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Your Bloodtype – Not Knowing About It Could Be Killing You!

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Your Bloodtype – Not Knowing About It Could Be Killing You!

Posted on May 30, 2016 by https://dublinsmick.wordpress.com  
Your Bloodtype – Not Knowing About It Could Be Killing You!
Making the changes necessary to accommodate your blood type could be life or death for many.

We do know the human embryo does have a tail at about 3 months. It is called in Sanskrit the caudo draconis, in latin the dragon’s tail. Now the interesting part is we are told many RH negatives are born with the tail intact to varying degrees!

They go through life with a small tail.

The knowledge of blood type, will soon become as important to the average man/woman as it has been to royalty and power…what race do you belong too?

Former U.S Presidents

Former President Eisenhower Type O-Neg

Former President John F. Kennedy Type AB-Neg

Former President Richard Nixon Type O-Neg

Former President Bill Clinton AB-Neg

Former President George W. Bush Sr. Type A-Neg


Pharaoh Ramses II Type B-Neg

Shroud Of Turin was AB-Neg is this correct?

Prince Charles Type O-Neg and his late Grandmother

Queen Elizabeth Type O-Neg

Prince William is also negative

Interesting Authors

Zacharia Sitchin Type Neg

Brad Steiger O-Neg

Erik Von Daniken Type O-Neg

Robert Anton Wilson Type Neg


Mick Jagger Type AB-Neg (Of running with the devil fame)

Fox Mulder “X-files” Type O-Neg

Marilyn Monroe was Type AB-Neg

Dan Aykroyd Type O-Neg

High Profile Murders

O.J. Simpson is Type A-Neg “who killed”

Ron Goldman Type O-Neg

Laci Peterson Type O-Neg (remember she was kidnapped and killed)

There are some interesting theories on just where native Americans came from. Most native Americans fall into the A to D group. However another has been discovered call X haplogroup.

The X lineage was only found in a handful of tribes scattered across the country, the Yakima and Sioux in the northwest and the Navajo in the southwest, in about 5% of their populations.

The Basque language is distinctly different; and (The Basques have the highest recorded level of Rh-negative blood (roughly twice that of most Europeans), as well as substantially lower levels of Type B blood and a higher incidence of Type O blood.”

Southern France and Northern Spain is where you can find most of the RH-negative factor in the Basque people. Another group is the Eastern/Oriental Jews. In general, about 40 – 45% of Europeans have the RH-negative group.

Only about 3% of African descendents and about 1% of Asian or Native Americans have the RH-negative group although in some groups it appears to be relatively high. Due to the larger European numbers, it is a safe bet that was where it was introduced into the human genetic code.

Could this also be where the Caucasian was introduced? Is the introduction of the Caucasian related to the RH-blood factor? The caucasian is generally associated with Cromagnon man.

Is it a factor in bio specific weapon production?

Adolf Hitler, Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, is believed to belong to Y-DNA Haplogroup E1b1b1

Napoleon Bonaparte belonged to haplogroup E1b1b1c1* (E-M34*

Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa, belonged to Haplogroup E1b1a (Y-DNA)


King Tut belonged to Y-DNA haplogroup R1b1a2, as is almost everyone in Ireland and Scotland.

Louis XIV of France belonged to haplogroup Haplogroup R1b (Y-DNA)

Many Rh negative women are coming forward with their experiences of having been given the Anti D vaccination when they were pregnant. Many are saying that their children have autism and all kinds of other health problems, that they feel were caused by having this injection in the first place. In some cases it wasn’t even necessary, as both the Mother and Father were Rh negative.


Nicholas II of Russia, was assigned to mtDNA haplogroup T

The haplotype of Nicholas II of Russia has been predicted to belong to R1b.[36][37]

It matched a member of another line of Nicholas I’s descendants. So, all the Emperors from Nicholas I to Nicholas II shared this Y-DNA. It can also be said that this result is German-specific, so Paul I was most likely the real son of his official father Peter III, and not the son of a lover, as was speculated.

