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Massive Explosive Potential in Louisiana and Gulf of Mexico.

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A horrible scenario is shaping up in the Gulf of Mexico, which could easily allow a chain of events to unfold, which may quickly become an extinction level disaster. This article will attempt to explain and link together all the aspects and events that have led up to this point. The subjects involved are numerous, including the usage of Hydraulic Fracturing, and where it’s gases are stored once recovered, and it's connection to the Louisiana sinkhole; how the ‘fracking” is de-stabilizing the North American craton plate, and how all of it is connected to the recent BP Gulf Oil Spill. Bear with me, while we go on a journey of discovery that will leave you chilled to the bone about the future of not only the Gulf of Mexico, but of the United States and beyond.
“Slick water hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” is a technology used to extract natural gas, and oil, that lies within a shale rock formation thousands of feet beneath the earth’s surface.
Combined with another technique called “horizontal drilling,” natural gas companies are able to drill previously untapped reserves.
Industry says the process is safe and does not pollute drinking water supplies. But a growing movement of environmentalists, scientists and residents worry that the chemicals used in the fracking process will leak into aquifers. Wastewater from the process returns to the surface contaminated with some of those chemicals, as well as buried salts and naturally occurring radioactive material. That wastewater needs to be treated, or buried deep in the earth using underground injection wells.”
More info and interactive map about “Fracking” available at:
Hydraulic Fracturing is occurring all along the North American Craton Plate. What is a craton?
“North America’s saga began over four billion years ago, when fragments of continental crust first formed. Some of these fragments coalesced into microcontinents, which later collided to assemble the craton — the heart of North America. Plate tectonics has since enlarged this craton, and sediment has blanketed much of it, obscuring its eventful origins.”
Since so much and so many gases are recovered by “Fracking”, and so as to not glut the markets, they are then stored in the Gulf Coastal Salt Domes. Billions of tonnes of flammable gases, such as butane, methane, natural gas, benzene, and in some reports, possibly radioactive spent fuel rods from nuclear power plants.
 Everywhere ‘Fracking” occurs there are also earthquakes of varying strengths.  All known 'INTERIOR QUAKES' that are taking place in the U.S. recently, are all occurring along the North American Craton Plate, which if you look at a map of “fracking sites”, coincidentally are located at the edges of the North American craton and where the quakes are being reported by USGS.
The craton is moving South and West. This craton plate is under incredible pressure by the Pacific Plate moving roughly East-Northward, and the Southern Plates as evidenced by its last hard movement or ‘slip’, which took place in 1811 and 1812. This was the largest earthquake ever to hit this continent in modern times, an 8.9 or 9.8 magnitude, (depending upon the source), along the New Madrid Fault Zone. So powerful it was, a sink hole was created from subsidence soils, which dammed up the Mississippi River that then flowed backwards to fill it, to create Reelfoot Lake in North West Tennessee, and was of such power that it rang Church bells in Boston. These quakes lasted for five months of constant after shocks.
Everywhere Fracking takes place, a loss of gas occurs and liquid is pumped back in, and that is along the edges of the North American craton plate, essentially acting as a lubricant underneath the plate. This greatly increases the chances of another great ‘Slip’ dramatically. Salt Brine and the laundry list of surfactants gives credence to this claim as explained in Part II.
Keep this information in the back of your mind, as I attempt to explain the next Act in this Sordid Saga.
Everyone remembers the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf which occurred on April 20th, 2010, also known as the “Deepwater Horizon” incident that killed 11 platform workers. As bad as this was, it was truly a continuing problem that dated as far back as the 1940’s.
“There are more than 27,000 abandoned oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico from a host of companies including BP, according to an investigation by Associated Press, which describes the area as 'an environmental minefield that has been ignored for decades'. Some of them date back to the 1940s. State officials estimate that tens of thousands of them are badly sealed.”
Abandoned oil wells make Gulf of Mexico 'environmental minefield'

Although the evidence is circumstantial, in the least, Exxon Mobil has provided us with the proof that the Methane seeps and propagation zones extend from the Macondo Wellhead blow out sites as well as the other wellheads that have shown 10,000 to 100,000 times the amount of Methane saturation in the Gulf since the Macondo blowout in 2010 leads straight to the Napoleonville Salt Dome through the Miocene shale layer in a horizontal fashion.

