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The New Men and the New World by T.S.Caladan

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The New Men and the New World

July 2, 2019 

Announcing 10th Published Book by TS Caladan aka Doug Yurchey:  “The New Men and the New World”.

The New Men and the New World by T.S.Caladan TC_NewWorld-1024x747
I’m proud to announce my 10th published book by TWB Press. In five years as an author, I’ve written 2 non-fiction novels and 8 books I call “science-faction” or fantasy that have direct correlation with the real world. My “stories” are ‘delivery systems’ for what I sincerely believe and what I might be able to prove. I’m usually ’tilting at windmills,’ a “Conspiracy Factualist” and relay what I’ve learned [seeking Truth] from over a half century of research. My work, articles, YouTubes, radio shows as ‘Doug Yurchey’ and pen-name TS Caladan can be seen online. 
     The latest book is probably the last book. As my biggest fan, my writing has improved and the topics I take on get larger and larger. Book 10 is almost a combination of ‘2099,’ the tranny-issue in future and the ‘Mandela Effect,’ the “New World” that has been forced upon us (by Britain). Who thought there could be a bigger secret than witchcraft or child-trafficking among elites, politicians, royalty, secret societies? Then to discover what I thought was the ultimate deception: Celebrities aren’t the sex they appear due to hormones! Secret sex-changed celebrities who have lied to us all their lives (Williams sisters, Michelle Obama, etc., etc.). In my wildest dreams, nothing was more of a mind-blower than secret “castrato” and “actors” who have deceived the world and are absolutely not what we think they are.
     Then I found the Mandela Effect and suddenly…a bigger Bomb was ignited under me! As a scientist, I had to learn everything I could about it! The more I studied, the more I was convinced and shown before my eyes: Mandela Effects were not mistaken memories…the solid, once stable world we lived in was gone! A new Rebooted World was now upon us, different, here and there, than the Old World we all knew. Certainly nothing could excite me more, obsess me more, drive me more into a zone of writing frenzy than the controversial Mandela? 
     Well. I found something that REALLY INTERESTED ME to come out of retirement and write just one more: Should be a 300-page epic when published, weeks away. It started with:
     Game of Thrones and great disappointment fans expressed online/YouTube over Season 8 and last episode of HBO’s most popular series. Previously, I’ve taken the writing challenge and wrote my version of Star Trek, Star Wars, TRON, Blade Runner, James Bond, the list goes on, and much can be read online, freely given away. I knew I could write a better version of “Thrones” in my sleep! And I sure did. But I didn’t think it would turn into a masterpiece that generally explained our modern society. 
The New Men and the New World by T.S.Caladan JogaTSC
There’s always a MAP, ‘Lord of the Rings,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ etc. Here’s my Map at the start of the story. “Stories” are important, they keep us united, bound together.  
     ‘The New Men and the New World’ begins in Medieval times and on a different Earth. The story concerns three special young people: 2 boys and a girl. They have met in passed lives and will meet in the future. No dragons. But there are Snow Giants and Giant Blue Electric Eels! And much more things in Heaven and Earth. The planet becomes an ancient battlefield between forces of good and evil. Basic question is: Should Life be fruitful and allowed to multiply…or should Life be destroyed? Earth would be a continuous showdown where ‘positive and negative’ will take many forms and fight many wars. Life and death struggles down here over eons of time, were merely “Games” for the gods, up there.
     The New Men and the New World by T.S.Caladan TC-firstworld
     We find out that the world or the Joga Islands have rotated in the past, a few times and very quickly, which melted the frozen north and froze the hot jungles of the south. As the story moves along, times change and progress. My ‘Thrones’ goes into the modern era and doesn’t stop there. Future is portrayed and we again follow along with the main three characters as they reconstitute and were now cadets in space as a part of a (British/Nazi) secret “Star Fleet” with technology kept from the general public.
The New Men and the New World by T.S.Caladan TC_blurb
     Above is the blurb on the back of book. Last line was never intended to be there, initially. But as the “movie,” (scenes in my head) appeared more and more and I dug deeper into exactly what I was writing? It changed. My 10th and last will include most of what I’ve learned in life. Sure. I’ve used the G.O.T. as theme to get my ‘guts’ down digitally, one more time. My Story has very little to do with what aired on HBO. Yeah, there’s giants, an imp, 2 main fighting Houses out of 7 kingdoms for the empire, magic, magic mirrors, evil, heroes, swords, and also science and technology. Nothing specifically was taken from G.O.T., but you’ll recognize similar situations and parallels.
     When the 21st Century had arrived and modern horrors were revealed, like ancient horrors were, possibly readers could understand WHY things were present today and so very wrong. Everything now is backwards, wicked, evil and much/much darker than years ago and certainly decades ago. Why? One prime reason is almost every movie, TV show and commercial pounds us, shapes us constantly, like never before, into WRONG behaviors, wrong appearances. They, Nazi/Brits (believe it or not), have always controlled Hollywood, television, music, sports, commercials, politics, art, science, literature, news…with LIES. Lies from England. It’s what Nazis would do. America was never a sovereign nation. All countries are invisibly under the boot of Big Brother/Big Sista Britain. They want us to mimic what we view over wicked Media. They want us to believe the constant lies over all Media. And we do. 
     If you liked Game of Thrones, you’ll love my epic of past and future. (Wasn’t difficult to surpass the G.O.T. disaster). You’ll learn a lot. This type of education, that condemns England and the fucking Queen for centuries of sins, really isn’t available any other place. Not on TV or really the Internet. Surprise, the book is also very funny. Such a novel could NEVER be produced by a large publishing house, NEVER! They churn out one blockbuster after another that becomes a highly-pushed film of some British monarch. Over and over, movies of WW2 or movies where they praise royals in period-pieces. Nowhere in Nazi Media do they expose the truth about today’s fascists that have fucked up the world and have kept every bit of power and real technology for themselves~ 
