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August 5, 2015 Ines Radman UncategorizedSuffering

What causes more suffering:  knowing what is going on or not knowing what is going on in our current reality?
The suffering caused by not knowing or ignorance leaves people in such fear like: fear of losing a job, fear of dying from cancer, fear of another war starting, fear of hunger, fear about being able to send kids to college.
What about the poor? They fear not eating today. Their fears are based on daily survival struggles. They don’t have food supplies, they buy when they can or just starve. Most poor are uneducated, more than likely without electricity and modern technology so they don’t have a clue what is happening around the planet, but they fear not having enough for the day.
Those that live in comfort of homes or apartments fear losing jobs, not being able to pay rent or mortgage payments.
There is not one segment or level of society that is not suffering in one way or another. The suffering has penetrated every segment of our lives. The wealthy fear market crashes, bank failure, oil going down in price, commodity price falls. They constantly worry about how to protect their wealth and how to make more.
Having abundance in  my life does not exclude me from suffering. Although it’s short lasting because I catch myself, I realize that it does have an effect on me; suffering of my human brother and sisters also affect me. Their suffering is difficult for me to accept because I feel that we should all have what mother earth gives us and provides for us.
Those that are awake and aware, we don’t suffer from the fears or worries about the future, we suffer  from watching the blind continue to fumble and stumble in the dark.
It’s hard to see my people rush to Church at every opportunity looking for solace, comfort and sending their god a message that they need help with money or health. Sometimes I laugh inside as I visualize their alien god standing above them laughing as well because all their generations in the past keep coming back and asking for something and then wonder why their god doesn’t ever answer their prayers.
At times I silently cry inside when they lose a young child to Cancer and explain God wanted them for his angel  as if their God can’t just create angels, he has to take their child. Why allow the child to suffer?  Why all the poisonous chemo-therapies, hair loss, surgeries in order to take their child for an angel? Would it not be less painful to just take them while they sleep?
Sure, the parents are not  going to mourn any less or feel their loss any less, accept their child being chosen for an angel but didn’t spend months or years putting that child through so much suffering, try and save them at ANY cost. Why would God make the child sick and cause all that suffering for God to just  take it for his angel?
I have seen this several times now in my community where for an example a four year old girl died from cancer but she spent 3 of her 4 years in hospitals. From doctors preserving life at all costs for profit to parents selfishly not able to face the loss of that child yet can allow so much medical abuse to happen and it doesn’t stop. They go for broke even if it means raising that child in a hospital and denying it even a short time to be like a normal child and play with others.
Is it different for parents that are awakened and spiritual, those that see themselves as souls in human bodies who agreed to come here and experience?
I haven’t met anyone that accepted their child as choosing the experience of coming into that family. I’m not saying we should not try and save our child, far from it. I’m saying that our selfishness in fear of losing our child can’t see the suffering caused to the child and everyone else in that family.
I believe I heard someone say the other day that Medicine has been using Chemotherapy now for over 70 years. This person also said that he would not surprised that we are being experimented on because of after more than 70 years, medicine has not found a cure for cancer. Come on, we all know there are cures for Cancer, it’s them that don’t want us to know about it or use it.
Isn’t this enough suffering? This four year old girl didn’t stand much of chance to begin with. Her mother worked as an X-Ray technician for years so her DNA and genes were already very damaged. Even though chances were slim for her to survive, I offered to help with frequency therapy. They didn’t believe in that crap, but they believed cutting out her vagina was alright to remove another tumor. Isn’t this ultimate suffering and who pays the highest price? The innocent child.
This is not called Love for your child, we don’t do this to our pets and animals. The controllers succeeded in implementing this feeling of “loss” and extreme attachments to our children. In our selfishness to not suffer the loss of our child; we cause our own child more suffering. We would never do this to our pets! Out of love for our pets, we usually have them put them down because we don’t want them to suffer. When having to make a decision about the pet, we always think about our pet first and try not to cause them much suffering and pain.