  If you will scroll to page 28 of the following PDF, then you shall see the Miocene migration zone that terminates roughly 10 miles North of Bayou Corne. It is therefor logical to assume that the Methane pressures have risen to such a rate that all along the "Yellow Zone" on page 28 and the graphics on page 31 (which explains the sinkhole effect), and the enormous pressures involved to move methane as far north and west as it so obviously has. Hydrogen Sulfide is always a precursor to oil after methane, so please look for these signs. Crude oil will soon follow and I fear it has already filled due to the breach on the western wall, and pushing up from far below.

The Oil layer nearby known as "Big Hum" cannot account for all of the methane pressures Bayou Corne is expressing. If the drilling keeps up next to the Eastern walls by the Australian Drilling Operations....then a total collapse of the Eastern wall is a very high probability. Pressurized Methane Gas is the precursor of liquid oil migrating through the Yellow Seep Zone. I personally see no way to stem or stop this. This is an environmental disaster that will in one way or the other impact and empty all of the surrounding areas in the years to come. Most of the Gulf is in extreme danger!


The mouth of the Gulf of Mexico is collapsing at the gullet of the Mississippi River. When you take out heavy fluids from cracks, fissures, and reservoirs, and do not replace something of equal density, then logic tells you it will fail. This has been the oil industry's dirtiest secret, and one you have been lied to about since you were a child. The oil industry would have you believe that you can get something for nothing, and never have to put anything back.
The Govt. knew these Salt Domes were not geologically stable in 1998 and that they inter-mixed with the ground water table! Fresh water and and salt do not mix! They become brine, but before it does, fresh water eats up salt deposits and displaces them.... solid to liquid.
Back in 2001, BP applied for the license to drill for oil at MC 252 and MC 296. They also applied for exceptions, which is unheard of. MC 252 & 296 is between two salt domes. It is explained fully in the videos below. With every seismic event that has occurred along the Craton plate, there is a report of oil leaking in 4 and up to 11 mile slicks spotted near Macondo in 2011 and 2012. Yes, the BP Oil Disaster Site. Over the top of two Salt Domes and which had drilled down into the seabed and also gave an outlet to the frozen methane 'ice' below.
Also the US Navy commissioned NOAA to create a 3-D map of the whole GOM. This survey shows the massive amount of frozen methane under the Gulf.

Scientists also recently found that 2.5 gigatonnes resides in the sea floor mud:
Ignore the Global Warming propaganda but understand that methane (natural gas) is highly flammable. But, there are also unexploded munitions also scattered all over the Gulf and one of the dump sites has been identified as being within a few miles of the Macondo Drill sites.
Thousands of Bombs Dumped in Gulf of Mexico Pose Huge Threat to Oil Rigs
Now, at the same time, Salt Domes on land are used to store millions of tonnes of liquid Butane, Methane, (natural gas), oil, benzene, and radioactive wastes and by-products. Over 59 of these caverns have been identified within the Bayou Corne, (Belle Rose), Assumption Parish in Louisiana alone, not to mention the Grand Bayou, and Minden areas.
Bayou Corne, Assumption Parish is the location of the 1 by 3 mile Napoleonville Salt Dome-become- Texas Brine, LLC.’s West side-sinkhole containing Methane, Ethane, Propylene, benzene, tulene, etc., and oil, next to a 1.5 million barrel reservoir of butane only a half mile below ground and 1600 ft. away from the ever widening sinkhole, with 11 more caverns identified in the general area. Has the butane holding area also been breached by the seismic activity reported continually over the last six months?
See also: Below Sinkhole: 500 billion cubic feet of gas, 200 million gallons ...
This disaster was actually perpetrated by Texas Brine Company, LLC, (a Bayer Co. subsidiary), over a year ago while attempting to expand the storage capabilities of the Oxy Geismar No. 3 cavern at Napoleonville and breached the Wet, and Methane Holding Dome, which the side collapse of, created the sinkhole and is venting as far as 20-30 miles away, as evidenced by bubbles coming to the surface of the surrounding bayou’s, not to mention the seismic activity reported as far a 45 miles away.
Also, the Vacherie Dome near MindenLouisiana is a Salt Dome facility in use. But not only are explosive gases housed there, but also nuclear waste, (unconfirmed).
Anyone remember the 11 Blasts that woke people from their beds Monday, October 15, 2012 in 3 States? It is claimed to have been an explosion at the munitions dump at the old Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant outside Minden, and we now know many millions of pounds of de-commissioned explosive materials.
But if you look at the damage site from a flyover, then you immediately know that 11 blasts felt in 3 States cannot have occurred underground exclusively.
No way was the force of this explosion promulgated over three states. Most of this was an above ground ignition. What you are looking at is the blasting cap that ignited methane, and munitions, and who knows what else that has accumulated into the atmosphere of the surrounding area. It is highly probable that this is caused by venting from the Vacherie Dome, the Minden Dome, or even the Bistineau Salt Domes in Webster Parish, La. These Domes are identified in the Aquifer Survey performed by the USGS.
It is not beyond belief that a meteorite may have ignited these gases, but I don't buy it. It is much more likely it's an intentional "Blast Off" of radiant materials out-gassing, and an unintentional set off of munitions. I would be very interested if an EPA air study of the surrounding area and atmosphere were carried out now, that is, if the EPA would even release such a report if done.
Here is an Air Quality Report for Bayou Corne, though.