     I guarantee readers will be shocked at what “New Men” exposes; you’d think I’m a goddamn Freemason. I am far too poor to be one. I am an outsider and not an insider. I am psychic. I must be. I’ll get writing fits or obsessions and do nothing but pump out pages from dawn to midnight! I don’t know where the ideas come from, but they come at light-speed and I can clearly see visions on the screen inside my head. Images flow too easily and always come together in the end with total surprises, as if someone else wrote it through me! I’m not that good. Real writer, whomever that is, is darn good.
     The following is another sneak peak. I’ve given out small sections: first 2 Acts, scenes with Nikola Tesla, J.P. Morgan, Aleister Crowley, Theodor Adorno & conclusions. Here are legendary Snow Giants and their children who have suddenly UNFROZE [similar to overall threat of ‘Army of Dead’].
     One of the tallest and strongest and bravest of the Mother-Giants (longest fangs) who mindlessly marched to war [revenge]…was an ‘individual.’ She took initiatives, “went out on a limb,” aimed high and decided on a bold move. Not on her own. She was forced to, but was unaware of the fact. It was a “hail-Mary,” played by a demon Watcher, above. Tal broke from a wave of moms when she encountered the (“magical”) mountain of Khashmeer. She was absolutely stunned and frozen in her big, hairy tracks. The high peak, top portion, glistened in kaleidoscopic colors that moved. Unbelievable, incredible beauty, the Monster thought. She was totally hypnotized. Tal observed a bizarre structure or unknown thing at the apex. Tal pointed it out to the other ‘Ladies.’ They didn’t see it and didn’t understand Tal’s attraction in the peak. She knew it was important and she had to do it! She had to destroy it! It was one of the little people houses and she had to destroy it!! 
     Tal ran toward the base of the mountain. 
     Others of her kind let her go, and the war-party moved on. 
     She climbed. She climbed and she climbed up more. Land in the foothills was climbable and easily scaled. The Giant moved higher and higher. She seethed with anger! She climbed faster and with more aggression. “Aaaaaaauuugh!!” Her ax dangled and swayed from her belt. She couldn’t wait to knock down their building-blocks, whatever she saw at the top, and kill every last…RAT inside!
     {Little people were not her enemy. Blue Worms were her Enemy. Humans were merely in the way}.
     Then the mountain got steeper and changed composition and texture when the Beast was three quarters to top. Magic Mountain became all clear, quartz crystal. Beautiful. But really difficult to climb. She was semi-close to zenith. What drove her? She held her ax and found the strength. She continued up, but much slower, with careful/delicate moves on the sharp/hard mineral mountain. In time, after a number of slips, Tal made it to the top. The Grey Beast breathed heavy and calmed down. She remembered her son that died in the great thaw. The boy would be very proud of his mommy, on the front lines: A trooper who obeyed commands (no matter who commanded her). She licked her fangs. Tal rose to her big feet. She was too hot after she conquered Khashmeer and with mammoth skins on. The creature disrobed and it was not a pretty sight. She roared, lifted large/hairy arms as if she had reached her goal and arrived at the end of a long quest. “Uuugh!! Aaaaaaww!!”
     She slowly turned and viewed the distant panorama all around her: The royal escarpment and House Mire at the pinnacle and waterfalls. This was very far away. Farther still, Tal believed she witnessed the Battle of the Line in its early stages. She observed a mass that had to be her troops, as well as flying things that the bugs flew. Tal shouldn’t have known of planes and military, fighting forces, but she did.
     The ugly, naked creature was confused, surprised and shocked when she rotated fully. And turned around again. Where was the mystery that glowed at the top of gem mountain? It was something the bugs built. She was sure of it. Where was it? No one saw it? Was it magic? What would happen here?
     NATURE. A warm, phenomenal crystal peak was everywhere. Huge 6-sided, clear points and shafts on miraculous quartz, which refracted fantastic geometric patterns of bright colors in the Sun. Nature was staggeringly magnificent. Extraordinary. The unknown ‘mirage’ was gone now and Big Ma didn’t know what to do~
     She was bored. She decided, as an individual, to leave the peak and join the war.
     Suddenly. Without warning. Khalaari Queen and the Blue Light could no longer hold the illusion: A small palace built for a King materialized behind the Beast.
     Before she got skins on, still lost in thoughts of her whole purpose on the peak and why she scaled the treacherous magic-mineral-mountain…
     She slipped and fell! Appearance of the palace, with a very cute gazebo in front, certainly had to have startled the Monster. The sharp, hard as diamond, quartz diced Tal to many pieces! Streaks of grey blood poured down slick, angled, gem slopes. Vicious slashes only occurred near the top, where the huge crystals were. Pieces of her tumbled down the rest of the way and finally landed in the valleys of the foothills.
     Children Monsters, who’d wreaked such destruction on a few First Family minor castles, found themselves fairly close to Magnetic Mountain in the ‘forbidden zone,’ Kali area. All people, all Kingdoms, knew to stay clear of the negatively-charged mountain, which might drive you insane or made you disappear. To demons and Night Side ‘Walkers’ and ‘Watchers,’ it was virtual annihilation, this prehistoric Prison for Evil.
     One of the smallest, grey tykes was suddenly airborne! It had no choice. The 20-foot, ugly Baby was sucked in by the magnetic flux and stuck there.
     The naked female Beast who pissed on the castle, smallest of the lot, held onto a great oak, tightly! The evil attraction got the better of her Girl-Power. She and the uprooted oak were pulled into the Kali Mountain and never seen again.
     All the other kids ran in fear, quickly, away from the crazy place.

