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A Nutcase Indeed by Ines Radman

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1A Nutcase Indeed by Ines Radman Empty A Nutcase Indeed by Ines Radman Mon Oct 24, 2022 9:20 am



A Nutcase Indeed by Ines Radman Woman-tending-garden-by-phyllis-tarlow

A Nutcase Indeed

October 24, 2022 Ines Radman

Great way to start this post. I just got called a Nutcase by a reader on the last post in April, it’s interesting because I realized that none of his words caused any kind of reaction, in fact, I felt sorry for this person. If you love thyself, then there is no need to insult others, clearly this person despises himself and projects it to others. Just my opinion, but you can thank him for getting me back online.
I hope you are well, I am well, doing a lot of moving around the country, camping and metal detecting, working in my food forest around the house, life is good. In the evenings I am online of course researching and listening to folks to the INTEL, a title used to get your attention but there is nothing in the podcast about actual intel. One wonders who and why these people do this? Of course for hits and ratings, and as they are called PAYtriots beause they sure make a lot of money. I don’t have an issue with folks making a lot of money, but I have an issue with using this time to make it and take advantage of poor souls that actually believe anything. Nobody knows what we signed up for, a few of us know why we came, but mainly we are all in the dark about why we came and what will come to pass. What is clearly obvious as I wrote about this for years is that we will eventually wake up and starting making the changes as we shift into higher densities and get rid of the evil.

I must admit that I was thrown back, like whiplash after listening to Nino Rodrigues and his guest Jason from Archaix.com; wow, the information just clicked, another piece of the puzzle that I have been looking for. I do recommend that you seek out this video on YT and Rumble and take a listen to what Jason has to say. I visited his website and he’s got hundreds of videos based on many topics. He is or calls himself an Archivist and his story is about being in prison for 23 years and reading ancient books. According to him, history was changing after 19th century and of course, as I write often, everything is the opposite of what we have been told about our history, earth’s history, the entire universe history. Very interesting indeed. These old/ancient books held the truth and it has been changed and that is fascinating in itself because it takes a great love and patience to read them all.
We are in the eye of the storm and soon time itself will speed up very fast as things get really crazy. I don’t watch TV, in fact, there is no TV in the house, I don’t hang out with negative people and those that live in fear, I haven’t closed myself away but I choose who I want to spend time with. We can’t afford to be filled with low resonating energy, that is now their goal, to instil fear, guilt and fill our minds with a future that does not exist. I have to work hard to keep my frequency high as we are living in evil times and it is now exposing itself, but I am ready to what is to come. Nature is my healer and like a charger for the body battery. Try to spend time in nature and not parks that are cemented around the trees. The cemented world we live in are actual energy blockages so that we don’t connect to mother Earth, shoes is another block as well. Only leather will connect you to earth.
Croatia is not so affected by the events that are currently taking place. You know, I went through grades 4 to 7 here in Croatia before my parents immigrated again to Canada so when I got to Vancouver grade 7, they bumped me up to grade 9. Children in elementary school study geography, chemistry, world current events, biology and many other subjects. The point to this is that we are a highly educated country and so with communism behind us, we are not that easily fooled. In other words most of the population know what is really going on, that gas crisis or energy crisis, the MSO (military special operation) in Ukraine, etc. We know who rules and runs the globe and so the other benefit of just knowledge is that most of us have land or a yard that is used to grow food. If you have land, you will grow food, it has always been that way. Personally, my family and I have not bought any vegetables in the store, right now we are canning olives, peppers, eggplants and waiting for cabbage and kale to be ready for harvest. The benefit of living on an island is the climate so I can grow food all year round and have a greenhouse for leafy veggies when it gets cold, which is rarely below 10C. I also store pepper and eggplants for the winter as they continue to produce and then return to the beds in spring.
I really don’t have much to say about world events, for me, they are just expected and they will continue to worsen as they try to starve and freeze us out of existence. But, we are resilient and armed with genetics that are considered Royalty in the Solar System, but unless you know this, you will just follow the status quo of adhering to what you have been told and how to live. I don’t react to anything out there, as an observer I only listen, read and collect that information to come to my conclusions; there is a huge Patriot movement out there but let me tell you something. It is just another form of duality, the movement is sharing valuable information but don’t be fooled by the stories. They are part of the dark side, they don’t now this but they are because the game has always been to pit us against each other. Don’t get me wrong, I fully respect the movement but I also see many of them taking advantage of listeners and I have always been against making money on information that is not proven to be true, rather speculation and false INTEL sources.
Yes, we will win, we have already won but you must understand that the dualities are part of the existence and experiment we came to experience. Our bodies will be uplifted by the sun and solar energies which will awaken us to deeper levels of understanding of who we are and why we are here. The Patriot movement is not involved in that but I do respect them because their motives are pure and with good intent. The information they provide must really be taken lightly, and as they say: “Do your own research”.
It will go really fast now, time will appear to move really fast as events take place on a daily basis, but I would put all my goods in a basket called Putin. This is not the original, the first one was a bad guy but Putin like Trump were put in place to end the evil upon this planet. Anyone that is being censored, attacked and lied about is in the truth thus when someone calls me a Nutcase I know I am on the right track. Faith is but a word. Just like Hope is but a word a very passive term with no action intended, but KNOWING is what the Universe wants to hear. Don’t focus on what you don’t want or don’t like. Focus on what you want and act/think like you already have it. It works, I know from my current life and it takes a lot to fool the mind. Jason from Archaix.com confirmed that. I have written much about us, the Soul entering the human body and attaching itself to the body, but the brain/ego is part of the body and is not working in our own interest, so we have to bypass that logic and think as it is already happening. If you want/need money you have to think like you already have it, if you want peace, you have to visualize the world you want to live in, otherwise the EGO will fight you and make you believe that it’s not possible.
These evil entities that are now crashing, have always known this, they know how the human body works and have used it against us for thousands of years, they have convinced us that we are but mortal beings and have only one life to live and must live to our fullest, the end result of this is fear of death.
I will make an effort to post more often as winter sets in, the days are getting shorter and I don’t plan on going anywhere, I’m not an extreme camper and my only reason for camping is to be able to stay at a location where I am metal detecting. So, I will spend the winter here on the island playing around and working in the garden.
May love and peace shine over you!

Thanks to Ones at: https://wearelightbeings.wordpress.com

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