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It’s a Smiley’s People kinda World

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1It’s a Smiley’s People kinda World  Empty It’s a Smiley’s People kinda World Fri May 12, 2023 9:41 am



It’s a Smiley’s People kinda World

It’s a Smiley’s People kinda World  Smileyheader

I must confess to having played hooky yesterday. There were a number of reasons for this; they included first, a rush of massive leaks about Biden family crime, Elon Mask offering Tucker Carlson a job at Twitter, the CDC, Solar/Wind being only a mythical energy solution, when pharmas knew about how deadly their vaccines were, and how Fishi Sunak has dumped his promises to abolish all European Laws the British don’t want.
Second, I’d been kept up half the night by a source in a painfully different time zone to mine, and I had vowed 1.5 seconds before my head finally luxuriated in the pillow that I would check the allegations out before rushing to judgement.
Third, I’ve been engaged in a tricky negotiation to purchase two apartments.
Also I wanted to watch the All-Milano European Champions League semi-final between AC and Inter. (Predictably, Inter won 2-0).
And finally, I was more than slightly blown off my feet by the torrential leakage of All Those Things The Old Media Wasn’t Allowed to write about suddenly become a bouncing bomb to burst the Eder Dam.

So let’s start with Tricky Sunak. While he is an unthinking mathematical globalist twit, my information is that he has fallen for the oldest Sir Humphrey trick in the book: that is to say – as any fule knoweth – the Whitehall mandarins are solidly opposed to, and appalled by the very thought of, meaningful Brexit. He has therefore been sold the “we’re far too busy on other more important stuff” twaddle.
Our PM just may be an innocent abroad in every sense, but the Whitehall shower are as treasonous as ever.

It’s a Smiley’s People kinda World  Musksneer

The person from another time zone was selling me very hard on the Musk offer to make Tucker Carlson the star and anchor of a new “show” at Twitter. Having given it the overnight, I still don’t believe a word Elongated Dusk says. But all the major channels and stations are running the story. My considered conclusion here is that to date there is nowhere to “show” such a programme, and we should all very probably consider cheeky boy’s offer in the context of the Tesla electric car and travelling to Mars.

Setting the footie and property issues aside as not very interesting, we arrive at last at a major mystery that may well consist of hidden signposts. I have always felt that those who worked for the Top Table (and knew too much) would suffer sooner than later the ordeal of public crucifixion – perhaps we should have a new word for it, like crucifiction maybe – and then go the way of all Jeffrey Epsteins towards car accidents, terminal illness, solitary confinement and nooses left handily around in prison cells. What bowled me over yesterday, however, was first, the sheer scale of “unredaction”, and secondly the old mainstream media playing a major role in it.
Examples of this included The Daily Telegraph’s ‘the wind and solar power myth has finally been exposed’, the New York Times and ‘Biden’s Slow Start Worries Democrats. Aides Insist All Is Well’, USA Today’s ‘new details on the investigation into allegations the Biden family received millions of dollars from foreign entities’ and the London Evening Standard’s confirmation of newly Reclaimed Andrew Bridgen’s lawsuit against Matt Hancock being completely devoid of any guff about “false vaccine claims” – the paper instead choosing to quote Bridgen in full: “We know the ‘vaccines’ are causing serious harms and now it’s becoming increasingly clear how they are doing it. No wonder so many people are ill since vaccination.” Jeremy Warner continues with this rare Telegraph bravery today saying below-par rates of house building make a complete nonsense of Government inaction about illegal migrants getting the Red Carpet treatment in the UK; while his colleague Rozina Sabur gets to grips with ‘Biden family earned millions from shady foreign deals’.
In a recent piece at the Conservative Woman, Amy Boone memorably dubs the current cultural gap between What we read and what we really know as The Battle of the Bilge. One of the problems we the 1in8 have always faced is the fact that, for at least a year during 2020-21, the utter cesspit of fakery, lies and fearmongering about climate, Covid, vaccines, the Biden victory and war in Ukraine that spilled onto the bewildered heads of the Anglophone/EUNATO sphere of influence had the field to itself. As a former adman, I know only too well that getting in first is everything: it’s far, far easier to persuade that something is than it is to convince the hoodwinked that something wasn’t really at all.
This is especially true when traditionally respected professionals – health bureaucrats, senior scientists wearing green suits, vaccine developers, GPs, NATO defence authorities, and virology “expert” predictions – come out with such unanimity on the questions of health protection, pandemics, invisible viruses, rising temperatures, food supply emergencies, planetary disaster, Russian aggression and overall Armageddonesque predictions, one’s trust in the worth of the word “expert” becomes a vitally important weapon for the ruthless State.
What I detected in our broad media set yesterday, however – for the first time since 2018 – was a willingness on the part of the various New World Order coordinators* to (i) relax the secrecy in some areas and (ii) give some of the more embarrassing clowns out there the freedom to hang themselves.
* I’m not writing here about some Strangelove-like illuminati group in a bunker pressing buttons while stroking blue Persian cats. I’m simply saying that there have always been concerted, organised and repeated PR soundbites – New Normal, Great Reset, World Order and so forth – pouring forth from ‘the usual suspects’: Blair’s World Foundation, Schwab’s Davos crowd, Bilderberger, the Rothschilds and so forth.
For example, senior paedophilic influencers have very clearly, of late, been encouraged in social media to demand a place for their psychopathy on the alphabetti spaghetti spectrum of sexuality. They will, I am quite sure, be used as valid “examples” by future stooges of how child abuse and other in-school tranny learnings “must” be stopped….this being evidence that the NWO chaps are quite Old Normal really and just like us.