Find links to all Tray’s e-books and paperbacks at www.twbpress.com/authortraycaladan.html 
Hope you’ve enjoyed my trailer in words for ‘The New Men and the New World.’
6”x 9” paperback. To purchase signed, numbered copies less than publisher’s retail price, contact me at dugx@sbcglobal.net    I pay postage. 
See links below for more excerpts of NMNW. 

Tray Caladan was born Doug Yurchey in Pittsburgh, PA. in 1951 to Rose and Stephen Yurchey. A shy, only-child retreated into his own world and drew pictures. He earned a tennis scholarship to Edinboro State as an art major only to quit and begin the ‘Art Trek’ gallery. He married a psychic (Katrina) that would forever change his life and send him on a course to solve great mysteries. In 1990-91, he worked as a background cleanup artist on the ‘Simpsons.’ Tray’s important articles, books, videos, radio shows, theories, patent, stories, ideas, games and art can be viewed online. His positive message of a “New Human Genesis” from Mars and ancient technology based on the work of Nikola Tesla permeates his theories and research as well as his “Science Fiction” and life. 

  • Evening with Tesla and J.P. Morgan
  • Thrones, not a story, why we were compelled to watch

     Finally, a preview of my previous books: cover art and synopsis.  Thank you.
The New Men and the New World by T.S.Caladan TC_ContiinuumM-1024x719 The CONTINUUM  My first novel is an epic. I wanted ‘The CONTINUUM’ to be a broad, sweeping story that is a world of many worlds or “continuums.” Zog is God, a super being from very long ago. Parallels to our real world exist in that a great evil (alien) called a “Sardon” assumes galactic power as “Chancellor,” similar to Hitler. It is a soulless, ugly, cosmic accountant. Basically, a Devil and negative counter to the perfect Zog-being. Sardon creates the Chancellery and imposes the Dylar upon his galactic empire of many solar systems. Dylars become the common currency. Businesses and trade between worlds BOOM! Dylar-money is hailed as the greatest thing to happen in the galaxy for the advancement and benefit of all. Citizens do not understand: They are not reaping the fruits of prosperity and progress. Instead, the treacherous, spider-like Sardon secretly pours vast amounts of profits down a Black Hole and utterly destroys what would help every Citizen in the galaxy.  Legendary Zog reincarnates and deals with Sardon’s spirit and minions in various forms throughout time. Neo Zog destroys the Dylar and the Galactic Reserve. The greatest showdown between good and evil, positive and negative, Sardon and Zog, is later. Long after a chaotic age of War between men and women, masterminded by the Sardon. Women gain control of forbidden nuclear weapons, madness continues. Zog’s energy returns to the Continuum as the powerful Neo Zog. Decrepit, aged, dead, soulless thing that was the Sardon Chancellor…returns to the material world…as a slick android that resembles a young, pretty, blonde “starlet.” She fools all Citizens over galactic Media that she’s a real girl. She becomes a popular sensation: singing, dancing, acting in films…but the cute kid is the Devil! Neo Zog battles “Mebby” on the set of the child’s new movie, with unbelievable consequences. The actions, reboots, battlechanges, boil down to one hand of the card game: Tonk. But is our hero supposed to win the game, as the fateful hour of 2100 approaches, or lose the game?

The New Men and the New World by T.S.Caladan TC_zogM-1024x735
Son of Zog  The sequel and second installment of the “Traylogy,” is a shorter and to-the-point book. My pen-name was taken from the hero in Book One, artist Tray Caladan, once touched by the power of Zog. In Book Two, I killed myself (character of me) off in the first chapter and left a pregnant wife. Because of my family’s actions/spirits in the previous Continuum, the new world reformed to basically a galactic Paradise for 1900 years. Perfection never lasts; the Pendulum swung the other way. The galaxy darkened, went punk/violent/warlike. All Citizens felt the negative vibrations as again the fateful year of 2100 would soon be upon the world.  Tray’s son, Sam, is born without a father and into a violent universe that grows darker and deadlier every year. He believes his mother killed his father and turns on her. She’s killed and Sam is suspected of the murder. Sam tunes with the vibration of the times and becomes extremely violent. He joins the crazy military. In ‘Son of Zog,’ there is actually a lot of humor. The comedy, here and there, of course, is used to offset the wars and murders and madness of a once beautiful galaxy. Sam discovers his mother did not murder his father and he is on the road to recovery and redemption. The boy becomes a man, almost an immortal, and another version of his father. He inherits his father’s (as Neo Zog) gigantic crystal base. 
