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Harvey Updates ~ 8/31/2017

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1Harvey Updates ~ 8/31/2017 Empty Harvey Updates ~ 8/31/2017 Thu Aug 31, 2017 11:47 am



10 Hurricane Harvey Stories That Will Give You Hope for America

Harvey Updates ~ 8/31/2017 10-hurricane-harvey-stories-that-will-give-you-hope

While it’s true there are a lot of stories about division and heartlessness, there are many stories coming out of storm-torn Texas that will give you hope for humanity again. Kindness and love for our neighbors isn’t dead, despite a politically divided country. This is proof that we can work together and give selflessly.
This isn’t to underplay the death and destruction, but to highlight our humanity in the face of disaster.
Below, you can find 10 of my favorite heart-warming stories so far.

  1. Four teenage boys rescued more than 50 people in Houston.  After waking up to discover his beloved truck was under water, a 17-year-old Texas boy enlisted his younger brother and two other teens to get on a fishing boat and rescue more than 50 people – and their pets – and bring them to the safety of a local shelter. (source)
  2. Members of the Cajun Navy resuscitated an elderly woman found floating face-down in the flood water. As they were guiding their boat down a waterway that was formerly a road, three volunteers realized that what they initially thought was debris was an elderly woman. They jumped in and began resuscitating her in the water, saving her life. They were able to reunite her with her family and say she is doing well. This isn’t the first time that the Cajun Navy has thrown themselves wholeheartedly into a rescue effort, and Houston is welcoming their contributions. (source)
  3. When a stranded woman went into labor, a human chain, a fire department, and a dump truck got her to the hospital. Luckily for a woman who went into labor early, the neighborhood worked together to get her to the hospital in time to give birth. As her new baby girl required intensive care immediately after she was born, it was a good thing that she was not born at home. (source)

4.  Some employees who were stranded at a bakery by the flood made bread for hungry survivors. The bakers were stuck at the bakery for two days, but instead of being idle, they worked all night long to make hundreds of loaves of pan dulce bread to help nourish fellow flood victims. (source)
5. Bass Pro provided 80 boats for search and rescue efforts. When Houston officials ran out of boats, they asked for volunteers with boats to come and help out. Bass Pro answered the call with the use of 80 of their boats and $40,000 in emergency supplies. (source)
6. Two furniture stores turned their locations into pet-friendly shelters. Mattress Mac welcomed displaced residents, their children, and their pets into their stores to provide them with a comfortable place to stay. (source)
7. A storm chaser rescued a lost dog. A storm chaser stopping for gas on his way home was surprised when a bedraggled dog hopped into his Jeep. After he posted a photo on social media, he was able to connect with the dog’s owner and return him. (source)
8. A reporter and camera crew in a boat rescued a stranded family shouting for help. As the crew went past a home, they heard people calling for a help. The family’s home was being flooded with waist-high water. Their elderly mother suffered from Alzheimer’s. They were helped onto the boat and taken to shelter. (source)
9. Not one to let a disaster get him down, this man caught a fish in his living room. Watch these three videos.
10. Anheiser Busch stopped producing beer to can water. The Georgia brewery stopped production to provide 155,000 cans of safe drinking water for flood victims.
These stories go to show you that we can all look past race, politics, and religious disagreements to help our neighbors, keep our spirits up, and perform acts of kindness. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could continue acting like neighbors after the disaster has passed?
Share links to the most heartwarming stories you’ve heard in the comments section below.

Thanks to: http://www.theorganicprepper.ca

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Woman Yells "What The F*CK Is Wrong With You" on LIVE TV (hurricane Harvey) *ORIGINAL UNCENSORED*


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MAJOR DAM BREACH: Floodwaters beginning to spill over Houston’s Addicks Dam [videos] ~ August 30, 2017

Posted on August 30, 2017 by cindyloucbp
Harvey Updates ~ 8/31/2017 Starship-earth
I feel for the folks in Houston and southestern Texas who have received a major blow from Hurricane Harvey! I also feel for the rest of the country who will soon have to weather a increase in gasoline prices…that’s you and me. Because I work full-time, I rely on others to do the research I then post on my blog with full credit!
Why do I do this? Because I imagine you don’t have a lot of time and need quick information about spiritual matters.
Starship Earth: The Big Picture has put out a comprehensive article on this storm that addresses many questions that many have about this brief, yet violent burst of windy, wet weather and it’s horrible aftermath.
Please read on, watch the videos, define your own questions from the info given, and…
Not wanting to get people worked up, but provide needed updates on Hurricane Harvey…  there have been breaches to levees and a lot of rain is still expected. They are saying to evacuate now, while you have the chance to do so without the dangers of emergency evacuation. Love and strength to our friends in Texas.  ~ BP

See the Google Earth view of the area threatened


Why Hurricane Harvey? Who engineered it, and why now?  Some very good answers in this article.
There was an explosion in one building, folks are warned of a toxic episode and told to stay indoor with A/C off, and looting has been taking place in some areas.
It’s quite literally chaos in Texas.  ~ BP



Thanks to: https://roserambles.org

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Wow, has it been an interesting day or what? All this Harvey stuff which Sevan says means August. Any more strangeness this month with barely hours of it left? I think I am going to be glad when the clock strikes midnight. But, I have to admit, I sure leaned a lot this month, this unholy month of August. Get out of the psy ops people, get into your own energetic cleanup build up, you are going to need it! I love you all, that is why I am here still. 

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No shit!!! The August from hell for me and almost everyone I know. I have had my heart shattered, my life turned upside down and left reeling. Like literally WTF is happening. :)

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look at your chart...it will tell you


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here's sevan's channel for the links...



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