It also allowed to validate the remains of Alexei, son of Nicholas II.

The Jeffersons belong to Haplogroup T.

Nevertheless, as the studies both deepened and broadened to include Asians across the continent, the increasing data revealed that the migration pattern had been more complex than anthropologist’s had envisioned.

The early results showed that Native American tribes were comprised of four distinct mtDNA haplogroups, A, B, C, and D. The haplogroup designations represent four different (maternal) lineages. These four lineages are found throughout North, Central and South America.

However, only three of them A, C, and D were discovered in the Siberian-Asian populations.

Then in 1997 another lineage was discovered, which geneticists dubbed X. This discovery ignited a storm of controversy that has not died down to this day. The X haplogroup needs careful, thoughtful, and deep historical analysis because this group may well hold one of the most important keys to unlocking the secrets of our collective past.

The X lineage was ascertained to have arrived in the Americas from about 38,000 to 10,000 years ago.

What could this mean?

At first anthropologists argued that since Europeans had not traveled across the Atlantic at such a remote point in time the X group had to be the outcome of post Columbus contact and intermarriage. However when researchers analyzed ancient DNA samples, found in the Great Lakes (Mound Builder) region, which dated back long before Columbus they identified some of the samples as belonging to the X group.

This proved they were not the outcome of any post-Columbus contact and were not of recent origin.

When investigators compiled the genetic data on the distribution of the X haplogroup in the America’s what they discovered sent shock waves through the conventional and alternative history camps. The X lineage was only found in a handful of tribes scattered across the country, the Yakima and Sioux in the northwest and the Navajo in the southwest, in about 5% of their populations.

However, the greatest concentrations by far occurred in the Ojibway, Oneota and Nuu-Chah-Nulth tribes where almost 25% of the tribal members fell into the X lineage.

Moreover, the vast majority of tribes contained no X members. In fact, it was not found in any native tribes in Central or South America. Again, what did these patterns mean? Independent researchers associated with the Edgar Cayce Association (A.R.E.) quickly pointed out that the data supported some of the material found in the Atlantis readings that the ‘sleeping prophet’ had given in the 1930s.

Cayce noted that some Atlantis refugees had immigrated to the northeastern region of the United States and later formed the Iroquois nation. It was in those tribes that the highest concentration of the X haplogroup was found.

The Cayce readings also claimed that some of these refugees went to the American southwest and others migrated to the Mound Builder region and formed that civilization.

The apparent widespread presence of the X lineage across what is now known as the United States appears to show a wide initial dispersal. One could postulate a west-east migration of this haplogroup from Siberian Asia. But that scenario poses two serious obstacles:1) the greatest concentration of this group is found in the northeastern region of the United States and 2) X is virtually absent in Asia.

The Basques have long puzzled anthropologists, linguists and historians because, although they are Caucasian they do not fit in with the rest of the European populations. Their language is not related to any other tongue in the world.

Prior to the advent of genetic research tools investigators used the ABO blood groups to study the relationships between human populations as well as their migration patterns.

The Basques turned out to be unique in terms of blood types as well.

As a population they contain the highest levels of Rh- ‘O’ negative blood in the world and among the lowest type B.

Nearly 95% of the population, who have alkaline blood type A and O and the acidic blood type B, have iron poisoning and copper deficiency. Iron has accumulated due to iron, iron uptake facilitators and copper depleters that have been added to the food and water supply.

( USDA Food Supply Nutrient (1909-2005) Schedules) Blood type distribution correlates to iron poisoning prevalence in a population: types A, B & O over A, B & O plus AB (AB is not poisoned, 7.00 neutral pH.) Iron poisoned blood types are alkaline or acidic; dependent on the proportion and locations of iron deposits and the affects on organs & their functions.

The majority of the population are alkaline blood type A & O and correlate to the most prevalent pH of 7.40 (now 7.54 +), acidic blood type B correlates to pH of about 6.8. In addition to iron are radiation and vaccine poisons. Radiation shakes or vibrates blood proteins, breaking off the loosely bound iron and accelerating iron deposition.