tap the large crystals for historical knowledge they contain, but he also communicates with his passed-on parents. They tell him of former lifetimes and the important role his family has played in the continuation of the galaxy. We learn of our history as Sam touches the crystals and sees/feels the ancient past (Atlantis and Egypt). And shocking human origins on Mars, which is what will transpire in Book Three. The sequel concludes with one more card game at End Times of 2100. Will the universe continue?

The New Men and the New World by T.S.Caladan TC_CydonianM-1024x730
The Cydonian War  Final installment of the “Traylogy” is my White Book. White Space, not the black/emptiness of outer space. What if space, everywhere, was white and filled with limitless energy? You’d have all the power you could ever use. Then you discovered your universe, very slowly, was losing its light, energy and power! Goodness was going. Everything, over countless millenniums, was growing dark, cold and empty. It’s universal perfection lost this time as the bright world slowly morphs into the cosmos of today we’re familiar with. We were Martians, originally, is the theory. We were supermen and superwomen, gods. We could fly, even into space, and we were super-psychic. Masters of (Tesla’s) Electro-Magnetic Technology. Mars was known as Shasheer and we were Shasheerans. Central Power Station on the beautiful blue/green, 4th planet was called “Cydonia.” Giant Sphinx Face and Pyramid Station were dedicated to my family (Book 2), Father: El. Mother: Jara and holy child: Jar-El. (Similar to Superman story) Shasheeran Utopia will end with the coming Darkness and because of the Sons of Bel, a violent band of rebel anarchists that are exploring new, wild freedoms. Utopia shatters. Rebels take control of Cydonia and change the life-giving Pyramid Fountain of Super Energy into a Weapon of Dark Energy. El warns others of the corruption on Shasheer and the coming Universal Darkening, but is ignored. El and Jara put their young child in an escape pod and send him to the safety of the third planet. To demonstrate their power, Great Weapon is used by the Sons of Bel to pulverize the 5th planet! Lilith was even more fantastic and unique than Shasheer and held Shasheeran “Ghosts.” Spirits of the ancient Martians were contained within the misty “shells” of innocent creatures on the 5th planet, Lilith. In parallel, one for one. When Bel followers shattered Lilith (in the gap), which will form the Asteroid Belt in far future, they also ended the existence of their own spirit-Ghosts. The world darkened more. The super force of the Great Explosion ruined Shasheer, turned it red with poisonous radiation. A wonderful, lush planet was made inhabitable. Billions died. The child, Jar-El, less powerful than his godlike parents, still retained incredible abilities and knowledge. He clones himself and builds Atlantis, the world grid, but it pales in comparison to the perfection and power of what once existed back home on Shasheer. In time, the boy grows into a man and finds his new world on Earth has also been infected by evil. It followed him from Mars to Earth. Atlantis is corrupted by rebels and armies of Belia, after thousands of years of a utopia. Jar-El must destroy the little paradise he created so Belia does not control the global stations. Atlantis sinks. The Earth renews. In time, spirits return. The man builds one more paradise, an even smaller and less potent world grid, centered in Egypt. Same cycles of events must play themselves out. The man must again destroy what he’d built and what he loves. A Time War takes us back to Mars and to the events at Cydonia with a different conclusion. 