Souls take on lives of pets, animals, rocks, plants, everything that is organic contains a soul experiencing itself.
We cause our own suffering and then turn around and blame someone else for it. In this child’s case, it was God that wanted her for an angel but in order to pass the test, she had to suffer for years. Yeah right.
So much suffering around us and I often wonder about the people that go to church and their lives are full of pain, they keep asking and praying but God doesn’t answer. Do they not question this God who is supposedly a loving God yet allows such suffering?
Can we really create a life without suffering? I believe we can. Before I came into this state of “being” and “knowing”, I learned that regardless of what goes on in our lives and around us, it’s how we respond that determines if we will suffer or not. In other words, we can’t perhaps change our current reality but we can change how we respond to it or how we perceive it. I learned to solve problems a lot faster. Rather than focus on the problem and give it more power, I focused on resolving the problem. We can look at a dying tree and instead of “feeling” the anger or pain, we simply look at the tree and see a dying tree. That’s it. It is what it is. Did someone poison it or is it just old or was there a drought matters not. That’s when we get embroiled into the suffering. We are observers. “That is the tree that is dying and for whatever reason, it knows why”.
We can’t solve all of our suffering.  We may have someone in our family who is very ill. Suffering with them isn’t going to help anything. All we can do is allow and honor their choices, hold their hand, tell them how much we love them and honor their choices.
There are many things we can’t change, but we can change the way we respond to it. It  is still work in progress for me to be the Observer, see it for what it is without attaching emotions to every thought, every situation, every problem holds an emotionally frequency, all this causes suffering and we can control this.
What I can’t stop is for instance a country being bombed back to the stone ages. I’m still emotionally attached to things I can’t change. My fierce sense of justice and desire for equality brings this out in me, although I don’t get angry anymore, I still have emotional attachments and can’t pretend it doesn’t exist, I would then be a part of the problem.
If you can turn your heard to injustice in the world, all the power to you but you are not Service to Others. If that is what you came here to experience, I honor that, but then please stop writing about it, please stop pretending that you care.
You can spend your lifetime writing and speaking about human suffering but if you’re not using that knowledge towards helping others, than you’re just another Wanna Be Truthseeker.
Why do we do this to ourselves? Is it because we’re asleep, ignorant human mortals or are we awakened immortal souls? Is  suffering something to be proud of?
I know Christianity often talks about the suffering of Christ and how he gave his life on the cross for our sins. If that’s the case then why do we need to suffer if Jesus already did that for us?
Buddhism teaches that suffering is our creation because we can’t accept the fact that everything changes. It teaches compassion, but is not compassion another form of self-suffering?
I can’t watch violence on the news especially when it’s bombing cities/countries and killing people and their homes. I hurt inside, I feel their pain, their loss, their sense of injustice done to them, their anger. Isn’t compassion about understanding their suffering?  I feel helpless, I can’t jump into the monitor and stand beside them to let them know they are not alone.
You see Old Soul, if you are aware that you’re an Old Soul than you are already doing something to help those in their suffering.
If you’re not doing anything to help your human family, you’re not an old soul, you’re not awakened, in fact you’re just a pitiful Wanna Be Warrior that can write about it.
If you turn your head to suffering, if you allow it to happen then you’re not ready to take the leap into higher densities and frequencies, the New Earth will not accept those that still live from the head and not from the heart. If you’re not feeling others suffering then you still have a long way to go from living from the Heart.
We can stop the suffering. Just say NO. Demand from your governments towards equality. No wars. No violence. I know it’s easy to say and write about, but there are ways to end this suffering and madness. There are ways, it’s just that it’s not my job to tell you what to do. It is my responsibility to remind you how powerful you are and how you can accomplish anything you want to.
Imagine manifesting using your intent and thought. It is possible once you start ‘knowing’ it is. Believing is taking someone Elses truth, knowing is what you feel to be truth. You can do it.

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