Vaccines contain nano-particle size parasites, termed “viruses” that thrive and replicate in the presence of iron deposits, and adjuvant to deplete copper status.

GMO foods were created to increase iron availability and decrease copper availability.

These chemical, biological and radiation poisons work together to decrease lifespan and birth rate. The iron poisoned population had a lifespan 45 years less than the healthy segment; that gap has now widened to over 50 years. Current lifespan is estimated at 65-70 years for the poisoned population.

Many are now dying in their 60s, 50s, 40s (and younger); because the baby boomers were the first to be implanted by parasites via mass vaccination.

The population is undergoing the final stage of extermination.

Compare the Population Extermination, Death Statistics (1900-2009), and USDA Food Supply Nutrient (1909-2005) Schedules. There is an apparent correlation between nutrient additions, the increase of nutrients, decrease in births & birth rate, increasing death rate, increasing disease prevalence.

Note that mercury is not specifically listed in the USDA Food Supply Nutrient schedules, but was added to the food/water supply and other sources in greater quantities starting in 1996.

Vaccines were designed to implant nanoparticle-size parasites, (termed “viruses” – mainly measles), and adjuvant to deplete liver copper.

The parasites settle, thrive & replicate in the presence of iron deposits and copper deficiency, and accelerate the destruction process by increasing the synthesis rate of abnormal toxic proteins; the consequences being an increasingly damaged vascular system, defective blood supply, inflammation, secondary bacterial infections, lesions, degeneration, fibrosis, tumors, and CANCER.

Radiation destroys the body through electrical oscillations that shake or vibrate cells and organisms (particularly the blood)– that is breaking up proteins into nonviable fragments, accelerating iron deposition, resulting in a significantly increased copper requirement. This destruction is apparent in an increasingly defective blood supply & damaged vascular system.

(Optimal levels of copper are vital for normal healthy protein synthesis — for building and repairing proteins.) This in turn accelerates the growth of nanoparticle parasites and cell destruction.

Current Blood Type/Group Distribution in the U.S.: The previous blood type distribution, disclosed in about 1960 was AB 4%, B 10%, A/O 86%. Now with the copper depletion rate accelerating, the blood type distribution may approximate as follows:

*AB 6.66%, B 30%, A/O 63%. Blood type B prevalence has increased significantly from 1960 until now, and can be observed in diabetes prevalence, which has a high correlation with type B blood. Type AB is the healthy unpoisoned blood type and their numbers can be calculated as follows: *

When the poisoned blood types reach 200,000,000 blood type AB will be 6.66 % of the population – 14.27 million. Currently, close to 200 million of the 214 million in the population have iron poisoned blood types of A/B/O. This is written to explain what is spoken through His servant John, “The number of the mounted troops was 200 million, I heard their number.”

“Calculate their number, for it is 6-6-6”, that is 6.66 % of the real population numbers of the U.S.

Blood Type B Prevalence Indicates World Population Closer to 4 Billion: Researching the world blood types distribution, it is apparent from the high prevalence of type B blood (from 1959), that most of the rest of the world, excluding the western nations, has been in the final extermination phase for decades now, and thus, their numbers have been negative population growth.

(Prevalence of type B blood increases as the population decreases due to extermination.)

Death trends by age groups can be observed in the death statistics for Blacks and American Indians, who are further along in the extermination schedule, and may have reached the life-critical iron levels & copper status before the 1980’s. This explains why American Indians and Blacks had historically a shorter average lifespan.

All groups are now undergoing the final phase of extermination, with the average lifespan estimated (conservative) at 70 years, a decrease of 5 years in approximately 9-10 years time.

Factors for deaths across a wide spectrum of age groups (excluding external causes): variable individual copper depletion and iron accumulation rate, immunizations, copper status of ancestors upon settlement in the U.S. traced to area and country of origin, and different population reduction (poisoning) schedules by area and state in the U.S..