The New Men and the New World by T.S.Caladan TC_ScienceFactionM-1024x717
Science-Faction  I had written so many short stories that a large book became a two-volume set. Readers can sample stories that range from:  ? Three Marilyn Monroes and James Dean in a torrid, film noir classic, just before Pearl Harbor. ? Alternate ending to my Traylogy, a very dark and disturbing, alternate ending. ? A twist on the giant monsters of Japanese movies and add Perry Mason. ? Grey aliens abduct people, but they get addicted to Skittles (“cheesecake”). ? NUMBERS oddly appear, visually, over some people’s heads. What do they mean? ? Sherlock Holmes tracks down and solves the mystery of: Who is Jack the Ripper? ? Where did (we) the Martians come from? The answer is in: ‘Before Shasheer.’ ? Is the Earth only a ‘Venusian Zoo’? A desperate plea to the 2nd planet. ? A twist on werewolf movies with one particular family and their “curse.” ? A twist on zombie movies. A quarantined island of those infected with “Virus-H.” ? ‘How Galileo Saved the Life of Captain John Smith.’ ? An emotional story I did not write. Aliens wrote it and gave it to me. No one believes me. It’s called ‘The Prince and the Whipping Post.’  The title of the two-volume set refers to a style of writing I’ve developed and refined for more than ten years. I don’t write Science-Fiction, if you think SF is fantasy. My “fiction” always relates to the real world. I’m expressing statements, political ones, sharp jabs to the corrupt State we’re forced to serve and pay tribute. But the ideas, knowledge, secrets, answers, truths, are couched in stories. “Science-Faction” might describe my fiction the best.

The New Men and the New World by T.S.Caladan TC_AnagramM-1024x748
The Anagramacron  Possibly the strangest things I’ve ever seen are “speaking anagrams.” Perfect anagrams to words, names, and just about anything. If the rearranged letters are perfect, in other words, every letter formed words…a weird thing happens, on many occasions: The anagrams seem to apply to the subject, whatever is anagrammed. Letters shouldn’t do that. In the age of computers and anagram generators, anything typed in and punched, the A.G. spits out every possible combination of rearranged letters. The most sensible words, phrases and complete sentences are listed at the top, instantly. The entire year of 2006, I used an Anagram Generator and was in utter awe of what appeared in front of my eyes. Treasures! I had to record the phenomenal results. Imagine a real Quija board, “speaking” to you, telling you spot-on information through anagrams with a push of a button! Computers proved the credibility of Speaking Anagrams.  Famous names have a “fate” attached to them. Jim Morrison = Mr. Mojo Risin’. Clint Eastwood = Old West Action. Or words: mother-in-Law = woman Hitler. Why did the ancients revere anagrams, scientists, seers, the royalty of many countries? How did they know back then the high value of special anagrams without the aid of computers? History of anagrams is presented. The ‘Anagramacron’ could be the best collection of weird, funny and freaky anagrams ever assembled. It reads like an encyclopedia. Look up People and Things. You will immediately discover the Power of Anagrams. Mere letters should not do what they do, but they do! You’ll be amazed. I am also very proud of the front cover. Six months of work by hand, pencil and ink.   