Now, let's put all these things together, just for the sake of argument. 
One day a year ago, Texas Brine punctures the outer edge of the Napoleonville Salt Dome, followed by small earthquakes ignored by local and State officials.
Then a gigantic sinkhole opens up starting in August, and out-gasses in all directions, filling the immediate atmosphere with heavy gases. It would take only a spark to ignite an atmospheric explosion. Due to weather, these gases would eventually disperse and promulgate, depending on density and specific gravity of the materials, but methane clears out pretty quickly. 
Now imagine that not only the Napoleonville Dome, but the Minden or Vacherie Dome in Webster Parish was also found to be out-gassing as well, because of the seismic activity all over the region caused by methane migration? Yet due to the specific gravity and density of these materials, which were so much heavier and could not disperse or promulgate at a fast enough rate, possibly causing breathing difficulties, mass deaths, or worse? 
How to clean the surrounding atmosphere of these Salt Domes out-gassing? It is not beyond belief that a privately owned Ammunition Plant mostly vacant could be used to ignite these gases.
The risk would be minimal if done at the right time, night time, and only minor damage done nearby. It would make the sky glow for a bit, but that can be blamed on anything, and was. "Just tell the folks an old Ammo Dump exploded for no reason, hell, they will believe anything."
Now the atmosphere in the general area is cleaned. No muss, no real fuss. Remember now, the same thing happened last year. "Oh, they'll forget that".
But consider this, if any spark will set off even one of these out-gassers that seeps through the cracks of the earth, just what would it do if one that has collapsed ignites with methane and oil and blows, and travels to the half mile deep caverns filled with Butane, Propane, LPG, or ruptures the casings as happened in 2003 with Gulf Douth/Dow, such as the one in Grand Bayou, Assumption Parish?
That's lighter fluid for folks that don't know, or the even more flammable ethane. Now you have an atomic sized event which in turn sets off all the surrounding Salt Domes and their payloads? It only takes the methane to set this chain of events in motion. Just the butane alone contained next to the collapsed dome is enough for 1.5 x the explosive force of both Atomic Bombs set off in Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined, depending on whose estimates you believe, not to mention the oil stored there as well? Methane, Light Crude, next to a Butane repository would set off every repository (Salt Domes) within a 50 mile radius and be the chain reaction that promulgates thousands of feet in all directions, cavern to cavern to cavern. 
Also, since all of this has to be, and has for a long time, propagated and traveling along the Louisiana, and now admittedly, even the Mississippi Aquifer Systems that lie just below, then these, at least 11 H-Bombs, or B-Bombs go off as well and breaches the Macondo Salt Domes, , Whinting and Biloxi Sat Domes, and the over fifty other Salt Domes in the immediate Gulf Coast Continental Shelf vicinity and surrounded by 30 million or more tonnes of old munitions and mustard gas, which in turn ignites more methane, (natural gas), methane hydrates, which in turn ignites the oil, which in turn....well, I think you get the picture by now.
Conspiratorial? We are left to wonder, because the officials in charge refuse to answer straight questions. Their web page dedicated to FAQ's is completely the opposite of what the people living in the surrounding parishes of Bayou Corne and Grand Bayou have reported. If you believe the official account, then all of the people that live there have eye problems, perception problems, ear damage, and have lost the ability to taste the air and water they consume. I lean more towards the people that live in this nightmare.
But, that's not the worst... Let’s not forget about the Craton Plate. Remember it is half floating now due to the ‘Fracking’. So if a mega-explosion happens at the base of the New Madrid Fault boundary which travels up the main fault, thereby triggering all of the secondary faults until they meet at the Eastern Craton Boundary, also known as New Madrid, Mo., which also has a confluence of several other lesser known Major Fault Lines, and you have a shift of the Craton Plate. A major shift, relieving the pressure that is constantly put upon it by the Pacific Plate, and nudged by the North Atlantic Plate, (which has caused all of the recent "Ground Noises and booms" in the upper Midwest).
We are talking about an earthquake such as the world has never known. If this does happen, computer models close to a 12 magnitude are postulated. I cannot imagine a 12 magnitude quake on subsidence soils. A quake that large would set off every fault line in the US, Mexico, Canada, New York, to some degree, and most certainly would set off the major San Andreas Fault out west that everyone in California and Oregon have feared for ages.
An earthquake of such magnitude would certainly impact the earth entire. What would such an event do to the rotation of our planet? How many volcanoes would also be set off worldwide?
 Sound impossible? Willing to stake your life on it? I do not want to create a panic, and it shouldn't, for that is not my intention, but while you have the time to do so, I do suggest contacting everyone you know and let's get some action going to find out the answers to these very real and dangerous questions.
Just the idea of hydraulic fracturing and poisoning of the US water table and aquifers is enough for me to be concerned, and the lubrication of the North American craton plate is frightening, but throw into the mix, the Salt Domes full of natural, butane, methane gases, even atomic waste, sinkholes venting… Well, all of this together is just terrifying.
If this is the best that politicians and scientists can come up with, then I'd say we have either some very retarded people in those positions, or they know of the danger and are covering up for the corporations. A worse idea comes to mind that it may even be intentional. Now that is an even scarier thought.