The initial poisoning apparently started before colonization began (and “evolution theory” fraud evolved) and traces back to the country or area of origin.

The Global Warming/Climate Change Fraud: With the alkaline blood types in particular, the body uses compensation or buffer measure to bring down the blood pH and that mechanism is to retain carbon dioxide (CO2).

It is not the Global Warming fraud, an increase of carbon dioxide in the environment that is causing humans to die off. The fraudulent global warming science or climate change science explains that the elevated CO2 level in blood is caused by increasing CO2 levels in the atmosphere/environment particularly in the last 50 years.

This is used for evidence the carbon cycle is causing the alkaline blood types O and A to go into extinction first, followed by blood type B.

The last disclosure of blood type distribution was about 50 years ago, when the alkaline blood types were at a higher prevalence and the acidic blood type B was at a lower prevalence in populations.

The upcoming disclosure of blood type distribution reveals decreasing blood types A/O prevalence and increasing type B prevalence will prove that CO2 levels are rising.

The remaining blood type AB, the only normal healthy blood, will be the ones to survive; hence — survival of the fittest.

Blood Type History & Theory of Evolution Frauds: In 1900, it was noted that the sera of some individuals led to the discovery of ABO blood types. Essentially, noted a distinct difference in viscosity/pH level or the clotting factors of blood. Later on his students “discovered” the AB blood type.

Then, in 1940, the Rhesus Factor (D-Protein) was detected. In truth, there is only one blood type among humans, and that is type AB. Anything else is a mutation due to copper deficiency and iron poisoning.

As each generation has been iron poisoned and deprived of copper, the mutated genes/proteins have become weaker. These mutations of the blood and other structures that have manifested over the generations, is used as supporting evidence for the fraudulent Evolution Theory.

The mutated blood types of A, B, and O and the presence of the Rhesus Factor are used to establish a lineage/correlation of the vast majority of the human population to the man-apes. This correlation does not exist, since humans are created solely with blood type AB, and the man-apes do not carry this blood type.

Blood types and DNA are used to establish fraudulent migratory patterns of different populations around the world. The higher the percentage of type B blood in a given population correlates to a more severe copper deficiency in that population.

This is because the type B blood has a longer lifespan on average than the alkaline blood types of A and O. In other words the alkaline blood types are dying off much more quickly than the blood type B, and in fact are in the process of moving toward extinction, followed closely by blood type B, all because of copper deficiency & iron poisoning.

It should be mentioned here that according to (2), in 1959 20% of Black Americans had type B blood and Caucasians had 10% type B, different severity levels of copper deficiency & iron poisoning, indicating that Blacks were copper deficient & iron poisoned before being brought over on slave ships.

(One last note is, there were a small number of populations that contain only alkaline blood types, but these populations may have been manipulated by intentional extraction of the type B blood to fit the fraudulent theory.)

We were all created with type AB blood, with normal viscosity/balanced pH level with normal protein structures. Through a misinformation campaign the official history is that blood type AB is the newest and rarest, emerging 500-1000 years ago, while blood type O is the oldest.

It is interesting to note that the Shroud of Turin, the suspected burial cloth of Jesus, has blood type AB. The cloth has been dated to about the first century AD, and as of yet has not been disproved. The truth is, blood type AB has always existed. The other mutated blood types appeared on a mass scale about 500 years ago when the poisoning began.

Vaccination is in fact the most effective and efficient method to transport poisons more directly into the liver, to displace and deplete copper from that location. The liver is where many of the proteins are synthesized and is where the greatest percentage of copper is stored.

Copper is vital in protein synthesis.

Mercury, contained in most vaccines, settles and accumulates in the liver and obliterates this vital store of copper. Consequently, severe disruption/impairment of protein synthesis follows, resulting in increasingly severe DNA damage, and symptoms and conditions.

Many people are dying and suffering needlessly, because they are copper deficient and iron poisoned. Amputations, disembowelments, open-heart surgery, radiation & chemo “therapies”, and countless other unnecessary procedures and medications are being administered.

