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The Propaganda of Human Suffering

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1The Propaganda of Human Suffering Empty The Propaganda of Human Suffering Sun Mar 26, 2017 8:23 am



The Propaganda of Human Suffering

I have been dealing with some losses in my inner circle of family and it’s been a down time for me. My partner is again in hospital with different issues this time but he’s going to be fine.
Yes, there is much suffering going on in the world. We hear it every moment, every second either through TV, radio, internet and in our local community because people are dropping off like flies. As Buddha said: “We cause our own suffering by wanting things to remain the same, by living in the past, by fearing death”. This is christian dogma based on a narrative that Christ suffered therefore we should suffer.
I can be sad, I can mourn the loss of someone in my life, I can see the destruction around me but never once have I thought of this as suffering, merely, a human reaction to what happens in our lives.
Christians are taught or believe that suffering makes us somehow better people. That suffering is something we must feel. According to whom? I never found anything in the bible that we must suffer. If Jesus suffered, that doesn’t mean that humans must suffer. If Jesus died for humanity, then why we do need to suffer if he’s done this for us?
Suffering is not a part of the human condition but is rather the side effect of ignorance. It’s a choice we make. Suffering is not feeling sad, you just feel sad. It’s not about being ill, you’re just ill. Suffering is believing that you’re helpless and that something has been imposed upon you. Suffering is ignorance about who you are and why you’re here. It may be part of the human experience if you chose to experience it but we gain nothing by suffering.
I have suffered much in the past because as a child I had no control over my life. But I choose not to suffer. I can feel sad, I can feel anger, I can have physical pain but that’s not suffering.
Suffering is holding on to something that doesn’t exist. The past doesn’t exist. Fearing the future that doesn’t yet exist is suffering. Suffering is about feeling victimized. It’s about believing that your god determines your destiny. It’s about calling god  and him not answering you (if you believe in that). God doesn’t function that way. Suffering is self-imposed through false beliefs and ignorance.
A perfect example is the destruction of Mosul in Iraq. The media interviews the survivors of the civilian bombing and you will hear most of the survivors thanking god for saving their lives. If god is so great that he saved your life, why did he impose such destruction upon you in the first place? If they thank Allah for saving them for death, should they not be asking Allah why he allowed the bombs to drop in the first place? This is just an example of what I consider to be human suffering brought on by ignorance or religion.
The term suffering is getting a lot of coverage right now. They want you to believe that someone or something is causing the suffering of humanity. Humanity is suffering because it believes in a savior and is so disappointed  that their savior is not saving them from whatever they are suffering from. How convenient it is to encourage us to feel “suffering”so that we can give up what little hope we have for humanity.
Suffering is a destructive thought. Suffering is not an emotion. How are you? Oh, I’m suffering. What are you suffering from? I lost my entire family in the bombing. That’s not suffering. That’s mourning the loss of your loved ones. Suffering is a biblical dogma, it’s a terminology almost the opposite of hope because when people suffer, they don’t understand why they are suffering.
Suffering is giving up on life and blaming the universe or god or our government or the cabal for our misery. Suffering is a choice. Suffering doesn’t make us better humans. We gain nor learn anything by believing suffering is exists.
What is suffering? I could define it as a syndrome of different emotions. A chronic condition of ignorance where pain is converted as suffering or experiencing war is suffering. Suffering is a terminology that was created for us to believe we are powerless and that some thing or someone determines our fate.
The laws of nature don’t have suffering as part of a learning cycle. Suffering is a made up condition used to disempower humanity. Suffering is ignorance. Suffering is victimhood. You choose to suffer but you can’t define what it means. Suffering is a list of symptoms combined and by adding them all together, we simply give suffering more power.
Suffering is used against us. It’s imposed upon us just like former US president Obama sold his “change”. He sure made changes in the US but they weren’t good changes. He empowered the term suffering by creating more wars, destroying more countries and convincing those of us watching that suffering is part of the human condition. It is not. It is a choice. Get over it. Humanity get off your knees. We are much more powerful than that. We gain nothing by believing in suffering. Suffering is not an emotion. How do you define it? You can hate, you can love, you can be angry, you can be happy,  but you can’t be suffering because it’s not an emotion, it’s not something you feel, it’s a belief system imposed upon us.
Those that believe they are suffering are really believing in something that someone told them or they believe in an evil god that would allow such horrific things to happen to them.
I have been thinking about this subject for a few days now. Everyone I run into mentions it and accuses me of suffering because I lost a few family members recently. I’m not suffering. My mother was suffering in her condition of Alzheimers maybe but only because she wasn’t aware that she was still alive. Can we define that as suffering? I don’t suffer. I don’t feel that suffering is beneficial to me and I can’t define suffering as something I feel. Perhaps we can call it a syndrome of disbelief. The disbelief that we are feeble minded humans waiting for a savior to come along and save us from ourselves. Whatever you believe in is your choice, but I have yet to hear someone try and explain to me what happens to a human when they are suffering. Is being homeless suffering? What are they suffering about? How did they get into that state? And if suffering is so bad; why do we choose to experience it?
It’s all in your head. Just like hope, suffering provides no room for taking responsibility for the choices we make. Hope has no meaning just as much as suffering doesn’t. Hope is a false belief that something might change or we might get something. Nothing changes without us changing. Nothing comes without us making the effort to achieve it. Hope and suffering are simply two words used to control  humanity. I don’t hope. I desire, I imagine, visualize and work towards that what I want. Hoping for something is like sitting at an airport lounge waiting for your flight to be called. What guarantee is there your flight is on time or that you will even depart? Someone has to get the plane ready, a pilot and crew are needed and even all of those things in place, it can snow and prevent the plane from departing. That’s hope. You can hope all you want, but if you don’t know how to get there, it doesn’t help you in any way.
Suffering is just the ignorant state of a believer. They want us to believe that suffering is real. It’s a figment of our imagination because it’s not a heartfelt emotion, therefore, it’s a dilution for the ego to mess with us, nothing more.
So, now that I have ended this rant, I must let you know that I’m seriously considering leaving this blog to the Universe. It’s one less commitment and honestly, I have nothing left to rant about. I have accepted life for what it is, I create my own truths, I no longer need to convince anyone that they need to seek truth. Truth is, not all of us came here to change the world. Some of us came here to play the victims, without victims there is no need for change. Truth is, I might lose my partner and if that does happen, I need to carve out a new life for myself and I’m slowly removing myself from this virtual world. I was hoping that my readers would help and contribute with their own thoughts and ideas. I don’t have any left. I’m free. The bees are busy suckling nectar from my broccoli flowers, my lettuce has sprouted,  spinach will be coming any day, cannabis is almost ready for transplanting. What can be better than dancing in nature? Whether I end up alone or not, nature will always be around me to guide me. I’m free.
Choose freedom not suffering. Choose truth and not hope. Neither suffering nor hope will get you anywhere. It will only keep you waiting for something that will never come.

Thanks to Ines at: https://wearelightbeings.wordpress.com

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