 Act now, and let’s begin to get some answers and solutions, before it’s too late.

Stay Tuned.... More coming updates to follow.

More Videos to Consider:
Officials: “Deep natural formation” may be source of gas around giant sinkhole — Fears it could reach surface at explosive levels
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N. American Craton Quakes


Sinkhole - Directly linked to Gulf Oil Spill
Part 1
Part II
Part III
Source Articles not listed in article above:
Louisiana Sinkhole? -Gulf Stream Shift Linked to Methane Gas Escaping from Seabeds
Are these people INSANE? The following is an October Press Release. They are drilling into the NAPOLEONVILLE SALT DOME STILL!
Blowout in Gulf of Mexico: Wellhead releasing ‘unknown product’ into water off Louisiana coast (MAP)
Coast Guard: 4-mile stretch of oil has appeared near BP’s Macondo well in Gulf
Now we find that last year, it was proposed to use possibly two mediums for Nuclear Waste Disposal. One is by using Salt Domes, and the other is pumping back liquid High Level radioactive waste to fill shale that has been 'fracked' instead of the already harmful chemicals now used.
Salt Disposal of Heat-Generating Nuclear Waste
Bayou Sinkhole: Radioactive dome issues covered up over a year
Louisiana Sinkhole Briefing: Essentially, the earth is fractured from the salt cavern all the way to surface — Crude oil coming up through fracture zone
La. sinkhole methane caused Minden explosions is possibility physicists say
 Would a better bathymetry chart have made the difference ?

La. sinkhole was predicted, grows 500 square feet larger after seismic activity
Did The CIA Assassinate Matt Simmons For Blowing The Whistle On The BP Gulf Oil Spill?

Sinkhole emergency butane flared 40 feet as seismic activity increased
Energy Resource Potential for Methane Hydrates

Sinkhole: H-Bomb explosion equivalent in Bayou Corne possible 
Deepwater Exploration Workshop 

[url=http://docs.lib.noaa.gov/noaa_documents/OAR/OER/GOM Wkshop-1.pdf]http://docs.lib.noaa.gov/noaa_documents/OAR/OER/GOM%20Wkshop-1.pdf[/url]

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