Families, loved ones, and friends are dying and suffering all around us, and our ancestors were killed in the same manner.

Blood type is nothing more than the prevalence of iron poisoning & copper deficiency in the vast majority of the population. The blood type AB have survived through this, indicating that some areas of the world and/or some groups have been excluded from the poisons or have the remedy — the poisoners themselves.

The Anthrax Vaccine that has been mandated on military members contains the Anthrax pathogen, which attacks virtually EVERY organ & tissue of the body. The affected organs/areas of the body correlate to the amounts and locations of iron deposits, and copper status.

The Anthrax pathogen is deadly, as it apparently has a high survivability and replication rate in the presence of sufficient iron stores and copper deficiency. When they inject the pathogen, they claim it is dead, but it is only dormant at the time of injection. The adjuvant that is added to the vaccine is to deplete liver copper.

Squalene adjuvant comes from the liver of sharks, and sharks are at the top of the fish food chain and contain the highest levels of mercury.

Mercury quickly and effectively depletes copper from the body, particularly the liver, where much of copper is stored. When the body is invaded by foreign proteins or parasites (“viruses”), copper is quickly mobilized from the liver in order to neutralize, destroy and remove them.

The quick depletion of copper from the liver concurrent with parasite/pathogen planting, which is intended by the vaccine, triggers accelerated iron mobilization & accumulation, resulting in immediate or delayed symptoms and ultimately death.

Anthrax thrives and replicates very quickly when there are increased iron stores and iron mobilization, and depleted liver copper stores — the Anthrax pathogen has an affinity for iron.

The Poisoners & Population Reduction: How did they manage to pull off such a successful, massive poisoning campaign, and deceive everyone on the different blood types and diseases?

They are one entity coordinating & cooperating with many, they possess great wealth, and they have many fronts.

They own/control the entire food & water supply, everything that manufactures poisons, and they have a monopoly on the pharmaceutical and wireless industry, and in writing the science and text books.

By stealth they successfully add the poisons into the food and water supply, because they control every level and function of our government every agency, organization, the administration, congress, house, all the political parties, FDA, AMA, CDC, USDA, FCC, “naturopathic” and “alternative” health care community, research institutions and foundations, and the list goes on.

They have agents and fronts to control us and control what goes into our food and food chain. It’s all about control, greed, keeping our minds weak, and decreasing our lifespan. This is how they have been accomplishing their goal of population reduction.

It’s about secretly decreasing the population below 200 million – they think by doing so they can change the set times and beat their MAKER.

The poisoners are playing God. They rebel against God and everything that is God and truth. They hate God and they hate the Christ. They are of that line that we’ve been warned against time and time again, they are of the line that was disinherited 2000 years ago.

They do not worship the One and Only True God, our Father in Heaven. They worship that which is evil — demons, idols, and earthly material things. They are anti-Christ they are many. They are not of the line that authored the books of the Bible.

If they were of this line they would adhere to and live by the laws and writings of His servants and the prophets, and would be Christian Jews today. But these Jews are not Christian Jews because they had no hand in writing the Word.

(Though, they have tampered with some of the books in order to fulfill their agenda.)

In defiance of God they authored their own self fulfilling laws and rituals as found in their books of Talmud and Kabala, those books that go back to an ancient place and time to Babylon. Today they are known as Illuminati, Elite, proponents of their New World Order, and other secret sects and secret societies.

These secret groups derive their workings, rituals, symbolism, and traditions from the Talmud and Kabala. They work in secrecy, for the people will be repulsed and angry at what they do.

They are liars, murderers, thieves, deceivers, and they destroy the earth and mankind.




What is not being taught in schools is the most important information for survival, which obviously is not the objective of the minority, who continue to subject the majority to that which benefits only the wealthy.

Waiting on the world to change…

No Justice…No Peace…

Friendship/Love/Respect/Unity for all living things..

Thanks to: https://dublinsmickdotcom.wordpress.com

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