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Shit for Brains Sector

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1Shit for Brains Sector Empty Shit for Brains Sector Wed Mar 16, 2022 10:36 am



Shit for Brains Sector Download

Shit for Brains Sector
March 15, 2022

As politicians clutch their honorary doctorates in absolutely nothing of any value, a/k/a as fuckology, experts agree their only purpose is to take anything good, anything of value and torch it into a mass of unrecognizable ash.
The eternal factory of sadness is now center stage, and expectedly offers up its’ best to rally the unwashed:


Oh dear!  Joey forgot we know how old he is, and then downshifted into ass mode, telling porkies of when he was a young one back in the 50’s. Joey also forgot to check his ‘facts’ or correctly read the teleprompter as gas prices were flat back when he was sittin’ in at the kitchen table. Maybe one too many blows to the head from all the times he thought he was king of the world.


But it’s not just the deranged resident in the White House who is a problem, the gods have given us 42 GOP nutjobs who have called on Joe Biden to Send MiG’s to Ukraine to Bomb Russians.
Exactly!  Why try diplomacy when even more innocents can be annihilated.  
The West Doesn’t Care About the People It Kills – by Donald Johnson – via globalresearch.ca
The west doesn’t care about the people it kills. Part of the evidence for this has been on the front pages of every newspaper and on every news show since Russia launched the Ukrainian invasion. The rest of the evidence is what has been missing on the front pages of the newspapers and TV shows. The contrast makes the point.
You see no universal Western outrage over the US support for the Saudi blockade on Yemen. The war had  killed an estimated 377,000 by the end of 2021, the majority of them children dead of famine. We see an occasional story but nothing remotely like the moral outrage over the Ukrainian invasion. The children are Arabs and we are supporting the ones most responsible for killing them. (worth reading in full)
The West doesn’t care about a lot of things. Death from war, from lack of food, from chemical goo these psychofucks concoct, whether sub-mediocrities, or maybe even non-humans, no matter – they don’t care.
We have bond markets crashing and the stocks have continued to decline in many areas because of the profound damage the Biden Administration has done globally that nobody in Washington seems to even comprehend. We are facing shortages in everything from aluminum cans to paper cups which now even Starbucks is discontinuing.
This conflict in Ukraine has driven the prices of commodities higher from food to industrial metals with many reaching record highs supply from Russia has declined. Russia is a key world producer of aluminum, copper, and nickel. The price swings in Nickel last week saw the price jump more than $18,000 on Monday and then over $50,000 a day later which has sent the LME into a crisis adopting the suspension of trading.
What is unfolding is that the arrogance of the Neocons and their personal hatred of Russia and China has run its course. They are now setting in motion the decline and fall of the West. A crisis is unfolding. This crisis of commodities that our computer has been forecasting for this wave 2020-2024, is actually helping to undermine the world economy and shifting even the use of the dollar internationally. Saudi Arabia has agreed to accept the Chinese Yuan in return for oil. That is the start of this shift and this too took place on this turning point. The seizure of private Russian assets was such a profound violation of international law, that international capital realizes that the SWIFT system is now political and no longer trustworthy. The very foundation of the G7 has been undermined by the seizure of Russia’s FX reserves. (read more)  – Martin Armstrong – via armstrongeconomics.com
But thank the gods they allowed the Italian gerbil to poke his head above ground to let the unwashed know their medical shitfuckery ain’t over.
Dr. Anthony Fauci this week said that it is “likely we’re not done” with the Chinese coronavirus “when it comes to vaccines,” leaving the door open for even more jabs into the future, which he said remains uncertain. – via bretibart.com
Shit for Brains Sector Download-5
And since we’re there – let’s check in with the ‘No Brains Zone’

MORE HERE: https://dispatchesfromtheasylum.com/2022/03/15/shit-for-brains-sector/
Thanks to: https://dispatchesfromtheasylum.com

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