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Oh! The Humanity!

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1Oh! The Humanity! Empty Oh! The Humanity! Sun Mar 29, 2020 1:16 pm



A brief message from The Ancient and Mischievous Order of Light Workers for your consideration:
Shift your focus away from Fear, toward The Light.

Pay close attention to the Dog Woman and Lonely Man behind the Curtain. They embody EVIL.

EVIL is opposite of LIVE


Three Great Beings of Light quit and moved to an epicenter in outright defiance and protest of The Coup. Now more than ever pay attention to seemingly disparate events and occurrences.

COVID-19 = COVert IDentification (1)All (9)Humanity

The vaccine already exists. You’re a fool if you haven’t figured that out.  It will appear as magically as did the Weaponized Common Cold. Administration of this immunosuppressant-nanobot control technology will be mandatory. The Fearfilled Confused will  beg to get injected with The Living Death. Beware! It will be the make-or-break point for Humming Beans to awaken, stand up united, and finally say “NO! NO MORE BULLSHIT! WE WILL NOT COMPLY!”

The politicians are not your friends regardless of which side you have been brainwashed into believing. You were, are right now, and always will be lied to by them. The pittance they have awarded to The Terrified Sheople is just enough to keep The Lost at bay as The Coup Against Light Beings unfolds. Washington, Den of Corruption is praying now more than ever, that you are too afraid to wake up. Wake the fuck up! This is it – or forever become zombies. The Dream will become The Nightmare!

Do you feel The Light receding? It has been for some years now - since 2011. This is a good thing. It is after the fashion of when the tide regresses before the tsunami hits. The Great Tsunami of Light is upon us, but when it will occur is only known to Ceaseless Creation. May it come in time to help what has become the lost, frightened, hoarding Useless Breeders. There are four dates in April which deserve close attention. Here is a clue:


Et Conteram Coronam!

The A.M.O.L.W

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