It’s a Smiley’s People kinda World  Ratw1

Tapping the ‘Explore’ section of Twitter is often useful in showing how the global consolidators are keeping an eye on areas where Joe Public is at last showing some degree of concern. This morning, Race Across the World is being given top ‘trend’ status by a suspicious cooperation between Musky things and the BBC. It is in fact a collection of ultra-worth hikers and geography teachers (left) whose goal is to trek around the Globe without access to smartphones, credit cards or the internet. It’s an attempt to reassure those of us (who know that all such things are stopping points on the road to total control over movement and money) that there’ll always be freedom in the great outdoors.

It’s a Smiley’s People kinda World  Transpexpress

But here also is an especially bizarre Explore megatrend on Twitter: the Government is firing the private owners of the Trans-Pennine Express and nationalising the service. Again, the BBC is heavily featured in this Number One social media subject. Really? Number One? Let’s join some dots just for the fun of it. The unelected State wants to ban more and more car travel. It is also testing controls on driving in towns. So it must control all other forms of travel. TPE is then deemed a success. All railways brought back under “public” (ie, State) control. Paves the way for the LABoraTORY National Government and shared political power by the Duopoly “for the sake of the country” when just how totally broke the UK is finally comes to light.
And then of course, we rejoin the EU….

In short, some bilge battles are going well for the lunatics, some malign intentions are too obvious, some bilge-rich myths are collapsing, some future moves need explaining. This is the New Norm in what’s designed to be the World Order Technocracy of control over tracking, surveillance, movement, information and ownership. There may be a few slowdowns to avoid showdowns, but the pendulum is moving inexorably down to the bottom of the pit.
In turn, some of the more obvious liabilities like Schwab and Biden will obviously have to go at some point. Almost nothing ‘just happens’ in the World of the Globaloids.
So in the real world, we have to unite and ensure that shit happening is made easier…..and unexpected by The Demigods.

It’s a Smiley’s People kinda World  Meorangeglasses-2

In a dark and slimey Smiley’s People World, John Ward is hiding on the Smiley Coast of Gambia

THANKS TO: https://therealslog.com/2023/05/11/its-a-smileys-people-kinda-world/

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