Rense!   Two people that had left the Gordon Duff reservation almost died within 24 hours!   This is a very serious matter.  Since Stew has left, a mutiny has occurred at VeteransToday!  Gene Tatum, Bruce Campbell, James Fetzer, Don Fox, Dean Henderson have all quit VeteransToday and came out hard against Gordon and others remaining at VT in the shocking interview above where all these issues are covered!  More real patriots will be leaving in the future also.
Gordon Duff – All Talk No Action
Gordon Duff promised Stew Webb there would be arrests over the cyber terrorism of his website stewwebb.com and the radio show.  Stew spent almost a year gathering evidence but Gordon Duff did nothing!  No arrests were made as promised – zero action was taken!  Gordon also promised Stew Webb legal action regarding the crimes committed against him but it was all talk  also.  Gordon Duff also promised to help free David Hinkson but in prison illegally by Ted Gunderson, Anthony Hilder and others but did nothing!  Now Gordon is saying that Ted Gunderson is a hero just like the “Tip of the Spear” fraud in Austin when it’s proven Gunderson put patriot David Hinkson in jail for life on a totally bogus charge!  Of course Gordon only promoted Ted Gunderson as a way to strike buck at Stew Webb after Stew Webb left the VT reservation.    Gordon also promised Dr. Rima Laibow that the would personally ship her Nano Silver to Africa to cure people of Ebola.  When Stew asked Rima if that had been done months later, Dr. Laibow told Stew that Gordon called her up and said he couldn’t do anything for her!  Gordon had told Stew that he was flying the Nano Silver to Africa!   Yet another lie and no action being taken by somebody that claims to have all the power.
I believe that Gordon Duff is very dangerous to the truth movement and he is now trying to put patriots in prison which is treason in my book.  You don’t try to put patriots in prison that are valuable in the fight unless you are working for the bad guys.  I’m happy to report that most of the good writers for VeteransToday have now left VT or soon will be!  That’s the good news in all of this.  Everybody woke up at the same time and they are not going to be controlled by Gordon Duff or anybody in the future.  They are done with those that lie, censor and take no action.  Gordon only had support because he promised arrests but it was all talk.  Gordon never had any intention of pushing for prosecutions on the hacking of Stew Webb’s website.   In fact, he kept telling Stew Webb to just take down his website and only post on VT!  It’s obvious to me that Gordon Duff was sent in to “handle” Stew Webb and others and try to control them.   I think that when Gordon failed to contain Gene Tatum and Stew Webb,  the killers were given their assignments.  And now Gordon seems to prove my point by attacking James Fetzer and Stew Webb, both of which he said he respected for years!  Seems like once you go off the Duff plantation, you get attacked and now it seems you might even get MURDERED!
All the veterans and patriots are now uniting behind VeteransTruthRadio led by Gene Tatum and Stew Webb.  Both these men have paid the price to bring out the truth and done prison time.  I helped build up VT when I thought Gordon was an honorable man that would make the arrests he promised and now I will help destroy VT to make up for being fooled.  I urge ALL patriots to post this interview anytime you see a VeteransToday post of any kind.  Anybody that does not leave VT is now suspect of being on somebody’s payroll because everybody real has left or will be leaving within 30 days.  Why would you stay at VT when Gordon Duff is now trying to put super patriot Stew Webb in prison?   Gordon Duff just might put Stew Webb in prison too and if he does I’ll bet he’ll get a huge new bonus and maybe he’ll buy another Vineyard or BMW with the money!
Gordon’s attack now on Stew Webb and Jim Fetzer shows how petty he is and how he is NOT going to do anything but collect names for the Feds in my opinion.  He never took any action that he promised – it was only a lie to get us to relax in the boiling Jade Helm pot!  We will NEVER be fooled again by fakes and phonies that promise action.  Nobody will be trusted unless they DO something real.  Stew Webb and Gene Tatum are doing something real now at VeteransTruthRadio.  They are now uniting the veterans with VATVA (Veterans Against the VA) which has already taken legal action against the VA in Florida!  Nobody is putting out more hardcore truth 24 hours a day.  That’s why their shows are cyber attacked every day!   The last thing I want to say is that I urge everybody to ONLY support those in alternative media taking some kind of ACTION.  Action is the only thing that matters.    Things such as recall petitions, peaceful protests, legal actions, activism of all types is the ONLY way to win this fight.  Do not trust anybody that is not taking massive action and do not support them.  If we all keep to that simple rule, we don’t get fooled again!
We Don’t Get Fooled Again!
 (Dedicated to Bob Foote who is trying to put Stew Webb in prison for his masters thus betraying humanity)

See article here: http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2015/05/gordon-duff-caught-turning-in-patriots-for-prison-red-alert-3147670.html
TLB recommends that you read other great/pertinent articles at Before It’s News

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