The New Men and the New World by T.S.Caladan TC_TransiaM
2099 ~ Transia   Have you ever been pissed off about something so intensely, you had to do something about it? What if you found out just about every famous person and celebrity Hollywood, TV or England have ever placed in front of our eyes…was not the sex that they appeared to be? Male and female hormones will do that, taken by the opposite sex. The most masculine men over all Media have been women and the sexist woman have been men! What? Hard to believe, but it’s true. A royal tradition for ages. Outsiders have no clue how far the lies and deceptions go of the royalty, the celebrities and almost every famous and promoted person in every field. It might shatter your world and sense of everything if you found out that girls weren’t in Playboy…they were in Playgirl. Or what Victoria’s Secret really means? You might get pissed. I wrote the new ‘1984’ in two weeks, on paper! During a computer crash. I had to, had no choice and on the evening of the 14th day, after writing like a maniac, I finished a rough/completed version of ‘2099 – Transia.’ What nightmare scenario could I imagine for the end of the 21st Century? How about mandatory transgenders? Everyone had to be trannies, and you had to do it to your children, because: It was the LAW! That theme is explored in my Rip Van Winkle story of a man from our time who happens to have been frozen and, unfortunately, wakes up in 2099. ‘Transia.’ 

The New Men and the New World by T.S.Caladan TCinspirationM-1024x752
inspiration  ‘inspiration’ was pure fun to write. The story was an experiment. What would I come up with if I simply TOOK OFF? I wasn’t sure where I’d go, where the story would take me, but I knew that it would be a marvelous experience…and ‘inspiration’ turned out even better than expected. Funny. Sexy. Informative. I believe it is the best banter between a human and an android. Can’t think of one movie that surpassed it. Emotions/friendships. Jokes, but quality jokes and one-liners. It’s a gift. And the story is hot. Why not toss good old-fashioned sex in to spice up the pot? Plenty of surprises in store as a lowly Company ship is, strangely, permitted to go on an “important” mission to the planet Mercury by the high alien Council. Unprecedented. Earth is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Why send a Company ship to open a sealed, holy Library on Mercury? What’s the Council have up their sleeve? “inspiration” is an anti-Evolution book. The team breaks through computer barriers and the sacred First Book of the Great Library is opened. Human Origin is a massive galactic mystery. First Book shows, in super detail, the pageantry of the human race as it crawled out of primordial Black Goo. The question: “Is the ancient record a documentary and audiences are viewing the truth, or is the Book a grand work of fiction?” is debated endlessly. The question, or answer, of Human Origin causes chaos and, eventually, terrible wars. Maybe events happen for a reason? The Devil appears OUT of a Black Hole in the center of our galaxy and claims our universe as his domain. There’s a surprise waiting for him. 

The New Men and the New World by T.S.Caladan TC-mandela-effectM-1024x745
Did the large pyramids at Giza switch positions? Do the Moon and Mars seem different than they were? Have countries changed borders and sizes as well as whole continents shifted, seemingly overnight? Have U.S. states changed shape? Has history changed with new events no one remembers, while other memories have vanished? Were there earlier, advanced technologies shown in photos and films, previously unknown? Have giant statues, monuments, ancient ruins and odd buildings suddenly come into existence? Did the Statue of Liberty move from Ellis Island to Liberty Island? Have well-known statues and works of art altered? Have classic lines in films and famous lyrics in songs, we all know, changed? Have disks, tapes, books and various Media on our shelves changed lately? Do names, logos, signs, designs and packaging of well-known products appear different than the way most remember? Have words instantly changed their spelling and also the names of famous people, as if by magic? Have new/strange animals, plants and other unfamiliar bits of nature suddenly appeared as if they’ve always been around? Have our bodies changed, organs in different places and different sizes with slightly different arrangements than before? KJV Bibles, everywhere, have undeniably changed and it is not a matter of debate. This book is a modern-day ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not.’ Largest collection of real Mandela changes. Check out the unnatural changes in Google, YT. See for yourself…
     After months of research, conclusions have been reached that few would believe. This book has answers to important Mandela Questions: Who is doing it to us, why, how, and maybe the most telling question of all: When did the Mandela Effect (Wave) strike or really kick in? When? Read the evidence that points to 5 years ago. The end of 2015, the world drastically darkened. The shocker is millions, if not a billion people, have been “bird-boxed” and have forgotten the Old World that is no longer our reality. They believe, “It’s always been that way” and they have whole (sudden/new) histories that back them up. Many of these histories & things have only just appeared. Jiffy peanut butter never existed?

Thanks to: https://blog.world-mysteries.com

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